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Graphic Reviews
by TCH/Brutal/Oxyron

Welcome to these reviews.

Here you'll find my opinion about some pictures that took part in compos or were released just for the fun of it.

This first selection contains pix that I like, because flaming 'bad' work is not why I write this. There was enough to choose from and that makes me happy. Keep'em coming!

But this is not a 'ratings-show'. Art is hard enough to judge and my opinion is just one of many. So, I hope this won't be a waste of your time and that you'll make it to the end.

Good luck!

Draz Lace
Function 2005

Leon decided to re-do his very first picture (from 1999). He gave a link to the original and when we watch that one, there is no denying the great improvements he has made.

It was a smart move to make this one more of a close-up.

What is displayed is a very cute monster with a lady in a dark place. The beast holds a lantern which, I assume, is the sole source of light. What amazes me most about this picture is the beautiful monster. It is not frightening - is that sarcasm in its smile? - but it is excellently pixelled! Especially the eyes are good. And the lantern is a piece of art. But this is where the troubles set in. It is definately placed on the forefront and it looks like a glass ball. What was done correctly in the first painting is wrong in here.

The way the light hits the lady. I guess she is standing a step behind the monster, but that still doesn't explain why she seems to be illuminated from the right. Leon did a good job making the fade. Unfortunately, it looks like the light is not from the lantern. If it were, there would be a much sharper shadow. More like the "Terminator" our sun creates on the moon, there is not much of a fade. It becomes quite clear when you place your hand between the lady and the monster.

But the pixeling is great! Leon has become a very good painter and I am a bit sad to see this picture only received an average of 7 on CSDb.


Amazing what one picture can "MOOOOO!"...ehr, do to the scene. No matter where I went, after this was released, it was like walking the country-side...

One of the best graphicians from the early 90's, underscored his renewed interest in the scene with a very vivid picture.

It reminds me a lot of my first encounter with live-stock. A clear blue sky and the cow, just staring at me with a kind of indifferent curiosity.

My first thought was that he'd used FLI to create this. But it turned out to be plain Hires with a smart usage of the background color (light grey).

In this age of (Interlaced) High-Tech formats, this is a welcome reminder of how good graphics can be, when the painter knows what he is doing.

A definate thumbs up for this one!!! I hope we'll be seeing much more from Bizzmo. He surely still knows how to place the pixels.

Good thing he has found a group to help him getting things released.

"Streams of Silver"
Primary Star 2005

Originally ment to be part of a 4 screen picture for Black Mail's "Dutch Breeze" demo. Sadly, it was never finished.

But let us not mourn. This screen of background figures is good, all by itself.

Mixing the mountains and still keeping such details in 'small' people show skills!

I am a bit uncertain about the guy on the right, but it is clear the others are ready for a fight. My initial reaction was that I liked the misty right-bottom part the best.

But after watching it again, the mountain proved by far a much better view. The use of many colors makes it look very real to me. Try to look beyond the 'squares' and it seems just like the Alps.

Great use of available limits and a pleasure for the eyes!

FLI is a bit underestimated aswell, it seems...

"Curly Squirrel"
Primary Star 2005

A bit of a cartoonesk picture, this one.

It is ment for a game that seems to have some troubles to become a reality.

Well, the graphics are there and that is what this is about.

As most of us are accustomed to JSL's work, this is ofcourse Hires. And once again, he shows how nice it can look. Some details are missing, but then again, it is funny. I do like the squirrel, especially its tail. And it is hard to make the logo this way, when using this mode.

There is a little copy/paste in here (left/up - right/down), but that shouldn't spoil the fun.

Overall, a nice picture and I'd like to see the game someday.

"Hey, JSL! I hope to see something from you in another format". ;)

There you go, an official request!

Primary Star 2005

Walking around on Primary Star, I have seen DCMP putting the finishing touch to this one. Don't know if it was completely made there, but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

Anyway, I really like the result! An easy but effective way of pixelling, so the picture is strong and expressive.

Wise choise of colors, that gives a warm feeling to a grey person. A good piece of art, even though the pencil disturbs me somehow.

Function 2005

Good picture!

But this one shows all too clearly why FLI was needed. The left side of the screen is perfect, it is really a shame that the rest is 'forgotten'.

Why not convert this picture to FLI and get rid of that ugly clash with the head? Let's not even start on the small hand...

Really too bad, this could have been one amazing picture...

"Yus Bird"
Kindergarden 2005

First picture I had ever seen from this guy. And it really impressed me. Great way of dithering is done on the eagle with all those small circles. And plenty of subtle colorshifts. Every color has been used to create this one. Yeah, I really like your style!!!

"Sam" dominates the screen, like a true eagle ought to. Excellent choice of colors in good contrast with the background. And all this in plain Hires. A real thumbs up there!

Something that also caught my attention is the sky. Just marvellous, those clouds above the beak! Again that changing of colors. Love it!!!

I don't know how long Ptoing is active in the scene. But I am happy to see, he has joined Creators. That group might fit like a glove!

Hoping to see much more from him in the future.

"Dream Land"
Draz Lace

And to end these reviews, I will return to the artist that kicked them off aswell.

A totally different one this time. The monster in here, is a tornado about to swallow a windmill. The energy just bursts of the screen.

I disagree with Deev, who said the right needs something to balance the picture.

The path of a tornado is not that wide, but it is clear, there is no escape for this mill... The bushes - which are great - seem to be 'on fire'. But that is just dust, ofcourse... Cool swirls and threatening clouds mixed together. Very well done!!!

Some say that the mill looks too flat, but it doesn't to me. The lighting might be wrong, but there could be someone home, who has turned on the lights. Well,to keep it short. I simply like it.

And that goes for the whole screen.

Till next time...

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