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by DJ Gruby/Oxyron

There has been plenty of feedback sent to us back in 2005 when "Attitude #9" was released. Within this article I would to present you all the latest opinions that has recently reached us via electronic votesheets or other way... For this time the only one opinion about "Attitude #9" has been shared with us by...


"Attitude #9" was a great magazine. I've really enjoyed it. But we have waited for a long time for the next issue (over 4 years?). Seeing Attitude votesheet in my mail box made my day. :) Attitude #9's intro was great. I expect a nice intro like that for this issue as well.

I don't know if you made any interface changes in 10th issue but I like the old interface. So, a new logo, a new bitmap gfx for reading screen would be enough for me. Let's see if you made any surprises.

Sorry for the poor reaction but I don't have enough time to re-read the last issue and after 4 years. I don't remember much about the articles. :) Don't make us wait that long for #11, OK? :)

Thank you for all your efforts for this project.


Thank you, Skate, for sharing your thoughts with us. We are really glad that reading "Attitude #9" had been such enjoyment for you, and we also hope you are going to find this brand new edition as much interesting as the previous ones. What I want to express here is that I have a strong hope that you will not have to wait that long for "Attitude #11", this surely is not going to be over four years again! ;)

Thank you for your continuous support!

Best regards,
DJ Gruby/Oxyron.

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