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Demo Reviews
by Oswald/Resource


After looking at Cruzer's comeback intro (256 byte if I'm not wrong) I thought: "Well, yet another legend coming back to loose its fame... Why does he bother with shit like that?" I loaded up the follow up with similar feelings, and I was scared to see something horrible from him. Thanks God I was wrong. "You Know The Routine" is a nice litte collection of breaktrough effects - the way I like. I missed the trackmo style, but at the end I think the "press the space bar" style fitted more this kind of presentation of parts. Sadly the demo is missing real gfx, which could add quite a lot to the overall impression of polishness. I think there's quite some graphicians out there, who would love to work with Cruzer... So I wonder why he didn't ask any. The tunes are well choosen, some are my old favorites, and I think it's acceptable that they are not first releases. The overall feeling of the demo remembers me to "Demus Interruptus/Interruptus Retriggerus from Crossbow and HCL. Sometimes the fonts used feels just too plain, and the screens are too empty... But this is due the missing gfx I mentioned earlier.

The intro is about okay, not too much not too less, a bit too simple, but it does it's job. Sometimes less is more. :) The first effect is a waving Camelot logo in a new screen mode. What I don't really understand about all those oldschoolers is the 50 Hz craze. I would like to have the logo twice or 4x this size, even if the speed would drop to 25 or 12,5. I think it would look better. There must be a compromise between speed and size IMHO. I don't think stamp sized stuff looks cool just coz it runs at 50 Hz. Although I like this effect. :) The logo is drawn very cutely, and the movements are nice. The new screen mode is similar to what we've seen in Dragon Software's "Movie World". There are in both modes the same amount of pixels in one character, just while in "Movie World" the pixels are 2 rasterlines high, and the checkerboard is interlaced, here every 2nd pixel is not drawn (is black) in a checkerboard style. You decide which do you prefer. :)

The first part is a one-framed glenz vector. Sadly here I have to say that I think too much effort was invested into this one compared to the impact it does. We've seen filled vectors in 16x16 character matrix, full screen, half screen, glenz in hires... And now yet another glenz, about 16x16 char sized, every 2nd line not drawn, BUT in 50 Hz. What I said earlier about 50 Hz applies here too. It's nice to know that this is possible on C64, but the compromises to make it possible are too hard. I mean the size here. The way it was achieved is much nicer as it looks like. All possible Y coordinates are precalculated for all lines, and the pixels are drawn directly into the eorfill speedcode. I love the idea. :) Even more since I'm experiencing since years on how filled vectors could be done faster than ever before, but I try to do that without compromise in size, and it's bloody hard I know...

Second part is a FLI fluffy (I thought this is called floffy, was *I* wrong? :)). Although I checked the code, but I cannot rate thise one code wise, as I have no clue how is this really done. :) So I just drop my hands into the air, and all I can say well done Cruzer. :) I never thought something like this is possible. And to speak again myself: this is an effect which definitely needs to run in 50 Hz. It's wonderfully smooth and gelish. The font puzzles me in this part, it looks like a "blurred" copy of the original character ROM. Why not Cruzer used something more original? Or if it's really what I'm thinking of, somehow the blurring process should have been presented, to enter the show into a higher level. ;)

We have arrived to my favorite part, the third one is a... Erhm... FLI rastersplits on each character, with a quite wide tech-tech. In about a size of 32x16. Luckily here the 50 Hz limit still left us a "big enough" effect area. There is a similar part in Triad's "Red Storm", but this one is much much much nicer. The vertical and horizontal sines can be very big. The effect is very good presented, there are lots of palettes and movements. If you watch the part long enough you will see examples, where the effect looks like a plasma. :) I wonder Cruzer why didn't rather fool people and sold this one as a plasma part? :) The logo at the bottom is a nice touch aswell, although I don't like the X zoomed sprite in the scroller, it just feels somehow lame... It's nice to read Slammer's scrolltext.. Brings back memories in me too. But I'm getting bored that the scene is getting nothing but all about memories, the past, etc. The scene should rather die, than be a bunch of grown up kiddies, crying about their lost childhood.

The endpart contains a nice plasma, I guess this is the technique what Graham introduced some years ago. This time it doesn't look that "repeated" and "rasterish". Yep, Cruzer, this feels very plasmatic and nice to me. ;) I like the scroller about all the tech details, this is what demoing about: always outdo the others, and then brag about your hillarious codings. :)

Looking forward to the next one, but I hope that time it will contain some real gfx too. ;) After all the demo had a fresh nice effect on me. Both thumbs up for Cruzer, I don't think anyone ever thought he will come back like this. :)


Ps. I hope I wasn't too rude... But standards leveled much higher compared to when Camelot was in the demo biz...

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