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Why Are We Here?
by Cactus/Oxyron

"What is the scene? It's a hobby. True. What's the hobby? Working on the computer or the scene?" (RRR/Oxyron)

Have you ever wondered why are you active? Because I did. I wanted to share my opinions with other sceners, it was the main reason to create this little opinion poll. My question was... "What is the primary reason for you to be active: the scene or the fun you have while working on this machine?" So here are the answers from people all around the world...


Originally, I started with my C64 just to spend some spare time. This extra spare time is not likely a "problem" today. Today I simply cannot promise to concentrate on my leisure activities like before: I was more involved into the scene activities few years ago. Nowadays a C64 project got finished more randomly, mostly made just for my own and groupmate's fun. And that's how it should work. When the stuff looks good enough, it can be released. Just for fun, and not just a task for the scene.

You will see, one can sense the patience on the result. One can give simple fuckov's to the critique, one would give up the deadlines, and concentrate on the demomaking instead, keeping in his mind that it is a hobby. You can hardly define the word "active" in a general sense while you actually do.

Have we any balls anymore, to create some fun with a patience? Do anyone recall Stanley Kubrick? The patience and originality is something the scene was missing in the past years.


Working on a computer. Scene is not a C64, only a part of it.


Scene is a hobby, hobby is working on a computer. I'm active, because I like working on the C64. That's it.


As I'm not that active in the "scene" (what is that anyway?), I'd say the fun of coding for this little gem is what drives me to waste my time with it. :)


For me it's a challenge: me vs the machine + sometimes me vs the other coder(s)... Nothing more left these days as most of the friends around do not care about C64 and scene at all.


It's pretty much a balance of the two but because inspiration/competition/ideas from others are quite important I'll say the scene.


I think it's both. I like working on this machine, but the scene motivates me. The scene is a kind of "kick" and I need that kick. If there was no scene, everything would be boring after a while. This counts for all platform scenes. Without a scene, no computer hobby will last for a long time.


Overall it's the scene, as I don't think I'd be so interested in still doing work on the C64 if it were just to do games or something. In fact, I would even say that without the scene I might've given up on the C64 many years ago, though it's hard to say for sure. However, I do get a certain amount of enjoyment from working specifically on this machine and having to work to a set of restrictions that are the same now as they always have been, so I guess there's an element of both factors.


Well, for me the scene is both fun and a hobby, in the old days it was very hard work to keep up with everything, now the time and pressures are off for me, so I can work merrily between the C64 and my PC, I suppose both are more hobbies than fun for most of the time.


Working on the machine is a hobby for me, but the scene is a tradition, not only a hobby.


I think that both the scene and working on the computer maybe a hobby but I would rather stick to the opinion that working on the computer is just some way of spending free time and it does not really give any satisfaction. The scene is something that makes people work and play together, and it`s been years since all of us have been playing this game. If you are reading this magazine now - means you are still in the game and it must be a hobby!


Both, they are both very primary reasons. I wouldn't code if I didn't enjoy it, but I would perhaps code on another computer if it wasn't for the scene.


Both. The fun is most important, you've gotta have fun. Along the way you try also help others keep the spirit alive. Create a momentum, a continuous flow of activity based on enjoyment.


Primary for me is working on the C64. I have a small communication with other sceners.


This is interesting, because just recently I have been involved in or read a lot of debate about the current state of the scene. There has been a lot of negative feedback to certain people and groups, which has taken the FUN away.

Personally, it is more than a hobby. I spend a lot of time on my computer (and in emulators), and enjoy it. I naively thought I would get more recognition as I became more active in the scene, but that is plainly not the case.

So, my main reason for staying active is because I want the ENJOYMENT of coding, composing and writing. The scene is part of that hobby, but I would still be doing things on the C64 even if there was no scene.

True story - in 1993 my parents offered me the choice of a brand new Amiga, or a new C64C and disk drive. Considering what has happened in the last 10 years, I think I made the right choice...


Good question: for both! But while my activities in the C64 scene, and my live besides computer, I have not very often time for using C64 just for fun (playing a game or such).

I just like it very much (you could say "love") to organize People of Liberty and "Scene World". Both crews are just consisting of great people with many ideas, efforts and engagement! That's just my feeling. Many things are just working now without me taking part, teamwork is great, so I may find some time for playing a game! :)

Anyway, working in a group of great people for me is of course fun! And such a great people is the reason why I am still in the C64 scene!


If the scene would die, I'd still work with my C64. If my fascination for C64 would die, I'd stop being a scener at once.


As I am no longer active besides for one demo and one HP project, I want to answer: it's the machine's spirit!


Yes, it is a hobby for me. In 1998 I made music for some party and I thought it was my last music on the C64. After 3 years of inactivity I realised that I need to "create" something. It was inside me what said "take your C64 from the dust and compose". So this is my answer: the reason is creativity, I want to express myself. And the scene is a very good motivating factor for everybody.


The combination of the two. I wouldn't write code if there wasn't some positive sensation attached to it, but if there wasn't a scene, there wouldn't be a reason to go through the trouble of linking the parts together into a demo.


What is the scene? For me the scene is a community were people meet each other with same thoughts. Our thought is the good old Commodore 64, but you could have an Opel (Vauxhall) scene. People with the same thoughts... It's not only a computer that makes the scene being a community.


The word "scene" is more than just a hobby or fun. It's a real lifestyle. I'm a skateboarder and I play guitar. These are my hobbies. I'm a software developer. It's my work. Scene is none of them. Not a hobby, not just fun and not work. A new category... I put a check in the "other" checkbox for this poll.


I am active because I like the fun of working on a C64, it's really great when some experiment in "Turbo Assembler" is a success. I also like the scene and all its sceners, probably because everyone/most in the C64 scene has/have the same attitude!


The scene is only a hobby, nothing more. I'll let people decide how serious their hobby is. For me the main reason is to make myself be known, hopefully being better than someone getting better recognition than myself. I also like to show people I have difference with that I am maybe better than they realise as they never see everything I do and much stuff I do doesn't get credited. I also like helping people. If you cease to have any fun or any competitive inklings then maybe people better leave.


Both. The scene wouldn't be as much fun if the machine wasn't there, the machine wouldn't be as much fun without the scene.


My reasons... Well... I still enjoy my C64 even that my P4 2,53 GHz PC kixx ass. I like the spirit, the friendship, doing something on the computer and seeing all the great stuff there's released... Yes, of course the C64 is also a hobby. No doubt about that.


Both. Though, these days the people are more important. Fun with people at good parties. That's what the C64 scene is about for me. And still, it's great to see what many active groups and individuals still manage to do with our great machine. However, I don't really do WORK with my C64 anymore. I've probably become a passive consumer. But still, I wouldn't want to miss "the scene".


It's of course both reasons... The scene is surely just as good as the people joining and living it! If there are cool people you get to know and like working with as well as having a nice group-atmosphere and friendship, too... It's surely no problem and easy for you to contribute to all of them with your personal work concerning any scene products and releases!

With that work you surely also gain fun working on and with the machine your scene lives on! That makes it a combination of having fun working on the machine AND for sure you do that because you know enough scene people either of your group or other scene groups, in general you want to show off what your talents are!

So, it's all about friendship and team atmosphere, working you don't wanna miss anymore! :) That's why you stay a scener as long as you can (normally!). ;)


I used to edit "Internal" on the C64 but due to inactivity of our group I have put the old breadbox away. I don't use my real C64 anymore, I only use emu these days to check my latest achievements for my still growing collection of demos and mags. So I guess I'm not working on the computer but I'm just laming around and see what gets released by other groups.

It was the last word. I hope you found this chapter a bit interesting, even if you don't share opinions that have been stated here...


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