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There are times when I feel that all of these I'm doing in the C64 scene is simply crap, when the motivation is gone, when the inspiration is lost... But then everything changes, and after months of my inactivity I'm back again with some new productions, knowing again that all of these could be a great fun, if only I realize it. The same situation goes on with my disk magazine. Sometimes I can't see any sense of editing new articles and nagging the rest of the staff to get at least one more text for the upcoming issue, because there's Internet, and publishing anything in the Internet is a way more easier, and will be read by more people. But then we've got a new issue of "Vandalism News" released, or "Nordic Scene Review", or "Game Over(View)", and I realize how much fun gives me reading these mags. I read them always with much more patience then I usually follow the Internet ones, I pay my respect to their authors by concentrating on reading them completely, and during this I'm starting to realize that maybe there's one or two persons, who might find reading "Attitude" as much enjoyable. It's like charging a battery for me.

And there's yet another way to find your lost motivation: visiting demo parties. When you meet people like you, who don't stare at you like you were an idiot while you're talking about the C64 scene, but who really find it extremely enjoyable, you get to know it once again that all of these just makes sense. People have much more crazy hobbies than we do, and they spend much more time on it than we usually do. Perhaps we do live in a very special moment of the history: such a specific community like a demoscene has never been before, and probably won't be in the future. Why should we waste this chance to make it something even more special?

These words I'm writing a few days after the Symphony 2005 demoparty (or rather alcoparty, I should say). While I had been working on my first ever demo (Padua's "Annihilation"), I was already thinking about the next issue of "Attitude". I wanted to have it released right after the party. And as you can see, I have achieved it. It's gonna be a small issue, but from now on "Attitude" will follow this way. Do not expect two disk-sided editions anymore. I want to concentrate on having small issues more often than big ones once a year (or even more rarely).

At the beginning of September 2005, soon after the release of "Vandalism News #45" and "Scene World #15" (wow, so many diskmags released in such a short time!), it's time for "Attitude #8" to get finally released. After over a year and a half of waiting for the new issue, OXYRON group brings you another edition of its disk magazine.

As you have probably noticed the news at our website, TCH/Brutal has joined the forces of OXYRON and our diskmag as well. You won't find his articles in this issue though. But you can expect more from him in the forthcoming ones...

At this place I would like to say big thanks to all the people, who have helped me so much with preparing this issue of "Attitude". I would like to mention them all in no specific order: my groupmates in Oxyron and Padua for their great support in my every need (thanks to you I'm still here), the whole Attitude staff (including active editors, as well as the ones who didn't have time to participate in this edition), all supporters helping me with their exclusive articles, tunes and graphics (without your help this mag would have never been released!), and last but not least all you Readers, who enjoy reading this diskmag (if not you, this would make no sense to keep on spending hours and hours on preparing every new issue). All I can say is just simple and plain:

>>> THANK YOU <<<

OK. That's it. I hope you'll enjoy reading this issue of "Attitude", a small one, but hopefully you'll find it as much interesting as the previous ones...

All the best,
Attitude main editor.


e-mail: cactus[at]


Main editor:


Guest editors:


1. "Cleaning Out My Closet" by INTENSITY
2. "Attitude" by MAKTONE
3. "Wasting Time" by DRAX
4. "For Attitude #8" by JAMMER
5. "Gritty Urban Tales" by LINUS



code: Cactus/Oxyron/Padua
graphics: Leon/Singular/Chorus
music: Drax/Vibrants
charset: Azgar/Samar


code: Cactus/Oxyron/Padua
graphics: Cactus/Oxyron/Padua
graphics: Joe/Wrath Designs
charset: Phobos/Samar
irq-loader: Sensei/Arise
linking: Cactus/Oxyron/Padua


packer system: Level Squeezer
assembler: +60k T.Ass. by Mr.Fiz
PC<>C64 text converter: Cactus

(C) 2005 OXYRON

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