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by Taper/Triad

Welcome to the totally fresh newschapter of Attitude magazine! After a few issues without proper newsreporting, we felt it was time to take on the challenge again and walk the streets of scenetown in our trenchcoats, equipped with notebooks and cameras. Despite the age of our beloved scene we can see that activity is still rather high.

So, without further ado let us see if the recent period has brought us any scoops...

The Attitude Newsteam


Booze ended up on second place in the democompo at LCP 2005 with "Smart Girls Hate Booze". However, this is old news by now, and since then we haven't seen anything new from them. HCL reveals that the group is working on several new projects, though. In an effort to reactivate Garvin, HCL payed him a visit and forced him to bring out all his diskboxes. If this will help to bring back Garvin into active state is still to be seen.

Memberstatus: HCL, Dane, Jailbird


Brutal is back for real! After their rather surprising comeback with "Intrology" last year, they have released a couple of nice productions. TCH scored second place in the graphics competition at Primary Star, and some time later he also put out an UFLI editor, with some help from Crossbow/Crest.

Then in November the Danish based crew made another strike. This time they released a new but old demo, "Phoenix", with code and graphics by TCH and music by Yaemon. This demo was being worked on by Brutal already back in 1993, but not finished until now. It turned out to be a successful combination of recycling and new stuff.

Memberstatus: Bleze, R.C.S, TCH, Yeamon



It's been a while since we last saw some stuff from Camelot, after their very successful comeback demos last year. However, some of the old Camels gathered at a retro concert in Copenhagen recently to talk about possible future projects. Jeff, Cruzer, Slammer, Duck Larock and Vic from Camelot were all there, aswell as other well-known sceners like Jeroen Tel/Focus, Drax/Crest & Ice-T of BlackMail. So, let's hope something is cooking in the kitchen...

Memberstatus: Cruzer, Duck LaRock, Jeff, Metal, Raz, Sat, Slammer, The Guardian, Vic


Many believed that the days for this Norwegian group were counted when two of their musicians left and joined TRIAD at the same time as their most active member and outstanding talent Mermaid decided to quit the scene.

However, it seems like the group is still struggling on, and TDS has stepped up taking a more active role in the crew. Also, Mermaid seem to have a hard time letting go, perhaps we can even expect a comeback eventually?

Their graphician Ptoing scored second place in the mixed graphics competition at Kindergarten 2005 party in November.

Memberstatus: 505, CrazyQ, Dbug, Duck-Hunter, Mermaid, Nerve, Proteque, Ptoing, TDS, Ter-o, Zixaq



After they released their rather weird graphics collection "Stereoid" that required the viewer to wear 3D-googles we haven't seen squat from Civitas. This is one of the groups having Richard Bayliss in their ranks, something most people regard as bad taste. More or less everyone have come to the conclusion that Richard doesn't really exist, but rather is fake-person, or a bad joke if you wish. However, it's not yet fully clear who is behind the scam.

Lord Nikon left the crew to concentrate on his other group, Covenant. They gained the musician Linus, but lost him again just some weeks later when he left for Hokuto Force.

Memberstatus: Blackjack, Candyman, Chico, Doc of Desire, Exile, Franky, G-Fellow, Hucky, Nightlord, Richard Bayliss, Zeitgeist



Lately Crest have been playing around with the C64DTV. Crossbow released two smaller demoparts utilizing the special enhanced functions of the NTSC C64DTV, "The King is back" and "Critical Update".

Some time later they also managed to put out a world first when they released "Numero Uno", the first C64DTV2 demo. Since the C64DTV2 (or C64DTV PAL as it's also referred to, although this is not entirely true as this second version is also capable of running in ntsc mode) has even more enhancements compared to the older NTSC-only version, this demo can only be run on the v2 hardware.

After a few more weeks, yet another C64DTV NTSC demo made it out, this time entitled "The DaVinci Code".

As interesting as this is for those with modified C64DTV hardware, some expressed their disappointment when not being able to view these new Crest productions. Perhaps Sander/Focus sum that opinion up when saying: "Oh bummer, finally a sign of life from Crossbow - can't even see what!"

Still, we are certain that Crest will release many more productions for original C64 hardware aswell. Question is just when...

Memberstatus: Crossbow, Cyclone, DeeKay, Drax, Graham, Jeff, Mitch, The Syndrom, Xayne


Dekadence gained one member and lost another. First Intensity/Onslaught/Cosine (previously known as Arman/Xenon) joined them while still remaining in his other groups. Then Almighty God decided to leave Dekadence behind.

Britelite is currently working on a new Dekadence demo that will feature graphics from their new member Intensity. No release date has yet been set for this production, but sometime during the first half of 2006 is a qualified guess.

They also scored second place at Stream'05 with their newest demo, "Beertime IVa".

Memberstatus: Britelite, CCR, Chaj, Fragment, Intensity, Jaffa, Maza, Player One, Ricky Martin, Sanity, SounDemon, Spiikki, Tribe



FairLight is unquestionably in great shape, considering the steady amount of quality demos being released by them. Not since the days of the Legoland series have Fairlight been so strong, especially thanks to Hollowman and Puterman. Their Finnish members have also impressed in recent times.

Sledge made a shocking comeback to active FairLight duty by showing up at LCP 2005 and winning the graphics competition with an excellent picture. He even talked about resurrecting his old legendary BBS Wares Aquarium and putting it up over telnet, after seeing the success of other Commodore 64 boards going online. However, time will tell if Sledge is motivated enough to take this step or not. Wares Aquarium was unquestionably one of the best European boards ever during its existence, and FairLight has been without a proper BBS ever since it went offline.

Recently FairLight gained Zabutom, a chip musician who decided to start composing on the C64 aswell. He is previously best known for getting drunk and snogging other FairLight members at parties. We hope he can proove his skills soon, to avoid any suspicions that he got his position in the group by sharing bed with the FLT management.

Memberstatus: Abaddon, Bacchus, Dwangi, Hollowman, Maali, Maktone, Puterman, Reed, Sledge, Tempest, Vodka, Zabutom



Focus won both the graphics and music competition at Primary Star 2005, held in the very end of September. Ben and Hein composed the tune together, while Hein was soly responsible for the graphic entry. It's been a bit of a slow year for Focus, but according to Sander, there is more comming from the Dutch pride next year.

Memberstatus: Compyx, Hein, Jayce, Jeroen Tel, MCA, Mirage, Sander, The Dark Judge


This Swedish group certainly live up to their reputation of extreme slacking. Despite several talanted members, we seldom see them around, or any releases either for that matter. There is two exceptions, though. Autoboy, also known as Frantic, has been able to keep up his activities and is constantly working on projects of his own. He is also the organiser of the much appreciated LCP (Little Computer People) party held annually in Sweden. Mathman is the other exception, being the most active coder in HT.

Frantic has just moved to Lund in the south of Sweden, and the future of LCP is currently unknown. One thing is certain though, there is no sign of Frantic slowing down his constant dedication for the C64 scene.

Memberstatus: Frantic, Booger, Chomma, Gosh, Goto8o, Jeckbuzz, Mathman, Niemo, Vinzi and the two trial members Dr.Squat and Whizzy

Web: (not updated the latest couple of years)


The small but active and talanted Swedish group Instinct always seems to have something up their sleeves. After the successful coop with TRIAD and Horizon, which resulted in their demo "Sphaeristerium", winning the demo competition at LCP 2005, it has been somewhat quiet around them, but we have been informed that something is indeed cooking in their kitchen.

On the negative side their graphician Univerz will sadly turn inactive in the near future, as he is heading for studies in Australia. He will be missed by the Swedish scene. Perhaps some Australian sceners could get him to stay active?

Memberstatus: RaveGuru, Univerz and JackAsser.


Things have been a bit slower for the Australian based group the last months. After a strong beginning the first half of the year with lots of firstreleases of varying quality, it has been a bit more silent for a while.

Jazzcat becomming a father and having to focus on changing dipers instead of hunting down games and organising the group is probably one of the reasons for the slowdown. However, Onslaught is a strong group and Macx has stepped in to help Jazzcat with the daily chores, so we expect to see a rise in activity again soon. It's also obvious that Jazzcat is in no way planning to retire, he is still frequently cruising the boards and the net.

Rumours also claim that Onslaught have some internal problems with their crackers. No sign of Slator, and Fungus has been silent for a while due to private problems, so the group has been forced to lend a cracker from the outside to work on some releases. This was probably not entirely uncontroversial for the Onslaught leadership. The cracker credited in their first release of "Geotrope preview" was called Chojin, and the Attitude news team can now reveal that this mysterious scener infact is no other than Ian Coog from the Italian group Hokuto Force!

However, it seems like Ian Coog wanted proper credits for his work and thus the biggest release from the Onslaughters in recent time, "Starsat", turned into a coop release between Onslaught and Hokuto Force, even if no proper coop intro was ready in time to be used. The game itself is of good quality and well worth a play.

Signs show that Fungus might be on his way back to real activity again, which would mean a lot to the Onslaught posse.

Stash, another of the Onslaught members frequently seen in various scene connections is currently persuing his career as a drug dealer. However, he was busted by the Swedish police for driving under influence and without a license. They also found some dope on him and he had to spend the night in jail. As soon as he was released he was spotted calling Antidote, complaining that the cops didn't offer him breakfast. His groupmates has since then tried to convince him to give up the drug related business, not wanting to see a member end up in jail and on the inactive list.

On the positive side, they gained the talanted Dutch graphician DCMP to their ranks. She will be a welcome addition to their legal activities.

Memberstatus: Almighty God, AMB, BA, DCMP, Deev, DJB, Duke, Ed, Fungus, GRG, Hein, Intensity, Slator, SounDemon, Macx, Stash, Jazzcat, Vengeance, White Flame

BBS: Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught]


Oxyron is today mostly concentrating on publishing Attitude, but they recently gained some new members that might boost the action a bit.

First RRR made a comeback to the scene, and will contribute with graphics aswell as writing articles for Attitude. Then TCH from Brutal decided to join up with Oxyron, while still remaining in Brutal aswell.

Fanta is currently in New Zealand on a rather long vacation, but he managed to hand in a tune to the fifth SID competition before he left. The tune, entitled "Bombs over Dresden" ended up in first place.

Memberstatus: Cactus, Fanta, Graham, RRR, TCH



Padua won the demo competition at Symphony 2005 with their newest demo Annihilation. However, not everyone was happy with that and recently Cactus/Oxyron/Padua was publicly attacked by a furious Murdock, a member of the smaller Polish group Tropyx. Murdock accused Cactus of having betrayed the Polish scene by "sucking up to Western groups", joining them just to be able to brag about being in well-known groups. According to Murdock, the only skill possesed by Cactus is that he can speak English fluidly, other than that he is a lousy coder and Murdock is much better in that field himself. We are a bit sceptic of this information though, especially after checking some of the code performed by Murdock... But we let the readers judge this for themselves.

Not stopping at this, Murdock went on accusing Cactus of vote cheating on Symphony 2005 by voting for his own group in the first spot. Supposedly, Cactus alleged vote cheating should have led to him winning the demo compo, and Murdock ending up in second place. However, a bit of background checking clearly shows that the Padua demo coded by Cactus was awarded 10 more votes than the one from Murdock, so one cheated votesheet would not have changed the outcome in any way. This makes his accusations extremely thin, to say the least.

While some action can be seen from the younger Padua members, Cupid reveals that many of the oldtimers on the memberlist are more or less inactive these days. However, it's not impossible that some of them will contribute with new stuff from time to time. Let's hope that will be the case, there are some very talanted seniors still on the Padua memberlist.

Alias Medron decided to leave Samar and focus fully on his job as a graphician in Padua. Other than that, we can expect a new Padua demo at Forever 7, held in March next year.

Memberstatus: Aggressor, Alias Medron, Anonym, Cactus, Case, Cupid, Hoogo, Leonardo, LHS, Lubber, Sad, Unlock, _V_, Waz, Weasel



The ntsc warriors in Style have been busy playing around with the C64DTV even more than Crest. They released the massive Turbo Macro Pro 1.1 suite in November, complete with assemblers for C64, C64+REU, dual C64's, dual C64's+REU, NTSC C64DTV and C64DTV2. A demo for the NTSC C64DTV also made it out, the 100% version of "Must See DTV".

Memberstatus: dW, Elwix, Massive Onslaught, Six, The Wiz, Voom, Wrong Way, Dragon Lucian, DSP30 (last two are PC members)



TRIAD is together with FairLight the most active Swedish group around. A steady flow of releases is put out by them, and their HQ Antidote (shared with Onslaught) is the most popular BBS on the resurrected boardscene.

The group got several praisings for their work with adapting certain cracks to work with the Protovision four player adapter, an interface that is becomming more and more popular.

Their headquarter Antidote was down for five days because of an emminent harddrive failure. Taper had to backup the old HD to 1581-disks, and considering the massive amount of posts, mails, releases and other data available on the disk this took many hours. Another HD was thrown into the CMD interface and the data was copied back to the new drive. To the delight of many callers, the best telnet board around these days went back online again with all the data intact.

The two composers Ne7 and Dalezy that left Creators for TRIAD earlier this year have found themselves well at home and proved to be very active for the fleet.

Twoflower has moved to Holland where he will stay for some time, and he already begun socializing with some Dutch sceners.

Despair, a Swedish scener who used to serve as coder, cracker and fixer for groups like F4CG, Demonix and Hitmen in the past decided to join TRIAD.

Memberstatus: Jerry, King Fisher, Sailor, Cash, Tango, Twoflower, Tao, Iopop, Taper, Quorthon, Wiggen, Spot, Horrid, Gilligan, Ne7, Dalezy, Despair

BBS: Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught]


It's been a while since we last saw a new demo from the dark factories, but the boys in Wrath are working with Onslaught publishing Vandalism News somewhat reguraly. Oxidy has released a C64 paintprogram for the PC called WDStudio. Their website is currently offline due to unknown reasons.

Memberstatus: Avalon, Blackdroid, Clone, Djinn, Ed, Joe, Oxidy, Zealot


The organizers of the successful FLOPPY parties (Jucke/G*P, Skyhawk/Laxity, Iopop/TRIAD & Taper/TRIAD) announced that there will be no FLOPPY 2006! This due to the fact that the Tiptop club, home of the Floppy parties, closed down in June 2005. There is no way to come up with a new partyplace for a party in the end of February, so FLOPPY 2006 is without a doubt cancelled. However, the organisers claim to have a secret plan that will be announced early next year.

A-Man, former member of such groups as Action, Arcade, Avantgarde and Legend made a surprising comeback and released a music collection. While the outfit of the collection left much to desire, it is clear that A-Man hasn't lost his musical abilities, and we hope to see more from him soon. He has been searching for a group since his comeback, and the latest news is that he joined Xenon. Hopefully this will mean some action from the Dutch based group.

Shape might be releasing soon again, as GRG is working on a new version of his music editor/player, SDI. Also GHD has been coding on various projects.

Zakk/No Name bought himself a C128 setup with diskdrive recently, after not owning a C64 for a long time. Is this is a sign of another comeback? Let's hope so!

Hokuto Force took in two new members on trial basis, Dustbin (musician) and Darksoft (cracker).

Depredators Music Division was dissolved in the end of November because of inactivity. Yaemon is now only active in Brutal.

As noted earlier, Alias Medron left Samar, but the Polish group gained the musician Nata and the coder MaLik instead. A music collection from the new composer is expected soon.

The Turkish group Ascraeus is back in the scene again. Active members are Aegis, Madhead, Hades and Slowhand. They aim to release a new issue of their diskmag Palladium soon.

Role is searching for active coders and graphicians. TDB left the group and the scene to concentrate on his studies.

The fifth annual SID compo arranged by is over. 67 people voted. The results are:

1. Assatas Song by Dat Nigga Randall/Ghettomuzik 473 pts
1. Bombs over Dresden by Fanta/Oxyron/Plush 473 pts
2. Pick It Up by Dane/Booze Design 449 pts
3. I Have a Knot In My... by _V_/Padua/WOW 448 pts
4. Water is Fun by Jammer/EXON/Samar 446 pts
5. Valley of Dreams by Phase2 442 pts
6. Solar Incantation by Asterion/Tinnitus 436 pts
7. Trainline Andromeda by Luca/Fire 430 pts
8. Lemmie Eat The Rastertime by Booker/Onslaught 424 pts
9. Interstellarian Love by Intensity/Onslaught 423 pts
10. Transylvanian Whipping by Cadaver/CoverBitOps 418 pts
11. error 23 by Dalezy/TRIAD 415 pts
12. In Deep Freeze by Abaddon/Fairlight 411 pts
13. Nightbird by Linus/Viruz+HF 402 pts
14. PMS by Hein/Focus 389 pts
15. Dazzy Levstovski by Crome/P.O.L. 381 pts
16. I wanted to create... by Turtle/The Demented 367 pts
17. Future Impulse by Nata/Samar Nata/Samar 355 pts
18. Spank! by Rambones/Ancients 348 pts
19. Exploring New Worlds by Freedom/Hokuto Force 339 pts
19. Wall of Fire by Richard 339 pts
20. Bossah Novah by Sidder/MultiStyle Lab 336 pts
21. Hangman's Swing by Trompkins/Tinnitus 309 pts
22. dATA dISCO by LordNikon/Covenant 280 pts
23. Zion by G-Fellow/Civitas 273 pts
24. Run From a Ghost by Decompracid/Onslaught 216 pts
25. Poetry of a Lonely Mind by Peter Bergstrand 131 pts


...arcade-fever has struck the Swedish C64 scene? One of the old TRIAD founders, Lucifer, has been collecting arcade cabinettes and games since ages, but during the last couple of years the addiction has spread. Magervalp, Vodka/Fairlight, Taper/TRIAD, Spot/TRIAD, Johey and Oxidy/Wrath are some of the Swedish sceners now involved in the arcade collecting bizz. Rumours say that Mermaid/Creators has her own cabinett in Norway too, an old Atari "Planet of the Robot Monsters".

...Jeff fell in love with an Icelandic girl, and that he doesn't talk about ANYTHING else since then? He might be dating Bjork for all we know...

...Tranziie/Hitmen is one the best in Sweden when it comes to playing pinball? He has been competing with the top elite players in the country for years now.

...DCMP not only is a skilled artist, but also musician? She plays the saxofone and a flute.

...Yodelking (aka. Panda/Defiers) just got married! Congratulations!

...Ne7/Triad just got engaged with a girl he met at Breakpoint 2005. Love at first byte! That was all the news for this issue. Now go read the other chapters!

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