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The News Is Gone?
by Cactus/Oxyron

In the previous issue of "Attitude" I have announced the removal of the news chapter in our disk magazine. It was said to be pretty controversional decision, because as far as I remember no one has ever tried doing so before. These days everyone is able to check out the hot news at or to find fresh releases at No Name's Database. Also the news chapters in most disk magazines seem not to be completed and a lot of important information is missing, not to mention how much outdated are those printed "news". That's why I've made the decision to remove the news chapter from our disk magazine, because it is probably not read by too many sceners. I was curious about your opinions on this matter, so I've created this little opinion poll asking what did you think about removing the news chapter from "Attitude" magazine? The answers are below...



The news is one of the most important chapters in a mag in my opinion. Even if they aren't that hot, they are a summary of the news between the mag issues... And they are all at one place... You don't have to browse several sites or something to find them. And after all not everyone looks in the net for news... Let the people (who don't like the net) read some news too. :)


I like reading news in mags from time to time, but to be honest, most of the times, I really only check to see if we are mentioned in one way or the other. ;) So most of the current news I check out online at, but unfortunately the news are not always complete.


Keep it, because there won't be any interesting chapter to read except for the charts...


Sometimes news chapters seem to give pretty redundant information. :) So personally it's not a big loss to me, if there's other nice material to make up for it.


I think it won't hurt the diskmag because there are already other diskmags who have a news chapter. So people won't miss the news, they still can read it in another diskmag. If the news chapter will be replaced by another interesting chapter, then it is a good idea according to me.


Well, I can understand you plan this because "Attitude" is an offline mag, so with news it can't keep up with or the other websites. So maybe it's a wise idea, anyway mags without news are strange, so I can't comment this with a negative or positive opinion.


I think that after a few years it is nicer to look at the old news in a good old diskmag instead of online on a website. I think the majority of sceners DO have an Internet connection now, even though through a slow phone line connection and many will already know the news, but if you work all day, you often do not go online too often to be able to catch all the news, so I think it should stay.


Well, I know there is not much news around, but I could not envisage a magazine without a news chapter.


Depends on what news you want to put in it. At the end of the day, it's the staff's decision whether or not to keep the chapter. A news chapter has been one of the "main" chapters of a magazine. Maybe change what it put in the news chapter, but about getting rid of it all together, bad idea.


I hope it won't dramatically change my life. :) If there are news and there are people who want to collect and public them - why not to do it.


This is an interesting question. Have you ever read a magazine without news? It's like a 6510 without code. :)


You've got to have news. Think about those who doesn't have Internet access.


I can't be for it or against it, either. The scene news (sometimes better called "rumours") chapters were never of a practical use to me, be it C64 diskmags or the Amiga ones from my pre-C64 days (have upgraded Amiga->Peecee->C64). Nevertheless, sometime they proved interesting pastime reading.


No way! Even if it is only two pages, try get exclusive news, it frustrates those on the web who think they have or know it all and at the same time surprises people who read something to do with the C64 in a C64-mag for the first time.

A good example of a different way to present news is the way Newscopy/ex-Genesis*Project did in the "Propaganda" magazine. Read his sections and compare them to the mainstream.


Well, I think news are important, for me it's like a "must" to have it in a disk magazine.


I think most people choose NEWS in a magazine as first chapter, we all want to know what's going on in the C64 scene, every magazine has a NEWS chapter, why leave it out... On the other hand, it could be most magazines publish the same information when bringing out an issue... So a new cool chapter instead would be better, dunno. But I have fun reading NEWS chapters as first chapter selected.


I haven't found any specialities about "Attitude's" news section. As other mags cover news well, why not skip it. You can still present special news in other chapters if you have any.


Some think it's of no use because people who are online the net will know the news before it's in any magazine. I think news are good because the people who mailtrade or are not on the net still can read about what's going on within the C64 scene. And, if we look into the future it's a good way to preserve a moment in our history. When I read through 10-15 year old diskmagz and check the news chapter it always reminds me of things I thought I had forgotten.


I am not periodic reader of disk magazines, but I think "The News" is one of most important chapters. I think even more important than "The Charts" for example.


Depends on how often the mag comes out now. It only makes sense when the news are not too old. Most C64 people read news portals nowadays...


Hmm, it wouldn't be nice. I think there are many people who don't read the news on!


I think you should leave it. Just check it right before the release of the mag, remove news which are too old and add some latest ones.


This is a difficult subject to discuss. I know it is hard for diskmag editors to research and find news stories, particularly when so much activity is based around the Internet and emulators. There should be a way to include news from votesheets, personal contacts and group newsletters etc. as well as the web news that some people do not have access to.

Getting rid of the news chapter does seem a bit extreme to me, but if as the editor you feel it is a good decision then that is your choice. Most people read the diskmags to see if there is any interesting news, so if it is not there they will miss it. The same goes for the charts chapter, despite the problems of compiling a "fair" chart.


A diskmag without news about the C64 scene isn't a diskmag for me, period.


Then you are going to lose some reliable readers of your readership, including me! :( The news are still the most intersting thing to read, as everybody still has different sources (and no, not only So, please do not remove anything!


I don't think it is a good decision. On the one hand, news from the Internet are often messy. An editor who sorts it to groups and throws away the trash still has an interesting chapter to read. Also if I read a mag after a long time, I still enjoy remembering what was "news" back then.


Don't remove it! I think that there's always someone out there, who wants to read the news, even if the chapter is outdated. When I had no Internet access, I was taking in every news. It's our tradition, and I'm a traditionalist.


And what kind of a disk magazine without a news chapter is that?! I think it's always nice to read what new happened to a certain scene group.


That's OK with me, because I read all the news on the Internet, weeks before it is published in the mag. If "Attitude" wants to keep the chapter, make it high quality. Else you can just as well skip it, there are enough other mags that can fill up the gap for sceners without Internet.


A magazine without news... Hmm... I don't care about scene news lately except new productions. Maybe news chapter can be changed to new stuffs chapter or something.... You decide.


I will miss the news chapter, news is always important element in a magazine.


Don't really have an opinion on that. I think most news chapters in all the bigger and smaller mags are pretty boring. You know, most people already know the recent news from or the No Name database, so there's no real use for it really. I would nevertheless keep it, but in a condensed form. Only sum up the most outstanding news and maybe add a few that haven't made it to the websites yet.


Why would this be? News is one of the most read chapters and only therefore the one which gets the most comment!


As I know from the "Nitro" diskmag (issue #26 that will never come out even though we tried it 3 times!) the news chapter is the one of the hardest work for the editors. But this classificates a diskmag if its a real scene mag which is near on the pulse of time or a simple styled mag.


That would be your decision and your problem. :) I have read criticism of diskmag news recently about much of it being so similar but most diskmags are released at different times and some people are still mail only, so the overlap helps them get some information. Also each diskmag seems to get some exclusive news, so keep it alive. If people don't want it, they can skip it, but it is a C64 topic.


As for most any mags news chapter it only makes sense with a regular, steady release turnus. Although it sounds blasphemic and has sort of a strange taste in the mouth, it might really be a good idea to leave news chapters to the big, regular mags such as "Vandalism". Actually, mags appearing on a very steady, short-termed basis like "Arachnophobia" or others are supposed to be absolutely privileged for news support. Strangely, exactly those kind of mags mostly offer a very incomplete and mostly even outdated news chapter. Ah uh, don't know if that's exactly true for "Arachnophobia" - I don't mean to do anyone any injustice here. It's just a general experience I'm talking about.

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