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Better Or Worse Poll
by Cactus/Oxyron/Padua

"Attitude #7" without a news chapter, a C64 disk magazine without a news chapter - was it better or worse than previous editions? I have asked a few C64 sceners to justify their opinions on this matter. Here come the answers...


"I think it would be pointless to copy info that is already up on and the like, but in case there is any exclusive information, then of course it should be published in Attitude."


"Issue #7 was very good, even better than previous issues. You proved that it is also possible to release a disk magazine without a news-chapter!"


"Hard to say, actual news can be obtained from the Internet, but a mag without a news section is like a sandwich without cheese..."


"News is important, even if there isn't many nowadays..."


"Not including the traditional 'News' chapter doesn't mean that the magazine doesn't contain any 'News'. I think 'Attitude #7' was presented quite well and the fact that the 'News & Rumours' segment wasn't present didn't tarnish the mag at all.

I do believe in including such chapters however. As there is so many different ways this chapter can be approached. Most mags do tend to stick to the boring way of presenting news. An editor should be a bit more creative!

I think 'Attitude #7' was the best issue I've read of the magazine, despite one of my favourite chapters being left out. Continue to present the news, but do it in a different way that makes you stand out from the rest."


"Well, I didn't even notice that the news wasn't here. Why would I be interested in reading outdated news when I can check on daily basis, CSDB, Lemon, CSC, mailing lists... I think that this was the next step in evolution for the mag. There are so few left without the Internet, why waste this space for news."


"Okay, honestly, I have read it, started it over and was baffled: 'Pawel really did it! He got rid of the news!' From my point of view a very bad step. Okay okay, now I hear people scream: 'But!' And I hear: "Damn, those offliners, who cares about them?" and take it as the non-plus argument! Still, I enjoy reading the news of any diskmag and I did not enjoy not reading them. :("


"What is a magazine without any news?"


"It's really hard to find C64 scene news these days. Scene is alive, but sceners are not active like 10-15 years ago. So removing the news chapter is not that bad, but it is a classic for diskmags. If it was hard to find news, so you had to remove that chapter, it's all right. But if you just removed the news chapter for no reason, it is not good. But I know you removed because of the inactivity of C64 scene. That's OK."

Despite the fact most people complain about the quality of a news chapter in today's mags, throwing it completely out of the zine seems to be a bad idea. We're at the stage when some new ideas on this subject are being developed, that's why I recommend you not to forget reading a very interesting article by Taper in this issue of "Attitude".


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