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by RRR/Oxyron


What happened with "Attitude" and our absolutely arrogant behaviour to proclaim we are Europe's #1 scene disk magazine? Why don't we show the necessary respect to our competitors? How can we dare to declare us being the one and only #1 in Europe? Are we totally out of this world now or did we simply run out of control?

The answer is very simple. Competition! Competition is the keyword to progress and success. Competition will provide new ideas. Competition is responsible for old conceptions getting updated and improved. Competitors will care about their productions and try to enter with the best possible reflections of their skills. In other words it's nothing else but a step forward in the right direction. The time has come to set a sign and so we did.

Ofcourse the readership will decide about their favourite publication. It's not our decision and we will never dare to decide for anyone else. Taste is different and that's a very important aspect in our eyes. Nevertheless we do actually care about the quality of scene related productions and expect to see a positive impact, atleast in the so-called magascene.

We expect to see the editors taking care about the content and the articles instead of just filling the magazine in order to celebrate the quantity instead of taking care about the quality. We are looking forward to read interesting scene related articles, reviews or discussions instead of spooky stories, Formula 1 or football results. It's in our opinion more important to interview scene related persons or persons who have had a major impact on the scene instead of the leader of some Geos User group. Furthermore it's a must to validate the charts entries and to avoid fictional or other platform based entries. What sense does printing empty fields just to fill up the contacts section? Is it really cool to reprint IRC-chat sessions without any sense or explaining comments? The scene will appreciate any improvements and pay the well deserved respect.

If you are convinced yet try to think about real life activities, may it be in school, university, job or sports. Life from birth to dead is a long-lasting competition. The best ones in school or university will get the best paid and most interesting jobs. The most motivated and skilled persons are getting promoted in their jobs (OK, working life proves often the oppositive in here ? in some cases relationships are an important factor). The best ones in sports will be the ones in the spotlight of public interest, too.

Competition makes it all more interesting and in most cases you are trying to reach the best possible position ? the top spot. Ofcourse friendly matches in sports can be interesting but it's more interesting if it's a part of a competition ? either to win and proceed or to lose and to leave the competition. While hanging up with some friends in your favourite pub you have surely played any kind of pub games, may it be snooker, table football, darts, cards or whatever else. Were you just playing for the fun of it or did you arrange that the winners will drink for free? Now please explain me what kind of game attracts you more? Exactly, the competition! It's nothing else but the extra spice that transforms the meal to a special meal.

And what's the most attractive part of the game if you try to adapt this conception for the scene? You can re-enter the competition with an every single new release and show your current skills.

The intention of using this slogan was and is to motivate our competitors in order to see better, improved productions in the future and we are really looking forward to see our concurence trying to prove us wrong in the battle for the genuine top one stop. Your success will be our gain and guess who will take the most valueable advantage of it - the scene!

Last but not least a few thoughts about the theory that a charts or popularity position must be early with lots and regulary releases. Well, this could be one aspect to judge productions. Nevertheless it has always been the quality that has been outclassing the quantity but this is ofcourse just another point of view. Do you intend to judge the quality or the activity level with your votes?

Fact is that our scene need both - quantity and quality. Without a bright variety of different releases the scene will slow more and more down but on the other hand you definately need quality releases, too, to show the current status of the scene and to motivate others to reach that level or even to get better. The competition has just begun. It's your turn to participate. You think "Attitude" is definately not Europe's #1. Please prove us being wrong!

Best regards,

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