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M.A.M.E. Or What?
by Firefox/Axicon

Welcome to this chapter in "Attitude". Thanks for your interest by choosing this topic. It's Firefox/Axicon on the keys! My friend Cactus asked me to support this first issue with an article and I'm very glad to help him, so the mag will be successful. This was also a good occasion for me to proof my skills in writing texts, 'coz the next issue of "Premium" will be released in near future and I don't want to get too much rusted. Thanks for this commercial break in here, Pawel :-)

OK, let's start right here and let me explain what this article deals about... MAME is the short word for Multi Arcade Machine Emulator. This won't tell you too much, I guess... But I'm sure it's interesting at all for you.

The MAME Emulator gives you back to the orriginal feeling in playing all the classic and cultic games ever released and later converted for the C-64, Amiga, Atari and so on... Do you remember the times when you walked to the playhalls and layed games like Pitfall 2, Asteroids, Bag It Man, Yie Ar Kung Fu and all the other hundreds of games, which were invented in the 80's and we all paid and paid, and paid for, to play hours for hours??? I remember those days with a tear in my eye.

Step by step games were converted for C-64 and Amiga, but the conversions never reached the orriginal taste, although some stuff was very good to play and sometimes even better than on the Arcade Machines.

With the MAME Emulator you're now able to enjoy old good times, 'coz this fantastic program makes it possible to emulate the orriginal ROMS of all these games ever released. You can compare the ROMS with cartridges for Atari 2600, Gameboy, Master Sega Gear or something like that, what was ripped from the orriginal chips/roms of that Arcade Machines. The ROMS can be downloaded from the net and later loaded with the MAME Emu. It's a paradise of games you can find on the net and more and more games will be added every day. The only one thing you have to remember after downloading is that you are ordered to delete the Game ROMS in 24 hours, but that's really a laugh. At the moment I have about 200 games on my Amiga HDD and nobody cares about, so don't get shocked by this order.

At this point I don't have to tell you that the MAME Emulator works only on PC, Amiga, Mac, Atari or any other computer the MAME supports. It's not necessary to own the highspeed PC with 500 MHz and 3D gfx-board. That's enough when your computer has a MHz barrier of 60, I guess. Remember that the Arcade Machines often had no more or never this speed. If you run the MAME with such a highspeed PC, it will be automatically degraded to the requested speed, I think. This is just a speculation of me, 'coz I used the MAME only on my Amiga 1200 till now.

So, God is my witness, I don't like PC's to much, but this program was the best thing ever developed for this cold machine. You may ask "why the hell a fuckin' article about a non-C64 theme?". You're absolutely right, but if you're a true C-64 game junkie, you should taste this program sometimes.

What else can I tell you about MAME Emu? The program is as easy to handle as it is downloadable. There are several sites on the net, from the emulator and the roms can be downloaded. The roms can be loaded unpacked with MAME or just let them in ".zip" format. MAME detects this automatically.

MAME also supports orriginal soundtracks to the games, which can be downloaded from special links of the mainpage. Many games requires this stuff, but works without, too. At the moment there are different versions of MAME spreaded over the net. The highest version till now is v36.1, which supports NEO-GEO roms. That means: you can play games of Arcade Machines, which are quite young. I saw game roms on some ftp servers, which were only 1-2 years old and I don't have to tell you about gfx and sound used in there. These are games, which will never be converted for PC, ya know??? MAME makes it possible. That makes it worth to buy a poor PC to enjoy really cool games.

Lower versions that v36.1 are often not able to emulate NEO-GEO roms, but most of the stuff works and makes you happy. Just to let you know: there are topgames with a capacity of 14-20 MB in comparison to Pitfall 2 with 340 kB, ya know? It's absolutely worth to get in touch with this awesome emulator. I'm still a C-64 user, but I won't miss this cool stuff I saw on my Amiga. If you have the chance to taste it out, don't waste much time and join the power of MAME.

It's not possible to give you all the informations around MAME, but this wasn't my aim. I just want to set you fire, 'coz our computer the C-64 was the first machine, which these old games were converted on. So I hope, some of you will come back to their roots and remember the times when all began. Don't let the C-64 die, remember how all got started...


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