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Scene News
by Cactus/Axelerate/Samar

We want to try to let you know about all the latest news from C-64 scene. This chapter couldn't be done without a huge help from MacGyver/DMagic, who supplied us with many informations. I must also thank to all people, who sent me their group-news on my request.

Hope you'll enjoy this chapter, because it will tell you what's really up in the C-64 scene... The news are sorted by group, then follow some single news... Nothing more to add, I guess.

ANUBIS (Cze, Hol, Den, Eng, Esp)

Group's leader Red Redby left Axelerate and Satovia to concentrate only on Anubis. Dejuhra joined Anubis as swapper as his first group. He will also edit some chapters for their disk magazine. "Mozkit #1" has been recently released. Drake joined Tempest as his second crew. Coming soon the new demo by Anubis!

Current memberstatus: Almighty God, Drake, Ceti, Dejuhra, Ernie, Exile, Fefa, Lobo, Lord Hypnos, Manex, Red Redby, Sad, Sign, Silverstar (=14).

AXELERATE (Pol, Nor, Ger, Den)

Red Redby left group because of no time. Tsd has been put into inactive status, because of concentrating on playing PSX games. Phobos joined Samar as his third group. Welli joined Voodoo as his third group as musician. Azgar/Motiv8 joined AXE as his second group as graphician and left Vaudeville then. Zapotek left Apidya and joined Phantasy.

Current memberstatus: Azgar, Cactus, Data, Kevlar, Klax, Phobos, Scarab, Thornchild, Welli, Zapotek (=10).

AXICON (Ger, Pol)

Yaro left group due to his army service, but offers to rejoin after finishing it. The latest issue of their mag "Premium" is #3, MacGyver will be the main editor for issue #4, because Firefox wants to concentrate on coding megademo. They are looking for composer to join.


Current memberstatus: Brainsmasher, Checky, Firefox, Mr.Tec, RhobaQ (=5).


Mr.Wax declared his group as dead on the C-64 scene. Chromance is still active in the MP3 scene! Jean and Lion are working on a Scene CD, which will be a demo archive covering 3 CD's. It should be available to buy soon. Rough is currently working on the oldie cracks.


Current memberstatus: Alias Medron, Jean, Lion, Rough, Scratcher (=5).


Seems that group is really back to kick some asses of those, who don't believe in C-64 power! They released full version of their demo "Illmatic", which took the second place on the North Party 4 in Bartoszyce in Poland.


Current memberstatus: Biondi, Brush, Carrion, Cresh, Flash, Gryf, Longhair, Morris, Sage, Shogoon, Valsary, Zephyr, Wizard (=13).

LEPSI DE (Pol, Ger, Swe)

Their demo, which took fifth place on the North Party 4, was released. They also showed a new demo at North Party 5. Blender and Smys are working on their own demos. Nemo is coding Katon's gfx collection, which should be out in near future. We're also waiting for new issue of their English disk magazine "Design".

Current memberstatus: Bax, Blender, Bzyk, Gawain, Gregfeel, Katon, Leo, Madrom, Nemo, Racoon, Sebaloz, Smys, Violator, Wacek, Zielok (=15).

ONSLAUGHT (Aus, Den, Nor, Eng, Pol, Ger)

Group seems to be very active nowadays. The new issue of "Vandalism News" has been released recently. Deev joined Onslaught as graphician. Skid Row joined as cracker, graphician and coder. O'fire has been put into inactive list. They are working on two demos (one from Naphalm and Blender and one from Jolz). Group also plans to release music collection in co-operation with Shape and two graphics collections. Jazzcat has released his own disk magazine "Domination #13" lately. Onslaught released some old tools improved mainly by DJB. Group is still very active in the cracking scene. They pleased us with some first releases last year and we hope they won't stop going this way!


Current memberstatus: Blender, Code'18, Deev, DJB, Doom, Gop, Glenn Rune Gallefoss, Informer, Jazzcat, Jolz, L'Trimm, Leming, Meff, Naphalm, Shapie, Skid Row, Tmr, Trouble, Vengeance (=19).

REMEMBER (Ger, Eng, Swe, Fin)

Group has the new www page. They are still serving a lot of goldies oldies cracks and it seems that they won't stop it. Rough/Chromance joined as coder, cracker, supplier and swapper.


Current memberstatus: Derbyshire Ram, Fatman, Fungus, Hok, Intruder, Jack Alien, L'trimm, Rough, Walker (=9).

ROLE (Bel, Pol, Ger, Hol, Aus, Esp, Den)

Arman left the scene, but his magazine "X-Dome" will be released in future with new outfit. Two years delayed issue of their disk magazine "Rock'n Role" has been finally released. Role is working on a demo "Look At Me II" and hope to release it soon. Also the digi-collie "5" should be out in near future. Role roped some new swappers in and they are: Faayd, Walther (new scener from Denmark!) and Braindeath. Faayd left Voodoo by the way. Kaczuha changed her handle into Nootka. The new issue of "Arachnophobia" should be released on the 1st May 2000.


Current memberstatus: Almighty God, Aza, Braindeath, Bugjam, Checky, Chg, Cmr, Faayd, Faith, Fefa, Ganja, Gaxar, H-Bloxx, Icegirl, Jaco, Leo, Low, Luis, Mcc, Mediator, Mist, Nostradamus, Nootka, Ochrana, Restive, Rude, Sign, Simple, Sorex, Starfighter, Stirf, Swap, Swayze, Tdb, Tlh and some more... (=43).

SAMAR (Pol, Eng)

Phobos has joined group as musician. Maverick left due to his last year in high school. The same did Timix. Levi isn't interested in C-64 any more and left group, too. Kheela has been put into inactive list. Centrax got back from his army service and is active again. Group is working on a new demo.

Current memberstatus: Alg, Bischop, Bzyk, Cactus, Centrax, Daf, Glover, Gold Hand, Kosa, Phobos, Scarab, Silver Bullet, Stinger (=13).

SATOVIA (Ger, Hun)

This is quite young German group, which wants to show its abilities on the C-64 scene. Faayd, the leader, joined Role as his second and Angels as his third group. Red Redby left Satovia because of no time for being active coder in three groups. They're working on several produces like music collection, demo, cracks...

Current memberstatus: Aesy, Black, Faayd, Psychodad, Silver Fox, Svan (=6).


After Soci bought his own IDE64, they released a lot of viewer plugins for this card. Other programs will be released soon: power management for HDD, IDE64-HDD copier for Linux and so on... They also want to participate at the 8-bit party in Trencin with a new demo.


Current memberstatus: Best, Cargo, Izzy, Leon, Poison, Perplex, Soci, Tgm (=8).

TEMPEST (Yug, Ger, Hol, Fin, Bos, Aus)

Co-leader and coder Erol returned from his break and is active again. Darkangel joined group as zine editor, Ninja joined as coder. Gunhead rejoined Tempest. Q-man came back from the inactive status. The new issue of "Dimension" should be released in the near future.

Current memberstatus: Bleze, Crusher, Darkangel, Erol, Floyd, Ganja, Gaxar, Gerry, Gunhead, JB, Ninja, Nucleus, Q-man, Taxim, Tempest (=15).


* Exon is no longer in co-operation with SCHN. Current memberstatus: Bedrich, Habib, Sundance, Volcano, Yaro.

* Dragon Software plans a new demo for the North Party 6.

* Vaudeville group is dead.

* Spider has joined Slakecomp as graphician and swapper. Also Vultus joined this group as swapper. They plan releasing a new disk magazine.

* Magnate and Ranubis have joined Obsession, Polish cover group. Current memberstatus is following: Grim, Izi, Magnate, Storm, Ranubis.

* "Nitro #26" from Excess isn't still released...

* Carcass and Skyloch are no longer active active in the C-64 and have therefore quit Retro64.

* Retro64 is working on two new demos: "Digifex" and "Logoland". Current memberstatus: Esbam, Fuzz, Knifey, Leppy, Local H, Picasso, Prodigy.

* PSW is fooling around with various routines, which could be used in the future :-)

* Out Of Order is working on a new adventure game named "Roy Sheldon". It's been under production for two years now.

* Creators will release their 10 years demo soon. Their homepage is being constructed yet.

* Norwegian swapper Compufix returned to the scene and sent out again to all his old contacts.

* Angels released another old games collection "Illegal Compilation".

* Also Nostalgia released some new versions of oldies...

* Cosine released little demo "Rollover". Their homepage is placed at:

* Creators released small music collection called "CTR Sonix 07", which contains some tunes composed by its members. Also the demo "PeaceLuv" was released in full version and being spreaded around.

* DMagic's demo "SuperCPU Kicks!" has been released recently. Current memberstatus of the group: CreamD, Jak T Rip, MacGyver, Thunderblade, Wotnau.

* Ninja/The Dreams is working on a new demo. Their website can be reached at: Current memberstatus: Doc Bacardi, Ninja, The Hitman, Uncle Tom, Zaphod.

* Graffity announced searching for a new coder. They want to get a powerfull coder, who will do the rest on their promised megademo called "Just In Blue".

* No Name won demo competition at The Party 1999 in Denamrk. Their homepage got a new design and is placed there:

* Stirf/Spiders-Crew/Role decided to leave his third group DMagic.

* DMagic is working on a new C-64 scene disk magazine.

* This year we will have another "X" party organised by Succes*TRC. Info comes soon.

* Jaco/Role left his second group Neax.

* Succes*TRC started to crack on Game Boy Color.

* Spankers Heaven is up and running again! The board was down till 2nd of February 2000.


* Animal Nitrate II
14-18 April 2000
Amberg in Germany

* Symposium&Mekka 2000
21-24 April 2000
Fallingbostel in Germany
info comes soon...

And that was last news we got for this first issue of our magazine. If you want to help us with bringing all the latest news from your group or your country, you can feel free to send them onto one of the following e-mail addies:


...or simply via snailmail to any Axelerate's members!

All news for this issue have been sorted and then typed by...


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