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LCP 2005 Party Report
by Decompracid

I arrived on Friday evening where I was greeted by a few databoys outside. I waved and was glad I finally arrived there again after a year. Once inside I greeted my mates Macx and Jucke. I immediately obtained one of Jucke's yellow brillz, that now joined the one from last year. Macx has been limping for the rest of the party, because he had a nasty painful blister on his foot. Shastar, who was totally drunk, would try and pop it with a huge knife in the kitchen. He told Macx to trust him, but thankfully he didn't...

Then I met Magervalp, Frantic, Radiantix, Skyhawk and other familiar faces popped up. I also met Kenho, who came a long journey from Northern Sweden and I met Dane, my favorite musician and graphician, for the first time. I would have kissed the ground he walked on if I wasn't so sober.

It was running late and people started to get drunk. I installed my bags and got a C64 set from Frantic and set some last pixels to my weird picture. Next to me was Oxidy, who tried to teach me Swedish grammar at about 4 am later. I was really tired so I went for a sleep. After Hollowman installed the Samantha Fox flag above the Piano and played his porn Amiga demos I finaly fell asleep.

The next day I was sleeping on and off until I was completely awoken by some Hawai music with Swedish talking through it. I got up to see what was happening and it was Jucke playing his turntables. I stared at him in admiration as he played this unique combination of styles. As I went back I noticed someone had vomited on the floor, they said it was Frantic himself, but I don't know for sure. Later in the evening I met Motley whom I had a nice chat with, and I played way of the exploding first with him, which I lost. Afterwards I played the "Tour de France" game, which I lost within 10 seconds. :) I was ready to start dancing by the time the compos were to start. Only Fred/The Gang was also moving, the rest seemed to be coding. TDS, Zixaq and Crazy Q were doing their thing and I was reminded about missing Dbug and Mermaid and the other Creators people as well. Just a few minutes before the compos were due, I whistled some sid- and old Nes tunes with A Leen (?), while someone was playing the piano.

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount and average qualities of the competition productions. The Fairlight and Triad demo were my favorite as well as Maktone and Zyron's tune and Oxidy and Dino's picture. The next morning I took my ritual walk around the place seeing everyone sleeping in peace and quietness and taking photos of them. After the party I heard a rumour about someone peeing into Hollowman's airbed, which seems kind of hard to do accidentally...

All the rest seems lost in memories...


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