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by Taper/Triad

Big changes are happening to media all over the world. Classic linear TV broadcasting is quickly being replaced by on-demand viewing. Physical newspapers are replaced by the web and social media. Of course, this is nothing new - but the phenomenon has accelerated greatly during the last year. It might sound grim, but as the older generations beat the dust the customer base for traditional media also diminish. There are plenty of kids today who never even held a printed newspaper, or let alone would see any point in browsing through news assembled a day before when instant updates are available online.

So, where does this leave Attitude? With a current publishing pace of once every six months in the best case or about once every year in the worst case, aren't we just like the big dinosaur corporate media who are going extinct, just smaller?

Hopefully not. Set aside the fact that a C64 diskmag is filled with ear- and eyecandy which makes it a totally different beast than a printed newspaper. Attitude is more like one of those specialised glossy mags that people actually still buy because the specific topic interests them. Of course you will find news in this chapter that perhaps could be found online some time ago. But here we present it compiled in the same place for your reference - and most importantly, we always do our very best to dig deeper into things and present those hidden facts and rumours that you can't just google for.

Here lies the future for diskmags and printed media alike. Specialise and dig. The time when people bought a newspaper for generic news that can be read in any other paper too, especially since the bulk of the news are bought from the same news agencies such as Associated Press, Press Association and Reuters, are coming to an end.

So, let's stop beating around the bush and get down to the news. And don't forget that good journalists need good sources. If you have news, rumours and downright dirt to share - point us in the right direction to start digging!


Not much news from Armageddon this time, but their BBS Colosseum, shared with Arkanix Labs and Laxity, is enjoying a steady flow of callers and is generally considered one of the current top boards on the scene. Sysop Warlock has gained quite a following to his BBS, considering the short time since it was opened to the public.

We hope to see Armageddon back in the cracking business sooner or later!

Members: Moloch, Warlock

Headquarters: (BBS)


Sphinx scored second place at Nordlicht 2014 with a piece of graphics named "Summer of 64", while Yazoo took the gold medal with "Route 64". DJ Gruby released a tune named "Auf Tour Mit Dem Auto" at Demodays 2014. TheRyk also released a small onefile intro for Arsenic, entitled Nocular.

Their graphician Death renamed to N3XU5. Being known as Strider and Robocop in the early 90's, this name change is the fourth during his career... Please let us know when you finally feel content with your choice of handle! :)

Members: Axis, Bitbreaker, Celtic, Devia, Devilock, DJ Gruby, Fanta, Kronos, Liesbeth, N3XU5, Peiselulli, Sextone, Sphinx, TheRyk, Veto, Yazoo, Zed Yago


A lot happened in Atlantis during the latest year. The group has seen some growth and in November 2013 they formed a coop with the also resurrected F4CG. They have released some cracks and quickly climbed in the first release charts.

Dr. Strange (original supplier) was the first strategic recruitment to join Atlantis, then Smasher followed. Shortly after, Diamond Design joined as graphician. They managed to re-activate some old sceners too, including Unifier and Merlin. Kompositkrut and Ald are the latest members, both musicians. Aegis and Hi-Top are counted as inactive members, as they have busy lives at the moment.

In July 2014 THE HIDDEN became HQ also for ATLANTIS + F4CG, sharing the BBS with G*P. At the party "Demodays 2014" in August ATL+F4 released their first coop demo called "Demodays 2014" and placed 3rd in the realtime-demo (mixed) competition.

Members: Agemixer, Ald, Diamond Design, Dr. Science, Dr.Strange, Kompositkrut, Merlin, Robocop, Saxxon, Smasher, Unifier (ATLANTIS), Devil, Jedi, Ksubi, Scorpie, Smasher, Stainless Steel, Total Chaos (F4CG)

Headquarters: (BBS)


Booze Design managed to recruit one of the most skilled Swedish coders - Ruk, who decided to leave TRIAD behind for them. Although a group of few members, Booze has collected some of the biggest talents on the scene. Some would probably say they are THE demo super group on the C64. Reliable rumours say they are working on yet another masterpiece which is due for release at X 2014 this fall.

Jailbird won the graphics compo at Forever 2014 with the quite amazing piece "Anima Et Animus". Prior to this, he put out quite a few other artworks, making him the most active Booze member so far this year.

Members: HCL, Dane, Jailbird, Ruk, RaveGuru, JackAsser, Valsary


No new releases have surfaced from Censor since they came in on fifth place at Datastorm 2014 with their demo "Serpent".

Adrian was put on the inactive list and no new recruitments arrived, but the Censor lineup is strong and our guess is that something new is cooking in the dungeons...

Members: Axis, Bob, CG, Creeper, CRT, Ekoli, Lavazza, Magnar, Mirage, Nim, Swallow, Yazoo, Mogwai



Reekol seems to be the only member in Crest who currently uphold their banner! He started the year by releasing the picture "Running out of Breath", which scored third place at Forever 2014. Then his piece "Hey Fish, be my Valentine!" came in on third place at Arok 2014, where he also released a new disk cover entitled Vivat Finlandia. Let's hope Rekool can inspire the rest of the members of the group into actually performing something again.

Jeff, who changed his handle to Soren last year, left Crest since he felt it was wrong of him to be in more groups than he could contribute to. He will stay in Camelot, Cosine, Maniacs of Noise and Viruz though, so that should still keep him occupied alright!

They also lost Joe from their ranks.

Members: Crossbow, Cyclone, DeeKay, Drax, Linus, Mitch, Peiselulli, Reekol, S.E.S., TCH, The Syndrom, Xayne


After scoring silver with "Senpituinense" in the demo compo at Zoo 2013 late last year, Dekadence have been awfully quiet. However, they did manage to recruit the coder Marq (also in the old Finnish PC group Fit who did some C64 releases before) during 2013, so let's hope he shows his worth and contribute to the sleeping beauty we know as Dekadence.

Members: Ansichrist, Bracket, Britelite, Chaj, Fragment, Jaffa, LordNikon, Marq, Pinza, Player One, Proteque, Response, Ricky Martin, Sanity, SounDemon, Spiikki, T-101, TFT



In April Excess recruited two well-known sceners to their posse. DJ Gruby joined as original supplier and cracker, while Shine jumped onboard to function as logo graphician.

Tadpole started a private Facebook group to get back in touch with old inactive Excess members. So far Sergant Pepper, Gash, Bordeaux, BTS, Creb, Decoy, Dr. Lazy, Ghost, H-Bloxx, Nameless, Red Rock, Spermbird, Spinball, Trouble and Variat turned up. Our guess is that some of the above oldtimers are being courted to get back to activity again...

Members: Shine, DJ Gruby, RHX, St0rmfr0nt, Tadpole


Just two months after winning the demo compo at Datastorm with "We are all connected", FairLight released Redefinition at the mixed demo competition at Revision 2014. The demo scored third place and showed a quite impressive activity level from the group. After this, some tunes and graphics have made it out as well, most recently at Edison 2014 during the summer, where Danko won the music competition with "Oldschool Bassline", and Vodka won the graphics competition with "Amazing Hest". Cool picture, but we could have sworn it's a donkey...

Members: Avalon, Bacchus, Danko, Hollowman, Louie, Maktone, Oxidy, Pantaloon, Puterman, Reed, Tempest, Vodka, Wiklund, Zabutom



Again we've seen a steady flow of releases of various types from Genesis Project during the last couple of months. No less than 59 releases in total on different platforms made it out so far this year, including 14 first releases on the C64, 6 demos, 20 SIDs and 8 pieces of graphics.

In April Hedning hosted another iteration of Isterparty (Gubbahelg II), where their small demo "Paaarty!" scored third place and X-Jammer's "Kobra Kahn" won the music compo.

If no one already noticed, G*P love compos! At Datastorm Redcrab won both the gfx compo and the PETSCII compo, while X-Jammer grabbed a bronze medal for his music. Talking about music, celticdesign ended up as #3 at BCC Party 8 and #2 at the Longplay Music Competition 2014, and won at Arok; mch was #2 at Stary Piernik 9 (with uka as #2 in the gfx compo). Stinsen won at Forever 2014 (#3 at Edison), and Mermaid won the JSL Fun compo at CSDb with her gfx skillz. She also delivered their silver medal demo "Gnuff" at Hackerence Winter Party 2013.

On the cracking side, Zyron and LA-Style has done some work on smaller titles. Worth to mention are Honey Bee prv, Happy Flappy and Space Action 2 prv. During the summer Hedning dug up the lost title Crazy Painter by Steve Bak which was worked on by Zyron and put out with trainers, documentation and hi-saver. A solid and interesting release!

The music collection "Penguin Holiday", released late in July, was very well recieved by the public. It was more or less fully conceived by Mermaid who did the tunes as well as ultra-cute graphics and the code.

Although old news by now, Fix was kicked out of the group in late 2013 for never completing anything for G*P. Instead G*P got two new members in 2014: Akira joined GP in February during Datastorm 2014 and Metalux joined as coder after Gubbahelg/Isterparty in April 2014. Thier WHQ BBS The Hidden is now shared with F4CG and Atlantis.

Members: Akira, Alien, Bob, Brandon Walsh, Celtic Design, H Macaroni, Hedning, Illmidus, Keymaster, L.A. Style, MagerValp, MCH, Mermaid, Metalux, Mr Death, Nova, Papademos, Redcrab, Sangre, Shadow, Sixx, Sonic Wanderer, Stinsen, Uka, WertStahl, Widdy, X-Jammer, Z-Nexx, Zyron

Headquarters: (BBS), (BBS),


HT competed with their demo Fist of Trade at Datastorm 2014, and while the PETSCII graphics was as marvellous as ever it did not reach a top position like the previous HT PETSCII demos. Rather it ended up on a still respectable seventh place. Involved in the production was Mathman, Goto8o and AcidT*rroreast. AcidT*rroreast scored second place in the mixed gfx compo, also at DS.

Since DS 2014 in the beginning of the year we haven't heard squat from HT, which is usually the case in between parties, so it's not like we're worried. However, we can reveal that work is going on behind the scenes.

Frantic is working on an update to defMON, entitled "defMON 2". The ambition goes beyond just an update though, "defMON 2" is aimed at becoming more studio-like with support for CV-sync and MIDI. Other hardware might get supported too, like the 7-channel sample player feature available in some 1541U2 firmwares and a Polish 3-SID interface. In other words, defMON is heading from a tracker towards the music studio!

While talking about Frantic, he has also moved back to his old hometown Link0ping again, up north from the Scanian territory where he spent the last couple of years. This might in turn affect the two famous Swedish parties BFP and LCP, as Frantic has been one of the driving forces behind them. Perhaps LCP once again will be organised solo by Frantic in Link0ping. Time will tell...

We also dug up shocking news that AcidT*rroreast and Goto8o recently ended their relationship with each other. The two former lovebirds have been seen touring C64 parties together for several years, engaging in several HT productions as a team. While both remain members of HT as of now, we might not be able to count on future cooperations from the two artists.

While Goto8o is quite active with his off-scene music projects and is rumoured to put out a new record soon, AcidT*rroreast is keeping busy with art exhibitions.

Members: AcidT*rroreast, Ant1, Frantic, Goto8o, Jellica, JMX64, Linde, Mathman, Vinzi


Hitmen might not be the most active group at the moment, but now and then releases appear. A new SID made it out from Peacemaker in the beginning of April, and in the beginning of August N3XU5 released a fine picture entitled "25th Interstellar" to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group. It seemed like a bit of a weak birthday party to be honest, but knowing what Hitmen is capable of when the drive is there we just have to hope for more in the future.

More recently, Peacemaker also contributed with two tunes for the Tape Loader Tune Compo 2014.

They gained a new member when Stfsux joined up as a coder. Stfsux seem to be heavily into console projects, so perhaps Hitmen wants him for his console knowledge as well.

Members: Curlin, N3XU5, Groepaz, Jazzvibee, Jihad, Nerdine, Peacemaker, Skywalker, Stfsux, Xiny6581, XOR37h



Parody, a Hoaxers graphician who recently started coding as well, was together with Randy, Skurk and Curt Cool responsible for the small but neat demo Foursome, which scored tenth place at DS2014.

At Solskogen during the summer they released a demo entitled "Retro", which scored fourth place in the compo there. However, it turned out that this demo crashes on a real hardware. Firehawk told us he might try to get it running on real machines too but that it has to wait until after X 2014, as Hoaxers are now working on their contribution for that party instead.

Their old member Codex from the 80's got active again and enlisted as graphician and musician. Randy showed up at Gerp 2014 in Sk0vde a few days back and released the Compusphere 2014 invitation at the party.

Members: BHF, Curt Cool, Codex, Firehawk, Grasstust, Joe, Parody, Randy64, Response, Skurk



No other group even comes close to the amount of cracks that Laxity puts out these days. We're talking both interesting first releases and jewel versions of older games. However, sometimes there are some mistakes too, like in their recent first release "Eelona Preview" which contained an in-game crash bug that was not taken care of.

Laxity also went into the mag-business during 2014 and started publishing Game Corner, essentially a first release list accompanied with some game related chapters. A few issues have made it out by now and the magazine is a very welcome addition for those interested in the remaining cracking scene. Traditionally there have been more than one competing first release lists available simultaneously, but this has not been the case for many years now. So, we applaud this effort by Laxity which rectifies the situation and again offers an alternative. The magazine has so far been released in a very regular fashion, which is also impressive.

Members: Animalo, DanDee, Didi, Goat, O'Dog, Secret Man


Maday! was initially planned as a one hit wonder label for a co-op crack by Spider Jerusalem and TheRyk. However, the group has evolved into a versatile outfit during the two years since its birth and has now earned a steady spot in this news chapter.

The Mayday! hacking department brought us a SID-player for a real hardware named PlayEm64. TheRyk is keen on feedback, so if you are interested in further versions, do contact him. In addition, The USER is working on a new version of his useful other-platform tool "MC2Char", a converter which enables you to transform bitmap into charsets.

The group is also working on a demo, but progress is rather slow this year due to the members having busy lives in general, so time will tell when this will be ready for release.

Cracking is still on the agenda, though. TheRyk is more into jewel versions of golden oldies, with releases like HelikopterJagd 102% and Slinky 101% under his belt, while Spider Jerusalem is dealing with the brand new stuff. However, after the experience with Darkness/Darkipede and being "beaten on the boards" by TRIAD just by a couple of minutes, they are naturally not eager to reveal any details on future hot cracks.

While cooperating with CSixx in doing The Impossible Game, Mayday! also turned to game development. This does not necessarily mean that the most experienced game coder Achim won't release games for other labels any more, but there is at least one Mayday! game which is currently worked on.

All the members of Madyay! are expected to show up at X 2014 later this year.

Members: Achim, Spider Jerusalem, The USER, TheRyk


We expect nothing but the best from N0stalgia, and they surely never disappoint. In the end of May, N0stalgia shocked the public by putting out Commando Arcade. Remakes and retouches of old original games is a touchy subject and generally not a good idea. Just compare the new Hollywood remakes of classic movies such as Robocop and Total Recall to the originals and see how things can go horribly wrong...

There are always rare exceptions to the rule, though. "Commando Arcade" is one of those, and this version excels in every way over the original (which is a very playable conversion in the first place). Five new levels added to give a total of eight levels (like the arcade version), new graphics, new multiplex routine, new sound modes, NTSC compatible... We could go on forever, but we will just advice you to pick this one up and play for yourself instead! Great work by Fungus, Tom-Cat, GRG, STE86, S!R and the rest involved.

Being rather active lately, N0S also put out "Oops!" and EF versions of "Battle Chess" and "Tusker".

They gained a new member as Hurminator joined as tester, but they lost Fungus during the summer instead.

Members: 6R6, Fungus, Erhan, Hellboy, Hurminator, Tom-Cat, Lemming, S!R, SLC, Sorex, The Ignorance, The Keyboarder



Offence seems totally set on continuing their demo-coop with FairLight, and thus most news about them have been covered in the FairLight section of this news chapter. However, they did release a small adventure game, but since it was in Norwegian and not translated there will be no points (and probably about the same amount of players).

While the coop with FLT has been very successful, we still feel it would be interesting to see the two groups do more on their own as well. Offence surely have the killer line-up to perform!

Members: Alfatech, Bj0rn R0st0en, Freqvibez, Groms, Killsquad, Kribust, Kristian Myklebust, Lemming, Macx, Olav M0rkrid, OMP, Pal, Pantaloon, Perplex, Scarzix, Stein Pedersen, Zaphod



Onslaught released issue 62 of Vandalism News on their own, effectively ending the mag-coop with Wrath Design that has been going on for no less than 27 issues! The issue was released at Flashback 2014 along with their demo Eclectic, which went on to win the demo compo there.

About nine months after the TRIAD first release, and after putting out two severely damaged versions, Onslaught finally presented their 101% of Bomberland. Better late than never, guys...

After that something more interesting came along though. The long lost Polish game "Pluff" was released, followed by other GTW finds such as "Single Extreme Freedom", the preview of "Graham Gooch All Star Cricket" and the excellent adventure Aurum bugfixed and translated. A few days ago, the RGCD Cartridge Edition of Powerglove was released as well.

Algorithm kept busy and released two productions recently, Frodigy 2 and VOA, mostly showcasing his audio trickery.

A few months back Bieno64 joined as a tester. Ed left and stays only in Wrath Designs. Slator is still inactive, but turns up to help out from time to time. The Ignorance was put on the inactive list since he is busy with real life stuff and also has some health problems. The Attitude staff wishes him all the best and hope to see him back in action soon!

Members: Jazzcat, Macx, Adam Morton, Algorithm, Almighty God, Bieno64, Conjuror, Cons, Conrad, Deev, Elder0010, Fix, grip, Enthusi, Psycho8580, Pugsy, Sonic, SounDemoN, ZZAP69

Headquarters: (BBS),,,


Apart from quite a few neat pieces of art released by Yazoo, Sphinx and Veto (all three also in Arsenic), Bitbreaker released two pictures for Oxyron. One of them made third place at Nordlicht 2014. Also N3XU5 released quite an awesome piece, entitled "Miss Pixcen".

Also at Nordlicht, Oxyron took home first place in the mixed demo compo with the cool presentation OXY ROCK. Only the latest versions of VICE runs this demo, Oxyron knows how to punish emulators!

Memberwise Axis was put on the active list again, and DeeKay joined up with them (while staying in Crest as well).

Members: Axis, Bitbreaker, DeeKay, N3XU5, Devilock, Fanta, Graham, Jeroen Tel, Peiselulli, Sphinx, The Human Code Machine, Veto, Yazoo



No demo from the pandas so far this year, but a steady flow of tunes reached our ears. Fegolhuzz won the mixed music competition at Edison with "Tva paket strosocker", and very recently he also won the mixed music compo at Gerp 2014 with "Illegal Kalsongdata". Also radiantx, Klegg and Qdor have provided earcandy for the public. Another production to mention was the graphics release "Note Chaser" from radiantx, released before the summer.

Frost, radiantx and Fegolhuzz all attended Gerp 2014 less than two weeks ago, actually making Panda Design the best represented C64 group at that party.

Members: Fegolhuzz, Frost, Klegg, Lusius, Moh, Qdor, Radiantx, Zonk



Singular has been really active so far this year with a massive amount of graphics released by Leon, but also a heap of other productions making it out.

Among the art released, Leon scored the silver medal in no less than three competitions, namely at Forever 2014, Di Halt 2014 and Arok 2014. At Forever, Singular secured the second spot in the demo competition too, with their dentro "Arok 2014 Invitation".

Talking about Arok, this party is arranged by Singular and according to the visitors they once again pulled it off with honours.

One of the other pieces from Leon, Fly on the wall, sparked an intense debate among the viewers, both regarding the craftsmanship and the motif. The opinions were divided. Leon has also been on the road a lot, travelling to Budapest, then to Szeged to meet up with Jailbird and finally to Debrecen. He is working on even more new pictures at the moment.

Soci and Poison reached fourth place in the RGCD 16k game compo with their excellent space-shooter Kobo64.

Soci also released the intro "C64 fourier" a few months back, as well as a new version of FunkPaint. Now he is playing with a MP3@64 card, making an IDE64 compatible player with selector, auto advance, ID3 tags and so on.

Eclipse left the group because he didn't feel enough active himself, but he will cooperate with Singular in the future too.

Members: Cargo, Charlie, Hermit, Leon, Pocak, Poison, Scorpy, Vincenzo



Let us rewind and see what TRIAD has been up to lately! In February some members showed up at this year's edition of Datastorm. This time TRIAD was represented by iopop, Ruk, Ca$h, Taper, bepp, Itch, Malmix and Ne7. The bag was packed with the demo Continuum that came in on second place (containing code by Ruk, Houbba, Icon, Abaddon, iopop and Tao, graphics by Vent, ilesj and Twoflower as well as music by Dane/Booze Design). Additionally, Ne7 competed with his tune "Truckstop Alaska" in the music competition and Malmix handed in "Spacefacelift" for the graphics compo.

After some talking at Datastorm, Motion (former member of Hitmen and Chromance) joined up with to function as one of the editors for Attitude magazine, and to represent TRIAD on the boards.

Some time after Datastorm they lost their members Malmix and Pezac, who were recruited from FatZone about a year earlier. Sadly this talanted duo had little motivation and lack of time to commit to the C64 scene at this point in time and decided to quit for the time being.

Crackingwise Ruk supplied the small and cute game "Kur pelite tu tuceji" which was worked over by Lynx and released in early March. Then a game made by TRIAD was released too, 2048, a cover of a very clever flash-game, coded by Ruk with music by Ne7, graphics by ilesj and font by Tao - also sporting a brand new crack intro by, again, Ruk.

Some weeks later Ruk decided to leave TRIAD and join up with Booze Design instead, obviously a hard blow to the TRIAD demo factory. Ruk has been a driving force in TRIAD and will be hard to replace. However, plenty of talents remain, so let's hope the group can utilize them and continue work in the demo sector. There is too little time for them to get something ready in time for X 2014, though.

Just before the summer, TRIAD put out a shocker as they first released the full price title Darkness, published by Psytronik. They even beat a surprised Mayday!, even though one of their members was involved in the production of the game! The TRIAD version also contained the solution to the game as well as a smashing map over the playfield drawn by Romppainen. A whole bunch of members cooperated on this release to be able to get it out quickly, including Sailor, Twoflower, Lynx, Motion and Taper. Also the bonus-game Darkipede was released at the same time as the main game.

Antidote experienced troubles when Microsoft in coop with the corrupt US juridical system decided to take control of 22 no-ip domains, supposedly because some hosts on these domains were spreading malware. This affected the domain that Antidote was using, resulting in some downtime. However, a new DNS-pointer was quickly set up, so now Antidote can be reached at as well as at the again working old address,

Abaddon completed work on a new version of the popular PC based SID-tracker Cheesecutter (version 2.6.1) which was released during the summer. A Mac OS X port was later provided by Ruk/Booze Design.

Another PC based tool also made it out, this time coded by Sailor. Entitled "d64EIC" (d64 Errorinfo Combiner), this tool is used to combine several bad backups of one disk into a .d64 image with less (or in best case none) errors. A great addition in the toolbox for those of us who do a lot of preservation of old floppy disks.

Then ilesj and Icon teamed up to provide an entry for the CSDb Science Fiction Graphics Competition. Named Engage charmode, begin pursuit! and a split between PETSCII and bitmap it recieved quite some acclaim, but time will tell on which place it ends up as the competition is not yet completed.

Other than that, much time has been put into this very issue of Attitude which contains contributions by a whole bunch of members.

Members: Abaddon, Bepp, Cash, Dalezy, Houbba, Icon, Ilesj, Iopop, Itch, King Fisher, Lynx, Motion, Ne7, Romppainen, Tao, Taper, Twoflower, Vent

Headquarters: Antidote - (BBS),


Elko came in fifth in the mixed graphics competition at Revision 2014 with a piece entitled "Party Train Incoming - Mind the GAP".

TRSI also released the intro 10 Orbyte, supposedly broadcasted from space via the crowd-funded satellite Wren! Surely a world-first, and it ended up winning the wild demo compo at Revision. Responsible for this production were Street Tuff, Premium, Elko and Spotter.

Members: Astaroth, Benson, Chromag, Cons, Crazy, Devilock, Digiman, Duke, Elko, Forcer, H2O, Irata, Jeverhut, Knoeki, Linus, Peiselulli, Santa Claus, Spider Jerusalem, Spotter, Street Tuff, Vigo, Wizler!



We are worried about the current state of affairs in Wrath Designs. Not only did their long running coop with Onslaught on Vandalism News end after issue 61, but we haven't seen the primus motors Ed and Joe for quite a while. The two brothers quite often showed up at Scanian scene events like Gubbdata, but it's been more than a year since they were last spotted now.

Let's hope for their return and a future revitalization of Wrath Designs. The scene would be far too quiet without the controversies and uncompromising nature of this old Swedish legend!

Members: Clone, Crimson, Djinn, Ed, Joe, Zealot, Stash, Savage


Single news

There is no active coder left in ROLE. Commander informs us that if the group doesn't find a new coder before the year is over, ROLE will be put to sleep and cease to exist.

Hokuto Force is mainly focused on doing oldie cracks these days, trying their best to enhance those titles which deserve a bit more dignity than previous cracks have given them. The latest example is "Robin of the Wood +12DG" with added map. However, from time to time they are developing new games too. The latest member who joined them is Vinny, who will focus on the cracking business.

Buddha, the musician who was kicked out from Hokuto Force in late April for making threats against the organisers of Revision, has tried to join numerous other groups lately. However, none have accepted his application so far, probably due to the fact that he seems to be a loose cannon with personal problems. Hopefully he can resolve his problems in due time and become a productive member of the scene again.

Gerp was again arranged by Nature (Amiga/PC) and Traktor (Amiga/MSX) in Sk0vde, this time between the 5th to the 7th of September. As usual Malmix was the main organiser. About 40 visitors showed up, and although mostly an Amiga party, about 25% of the visitors were C64 sceners. As noted above, members from Panda Design and Hoaxers were present, but also others.

Many good Amiga productions were released at Gerp, but the highlight for the C64 sceners present was the "Generation 64" promotion demo release (which also won the mixed demo competition there). This demo was made to promote the new book, also named Generation 64, that is due for release in Sweden very soon.

The promo-demo was coded by Shadow/G*P/Noice, with a new tune by Danko/FairLight and graphics by Mermaid/G*P. The author of the book, Spelpappan, had written some text for the production as well. Beside the ordinary compos several fast/surprise compos were also arranged. For the first time the party had live-streaming hooked up so others could view the compos too!

Level64 launched a brand new webpage at

That was all the news for this issue! Time to re-visit the menu!


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