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The Beergarden #10 Review
by Jailbird/Booze Design

A magazine that I always read from the first chapter to the last one, as I really enjoy the reading. Although this time, an article disappointed me quite a much, but certainly not because of it's quality, more like due to the comments about my person, that were easy to misinterpret. Till this very day I don't know what Tomz really meant by a messy usage of his English. But that's probably the only negative point considering the magazine. A native Australian perhaps doesn't pays too much attention on the English to be comprehendible even by those who don't understand, speak or read English on a very high level.

The layout is just the way it should be, fine proportional charset that is easy to read, good choice of colors and a decent logo on the top. The menu is divided to two columns; there is a separated music menu plus very handy help pages. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to change the music while reading and the page numerator is placed where it should be. A line reserved for the author of the article would make this a perfect outfit. Anyhow, 90 out of 100 for the layout!

After an editorial that would probably take 3 chapters in Rock'n Role, you won't get less from the other 27 (!!!) articles. You get a lengthy and subjective magazine review (although I must point out that RRR's picture in front of the last issue of Attitude wasn't double used but a slightly improved and repixelled version of the same original piece), coding help (unfortunately the Stable Interrupts chapter is empty, why it is put), 22 pages long addies section, interviews with Cactus, Merman, xIII, Fade, Allan Bairstow, Jackobe, a satirical chapter called "Stir Wars", an interesting article about phreaking by Fade, and a chapter about Commodore Scene (a paper-magazine).

What I personally found a bit odd, were the very old "news" and some people on the charts that are not active since ages, nevertheless as I pointed out in the beginning of the article, the English is at certain points a bit messy.

Despite to some little goofs, this magazine is one of the best textual mediums for Commodore 64. Thumbs up!


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