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Demo Reviews (NSR #7 1/2)
by Twoflower/Triad & Puterman/FairLight

NSR #7 1/2 or "NSR with an Attitude problem" or "7 1/2 Week" or "WTF?!"

By Twoflower and Puterman, with Jucke and ALiH as guest editors. Or something.

Since so many of you had the bad taste to request a return of this magazine, here we go, albeit in a rather temporary and/or strange format. I (2F) was requested to make a demo reviews chapter in the current issue of Attitude (#13), so I started working, just to discover the reviews transforming into yet another NSR-text. This, in its turn, made me decide to hijack this chapter and magazine for the sake of creating an in-between issue within the walls of another magazine. So know this: you (and the voices, and possibly the ghost of Puterman's scene presence) made me do this! You (and, come to think of it - Taper's constant whining) are to blame.

PUTERMAN: "My ghost is doing just fine, okay?"

The current weather in the north of Sweden is extraordinary bland and unengaged. That is nice, since it reflects my mood and my view on the demo releases of this scene since - let's say - February 2012, right after Datastorm. The odd highlights of last year - like Quetzal/Chromes excellent mindfuck demo and that wonderful little Bits #1007 release - have blessed us with its absence. Or almost - left is quite a number of very nice onefilers and a few bigger releases which could be called decent if you're in a good mood. Worst of all is that this absence of quality releases has twisted people into show gratefulness for pure crap, but more about that below. You know, like - in the absence of good booze, all booze is nice booze (pun intended). If there is something I'm sure of, that would be the fact that early 2012 will go down in history as a quite productive but very pale year. I mean OK - this isn't 1998 all over (THAT was a dull year) - but still. Whatever the case is, I didn't really know what to make of this - so I asked my local NSR-oracle and received an answer:

RADIANTX: "Dull? That is undeniably the case, but I suspect that everything will change by the end of October. Heard some talk about an Oxyron-demo rather than an Arsenic one. I'm hoping for the Danes, but I'm not sure. FairLight will be going in with total brute force - it remains to see if it'll turn out well."

PUTERMAN: "1998 dull? Didn't we at least see some Polish trackmos then? Sure, everyone hated them back then, but now I'm hoping for a return of the black background 8x8 trackmo. Just my 2 cents on this important matter."

Well, looking at FLT's "One Quarter", I'm hoping for a bigger surprise for X than for Datastorm. For more details look at the review below. And yes, I am aware that everyone is saving up for X, but that doesn't help me right now. It's a bit like that yummy meal you're promised to get in a few months time, it sure as hell doesn't sate your hunger at this instant. Something which did sate my hunger, though, was the 100% releases of "I Love the Cube" and "Dream Travel". We're talking epic stuff here - both of them are great - but they're still rehashed 2011 releases. OK, so they are the best releases of 2012, yes, but also sort of 2011 releases so I won't discuss them here. Just watch them and feel some hope for the future rise in your demo-starved body.

Now, let's focus on 2012 again and start dealing with the issue I currently have the most problems with understanding - the mostly jolly and positive reactions on something which really isn't that awesome. I'm talking about recent productions from Algorithm here. Mind you - doing research I read about 30+ reactions on "Better" the other night and was quite shocked that most of the 8 posts dealing with negative criticism mainly regarded the subject matter. OK, that's fine - but seriously people, what is wrong with you (or possibly with your eyes)? This is a double-sided demo filled with dull conversions and ONE pixeled piece of gfx. This is something we will be ashamed of glorifying in 5 years. This is the St.Anger of the 2012 C64 demo scene. And sure, perhaps I'm overly critical now. Perhaps this kind of demo making just goes against everything I find nice and holy - and yes, I agree that I'm biased. Let's just state right here that I have problems with demos containing the following subject matter - tits, girls, bad typography and even more so with unfixed conversions of tits, girls and bad typography. I get the feeling that I will get a lot of shit for this. Nevermind - let's look at the reviews instead.

by Algotech

"Ooh, Drax!" That's the first impression. Algorithm got a wonderful taste in music, but it ends there. This demo is filled to the brim with quite horrible conversions without fix-ups, a chunky black border and a horrible handling of fonts. Well, the stretch and wobble routines are quite nice, but this demo is a living (?) proof that certain coders should be chained neck-to-neck to a graphician. For the rest of their lives. And there should be a reference group of women with tasers chained to them as well. This demo crashed quite randomly on my C64G with an Ultimate II. Couldn't be assed to look at it a third time, but the second view sure solidified my first impression.

PUTERMAN: "So Twoflower, are you volunteering to be chained to this guy? I guess I agree about the graphics, all those converted babes kind of make it feel like a fake demo. So, er... When did Hujowa decide to change name to Algotech? It's not all bad, though. I like the fast and consistent pace. It's trying to do something, but the effects don't really cut it."

JUCKE: "CPU: JAM at $D012. It sucks to admit this, but if it doesn't run in VICE the amount of people who will watch it is reduced. I was asked to do this even if I really had little time for it right now, so I'm wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. Another thing is that I don't judge demos by how technically advanced they are. I judge by vibe, originality and other cosmic things.

by Onslaught

Well yes, this is better, although not too much. I immediately started to feel sorry for the graphics. "Aaaw! Poor, chunky, converted Madonna. That must hurt." "Ouff! Poor converted-font Onslaught logo." I can feel their trauma. The effects aren't too shabby, I'll readily admit that - them bouncy faces are pretty nice, and so are the horizontal rasters. But, I need some help here - if Algorithm is dead serious about making these kind of demos, can somebody tell him to only use ONE converted font in ONE resolution, please? And could somebody provide Algorithm with some decent source material to work with that isn't porn or babe-related? And force him to work with pixelled graphics sometimes? This demo brought me straight back 1992, to computer-cramped cellars where the local computer club and their collection of porrgiffar resided. I was 15 at the time. Things felt a little awkward even by then. Now some words from Puterman and our honoured guest-editors - A Life in Hell and Jucke:

ALIH: "As stupid as it is, I really enjoyed Algorithm's new stuff - at least initially. It sort of got ridiculous when it was "Better", but I was nearly blown off my couch when "Just Dance" came out. I understand it - it's easy to be so in love when your cool routine that you have to show off for fifteen minutes, fuck knows I've done that shit, but, well... I'm a giant hypocrite (hypnocrite?). But "Better" would have been great if it was about half the length, and didn't lie quite as much."

PUTERMAN: "This just doesn't feel solid in any way. The last part is like Deepthroat by Durex again. And Durex is a fake group, right? I can still have respect for people who decide to call themselves Ravelli or write Forth interpreters for the C64, but I can't really respect this demo. Take the part with the chunky zooming textures. I'm just waiting for them to start rotating. At least in 2D. But no, nothing... Disappointing, to say the least."

JUCKE: "Another cute graphics demo. Or at least it contains cute women. Madonna in her prime and Betty Boop strutting by the credits. Pretend like you're not married and have kids. Remember the wanking objects of your teenage years, then smack in pictures of all the members of your group after that, and then throw in some vectors and data effects in-between. Having a demo full of hot girls is a sign of good data teenage spirit. The day people make demos about their newborn kids or pets, please smack me with a smoked salmon."

TWOFLOWER: "'SMACK!' ( imagine the smoked salmon taste). "Embryo" from Padua was released on the 15th of April, 2001. It's a duck!"

"Attempt One and Unforeseen Open"
by Apace

Ah, an old, unreleased megademo from Hungary have finally surfaced. Or shall we say two? Was made in July 1993, and would probably have been quite OK by then. Nice fonts. But even by those standards, this would've been quite dull compared to contemporary Hungarian demos from that time - take a look at "Justintime" by Graffity to get my point. Looking at this brings a little nostalgia to my eyes. This is something you'd get in a sending from someone in Trinomic. Or that young dude which just started to swap and just keeps on sending whatever he believed was 0-day. And this demo will go down in history as the one demo that managed to contain BOTH the horrible cover of "Wind of Change" as well as that please-shoot-me version of "Don't Cry". Ouch. Perhaps Jucke have another view on this?

JUCKE: "Cute intro. Looks like around 1990. Ah, when reading the scroller Sherlock finds out it's from 1993. Apace Software Hungary. The author speaks to Goblin in the scroll text asking him "what's the matter?" and it makes me really curious which Goblin he means. The one in Light or the one in G*P? Next up is some chalky kiddie charset saying "DON'T press space", and I don't. Then it goes away abruptly into unpacking the next part and I'm surprised. All the built up anticipation is met by... A scroller and a logo and some text saying "No limit... NO!" and I get this nice retarded demo feeling. These are kids who can barely write or talk in English, and now they have Commodore 64s to tell the world their message. The bad Hungarian lamer English makes me think of memorable texts from classic Polish demos, like "this is not a demo, this is cool!" Also the graphics are quite stunningly retarded at times. I like to imagine that the person who drew some of the logos was thinking "this looks so cool!" It's not really retarded, more like lame in a cute way. You might get the impression that I'm dissing this demo, but I'm not. It's just tardo cute watching it now in 2012. In 1993 it was probably made to impress, but now it tickles the weird beard."

"Are We There Yet"
by Genesis Project

Wonderful little onefiler with top and bottom border considered. The demo consists of a DYCP, some excellent graphics and animations by Mermaid, a great cover of Sjorovar-Fabbe by Mr.Death and lost pirates (=G*P). Very cosy and very much what you could expect from a Mermaid-based G*P demo. If not for anything else - I'm thankful that this demo exists as it managed to beat the above-mentioned "Better" at Flashback 2012. To be honest - there are two-three more small G*P demos that should be mentioned like "Everlasting Star", "World in Progress" and "Flashbang" - but let's just summarize the reviews of these small wonders with the following words:

G*P (hej Sickan, Hedning) - you got an awesome set of graphicians right now. Please get that Illm, Uka, Redcrab and Mermaid kicks ass in different and varied ways. Your very active musicians are all great, engaged and innovative. But you've got a problem and you know it - please whip your coders to do code that matches the same, high standard. It is really easy to hide behind the great musical and graphical talents you have and this is exactly what is happening right now.

PUTERMAN: "That's pretty much how I feel about it as well. It's cute, but nothing more. You have to be in the right mood to appreciate something that's just cute, and I want something more in a demo. But like 2F, I'm happy about the fact that it's better than "Better"."

JUCKE: "Since the Datastorm demo with the dogs nodding their heads to a bearded desert Hein, this is like a cute follow up. Zyron and Sixx travel in their pirateship in their quest for paylamers and stamplickers and after freeriding on the head of a large whale they end up on the north pole. And you just can't stop looking at the cute penguins climbing and sliding down that hill. I have only one thing to say about this: Mermaid for president!"

by Genesis Project

JUCKE: "Possibly the coolest transition from blue screen mode into demo I've ever seen in my life. My jaw just hit the floor of coolness when that swirl shrunk and sucked in everything on the screen. Simple but so nicely PETSCII style executed. After that great sucking intro it was like all the air had already been sucked out of the demo. It's a ride of Moon Dust cosmic sperming among G*P logos flying around on the screen. The funky tunes match the fuckery going on on the screen and PETSCII tits and ass slide by covered in more Moon Dust sperm and G*P logos so your wife wont know you're in fact looking at hidden porn. Fuck, if that intro would have been followed up in another way, it would destroy on a compo. And the teenage data boy fashion with naked girls in demos is still a sign of prostate health on the scene. Was that two guys kissing? I like that the demo flickers when it loads from the disk. It makes it seem like it's breathing somehow."

"Conservative Megademo"
by PWP

Viznuts productions always manages to surprise me - and this is no exception. Sure, we have seen similar semi-trashy dissolving things before (Offence, Booze Design, TRIAD), but this one has a nice ring to it and it mentions Strider/FairLight in a scrolltext. One of the more refreshing demos I've seen so far this year. This is actually one of the few "must sees" of 2012.

ALIH: "This one hit that sweet spot in my brain as well... Viznut will always kick all of our asses."

PUTERMAN: "It didn't quite work for me, though. Viznut has made so much better things in the past. At first I just found it pointless, but it does get better towards the end. I'm not hating on it, I just expect a bit more from this guy."

JUCKE: "Viznut and the other members of the Finnish nazi party make a self-destructable demo with a clear message to all the copyslaves and cassetteniggers out there: obey and be our slaves. We need more beer and weed at the parties we want to visit in the future. They even greet Aaron's older brother in the scrollers. This was refreshing. There is hope. There are angry Finns out there and they make demos. U go Jukka Bros!"

"False Dimension"
by PWP

Viznut goes on a 2K photo session in the "False Dimension". These black and white images twitch and are obscured at many occasions - yet this is more interesting and hypnotic than most of the stuff so far released this year. And it has an ending. And Jucke seems to like it as well - read below.

PUTERMAN: "This one I liked much better! It's like an artsy documentary being shot in some spooky platform game from the eighties. You know the ones I'm thinking about, with scissors, spiders, helicopters and whatever random objects you can think of. And hopelessness. Whenever you finish one level, there's always another one, even worse. The images in this demo display scenes from those twisted worlds. And they do it so well, I'm sure the inhabitants will rise up against their beaureaucratic masters."

TWOFLOWER: "I really like this term -'beaureaucratic'. It's like a beautiful bureaucracy. Tidy desks and pencil sharpeners. Odd potted plants. But nice."

JUCKE: "I almost don't know what to say. Viznut has created a dark blurry low resolution grayscale journey into the unknown. I don't know what it means and I'm not even sure I do want to know what's going on. It's just such an odd creation I can't help being in total awe. The only words are in the title screen and they read: "Dear Audience, I recently visited a place called False Dimension. I hope you enjoy this batch of photographs taken there." Hell yes! Take me there! On with the slide! Fold out the brills. Wear the protection suit. Radiation seems high. Let's go."

by Hack n' Trade

OSO is 78 blocks of disturbed character-set mongobear animation. None of you should miss it. The combination of Linde, Mathman, Acidterrorist and Goto80 is a deadly one. Especially for mongobears. Do look at this on the real thing - preferably on a C64C or G for extra disturbance. OK, this is another disturbed demo in the vibe of "In the Name of the Sword" and "Acid Burger", but it is surprisingly nicer than the previous ones. So, what do you have to add regarding mongobears and rabbits, Jucke?

JUCKE: "Amazingly weird PETSCII movie by HT made at the Datastorm 2012. It's simply bear vs rabbits, and it's lucid, evil, brutal and absurd. If you have kids younger than 5, you must show this demo every night before they go to sleep. Let them know rabbits rule bears. It's good stuff to learn."

"Ihan Paska Produ"
by Dekadence

Ah, Dekadence! This is a onefiler with a nice, coherent style. Well performed and presented effects matched with a quite atonal Britelite-tune. It does the trick and is what you can expect from someone who knows his trade be heart, but not much more than that. This is a slice of what a nice DKD-demo could be so pretty please with sugar on top - make one? I'd love to see a bigger DKD-demo. Especially if it is matched with this quality of Bracket graphics.

PUTERMAN: "Love the rabbit! Very consistent, very BriteLite, but yes, something a bit more ambitious would have been great. Then again, who am I to speak about ambition... Jucke?"

JUCKE: "I can't remember what I just saw. But I think it said something about Britelite."

"Krawall Deluxe"
by TRSi

When I first saw this, it felt kind of nice - and on this second view it still does with its nice variety of animations and effects. The animated kind-of-chunky-voxel-karate-guy was a nice change. Great variation in coloring and screens which really proves how small details can do a lot of impression - the vertical twister is f. ex one of the visually nicest twisters I've ever seen and the same goes for Streetuff's 3 color parallax bars in the end. All in all a good piece of demo - one of this year's lifesavers - but still not one I will be able to recall in a few years. Perhaps Jucke will - he seems to like it.

JUCKE: "Possibly the nicest TRSi C64 demo I've seen. I dunno, it's just funky and fresh somehow. Nothing spectacular going on at all, it's just well-arranged and graphics, animation, layout and design of the effects and screens go really nice together. And for once the music fits really good to what you see. The music is just like the rest of the demo, classic and classy, yet fresh, predictable but still enjoyable and funky. It's got vibe!"

by Mahoney

Nice to see Mahoney do a cooperation with Magnar and Prowler. I really liked this little semi-animation demo with Mahoney twists. It doesn't really match up to Mahoney's earlier masterpieces like Storebror, Cubase64 or Gnarp!, but it's still a solid piece of demo. Or at least a solid fragment of a demo. I seem to be the only person on Earth that has a problem with Prowler's graphics, so I guess I will shut up about that. I guess it is hard to read this demo without the connotations that Mahoney-history brings - something which is underlined by Jucke, below:

JUCKE: "First you are attacked by airplanes from WW1, then you get to see a seriously fit naked girl rotating like a full body scan, followed by graffiti, rotating rubber duckies and a killer cool No Sleep 2-XAKK-style-scroller. And then Lazy Jones closes it all. This is truly a strange Mahoney demo if you do not look at the tech stuff going on. When I was 14 (in 1988) I was a huge fan of his demos and being a schoolyard swapper in the south of Sweden I knew Mahoney lived somewhere nearby but I didn't know him by person. It wasn't just the technical stuff that made his demos special. It was the feeling he created with those demos, the little sometimes strange details and the way everything seemed to fit so naturally or unnaturally together. Mahoney's demos danced somehow. When "Storebror" was shown on the big-screen at LCP 2011 I got goose bumps. It felt like a mythical hero from my teenage years was sent in a time-machine to the party to remind us what demos were all about. 1987, 1997, 2007 or even 2017, there will always be a need for a Mahoney on the C64 scene."

PUTERMAN: "I didn't know what to expect. I still don't know what this is."

"Fifteen Minutes of Lame"
by Offence

At Datastorm the Offence guys struck back with something different. Let me tempt you with twisting flowers, dancing moonrays, Utshi-E with sake, the Possum Prince and a scroll that almost can order drinks? In all its diversity it manages to deliver something memorable, much thanks to the audial help from OMP in the Possum Prince part. The relaxed Kribustish vibe that rests over this production is another thing that is memorable - I really like this attitude towards demo making even though I cannot pinpoint what this attitude is about.

PUTERMAN: "I sort of like the intro, and some of the other parts are pretty CP as well, but I'm not quite sure that I agree on the attitude to demo making..."

JUCKE: "Excellent weirdo intro with the growing and then rotating flower. I'm like "YES!!", but Offence used to blow me away with their demos already 20+ years ago. I love small details, like in this one when you press space the demo part just starts going faster and faster until it disappears in a chaos. I love that they seem to make demo parts of internal jokes, mass appeal communication is kind of unsexy even in demos. Apart from all the sweetness this production, this group has been watching Achmed and played Breakdance way too much. Everything is so fartsy and fiercely executed, and it feels like natural farting, not something squeezed out by force to make it be that way. I want to whip the Offence guys with HZ's rubbersnakes or wrestle them Tom of Finland style."

"One Quarter"
by FairLight

I still remember the expectations I had on this one. A Fairlight demo had been promised to surface at Datastorm. Finally! This was what I had been looking forward to - the demo that finally should set the pace of the 2012 demo releases! And there it was, a good demo that won the compo without much competition to speak of. Maybe - just maybe - this fact identifies the problem with said demo. Pantaloon, Louie64 and those amazing musicians delivered, but they forgot to add that cream and cherry on-top that you're used to get. This demo contains everything you have come to expect from a contemporary (eg. post-Hollowman and post-Puterman direction) FairLight demo. This is nice, really nice - but not that different from the earlier demos which really kicked ass (Lash!). But let's take a look at the details.

There's not a lot to whine about. Well, OK - the plot scroller bitmap could actually have been made in hires - making it look a lot better. I figure that some of the mechanics of the scroller forced it to be multicolor though. The details that really stand out in this demo include the nice fitting part of the soundtrack by Wiklund and the two weights (square and rounded!) version of that quite odd, but fitting, font. I was really satisfied with this while watching it until the coder of that stretched, circular plasma destroys it all by unnecessarily adding a crappy 1x2 to the mix. Yeah - and hey, Danko - even though it uses inferior sounds, Guy Shavitt's version of Breath of Life clearly whips the ass of your conversion. And now over to our unconventional and duck-loving guest-editor - ALiH, once again:

ALIH: "One Quarter/FLT desperatly wanted me to love it, but every single part left me thinking 'Those guys can do better... These guys HAVE done better'. Also, wasn't Krestyron's colour h-rasters, like, fifteen years ago now? Fuck me with a rake, I'm getting old..."

JUCKE: "Visually neat stuff by FLT. In fact, it's so neat and smooth I almost want to press keys randomly on the keyboard while watching to see if I can make it bug a bit. I'm not complaining, but the stoner in me says the vibe isn't quite there and this demo is made to impress and be neat rather than throw you deep into demo space. Can someone dig up the zombies called Hollow and Puter and pay them with brain to get back doing their cosmic journeys? Fuck - I sound like a grumpy old man now saying things were better back in the... Eh... Mid 2000's. But honestly, FairLight needs more spliff and less beer on their meetings."

by Onslaught

SPTRDS? This odd initial statement refers to the opening logo which is quite unreadable - so unreadable that it almost could have been made by me. This is a small onefiler which surprisingly competed at Gubbdata and competed with our (TRIAD's) own demo, "Chicanery" in the small demo compo there. Save for having kind of strange typography, surprising design and quite original gfx, this is a neat production with an epic soundtrack by Psycho8580. And the code? Well, ever since I saw "Dead Signal" last year, I knew the scene was up for some nice future surprises from Elder0010, and this proves me right. Even though this is no major breakthrough for him, it is a solid promise of upcoming releases that could bring something new and unexpected. Elder0010: just make sure to put your fingers in your ears and go "LALALALALA - I'M NOT LISTENING - LALALALALA" when Algorithm comes and starts talking about converted chicks and code with you. You're doing fine, just keep it up.

PUTERMAN: "Yes, surprising design ideas. Yes, it's sort of fresh. It's also oldschool to a degree that's a bit hard to imagine. I mean, this one could have been released 15 years ago without a bit being different. It has a chessboard zoomer. And a tech-tech. And some scrollers. There's nothing special about it, but there's really nothing wrong with it either."

JUCKE: "Wow. These guys seem serious. I like the trend of making a transition from basic mode into the demo, and this was yet another nice one. I have to give a big up for the dark acidhouse'ish music and very stiff cyber-graphics. It makes me want to sieg heil with a robot arm. Somehow the vibe in this demo reminds me of some strange games in the 80s, like V, Nexus, Tau Ceti and so on. Yet it feels kinda fresh. Too bad it ends so quickly. I wanted to go deeper into that vibe and was hoping it would go mad and freak out."

"Pimp My Commodore"
by Chorus, Resource and Singular

And so the Hungarian trio struck back! The best onefiler so far this year was released at Arok and hit like a well-placed tag in the forehead of a sleeping scener. That tag-plotgrafitti-textengine is really something and fitting all of this in a onefiler must've been quite exhausting. Codewise, this is just what you'd expect from hardcore guys like Clarence, Oswald and Soci. Black background, black border and solid effects that hits you in the face, one punch after the other - leaving you down for counts but quite unsurprised. Worth repeating is that the awesome plot engine leaves the rest of the code in its shadow, like "oh, that was a nice sideborder plasma but... HEY! THERE'S THE OUTSTANDING PLOT ENGINE AGAIN! Oh, now there's some other code..." Hermit made a solid tune to this and the gfx from Leon, AMN and Poison does what it is supposed to do. None of the graphics matches the quality of Leon's current gfx developments though, this makes life feel a little bit dull. And it is not a "Unicorn CE" or a "Silver Star" - neither is it a "Quadrant" or a "Still Ready" - but at least it is something, and perhaps we should be thankful for that in this year of dullness.

PUTERMAN: "As soon as the BASIC screen starts fading out and the music begins, you know exactly what this is going to be like. And for a while there I think it's really, really nice. The text thing is cool, the teching vertical rasters are a cool twist and the 8x8 plasma in the border is really classy as well. But then it starts feeling a bit out of focus, and I guess 2F is right, it's not a classic, but it's nice. Comparing to the other demos we're talking about here, it's really nice. With the exception of FLT of course, FLT are always the best. And I'm being really objective about this. Thank you, come again!"

JUCKE: "Oh no, these guys have bought the hip hop package without questions. The only thing my originality sensor detected was the vertical rasterbars that waved in a new kind of fashion. The rest is subcultural coolness on a quite shallow level. It tries to be funky but it ain't. I'm sensitive with the cultural references in demos and no matter how nicely executed it is, I can't go with this. Be honest and nerdy instead of trying to wear the wrong type of Converse."

by Upstars

This last review deals with a demo from an old favourite coder and his posse - Upstars. In my book, Ozzy Oldskool have done some legendary stuff in his two major productions prior to this one - "Emulated" and "Risperdal Dreams". This demo doesn't contain the same amount of epic, but at least some seems to have been sprinkled over the source code. The noise parts and the more experimental elements in this demo are totally worth diving into, but the repeating loader music must be the most irritating one since Touldie's loader tune in Elysium's "Origon" (that's a piece of history right there!) and brings down the impression a little. To summarize - the gfx isn't as polished, the oldskool isn't as oldskoolish and the overall impression isn't nearly as strange you'll experience from Ozzy's previous productions.

PUTERMAN: "This is more hipster oldschool than actual oldschool. The intro looks like something from one of those groups that I can hardly remember the names of... Science 451 or something. And that feels fresh. So does the noise part, which also brings me both back and into the 2010 future of bearded guys with expensive coffee habits. The loader part also appeals to me the first time I can see it, then it gets more and more annoying for every time. But overall, this demo has some design highlights, and that's not bad. Not for this batch of demos."

JUCKE: "I couldn't help smiling when I saw this one. The intro taps into a nostalgic nerve and my old data heart melts, and even if the rest is kind of diluted it just feels good. The late 80's style tune works good with what's going on visually. Maybe not impressive, but good data vibes nevertheless."

With those words we conclude this semi-issue of NSR (#7 1/2), crammed into the pages of Attitude #13. The future (read: X'2012 in October) will tell whether or not it's time to pull the plug and end this suspended animation or if we'll be back to haunt you with more incorrect grammatics, lousy reviews, whining in general and quoting out of context. Seriously, if we won't see something worthwhile at X it won't just have consequences for the continued existence of NSR - it'll bring down the little hope there is left for the scene (no worries - hope will restart in 2013) and ditch my belief in the good of mankind. Don't take me wrong here - wonders may still happen - after all, CreaMD DID actually publish the results of the Rambo-compo. So please deliver. At X. kthnxbye!


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