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Welcome to the new chapter in "Attitude" magazine. Here I'll try to keep you informed what's new happening to our rivals in the magscene. I hope that this article will give you some information about current workstages in different scene mags. Many thanks to all mag editors, who have sent me these texts!



"Arachnophobia" is only preparing some stuff, the rest will be done live at Primary Star Party in Reusel, Holland in the beginning of August. "Arachnophobia #29" will be finished at the party, copied and released there in the final day of the party. Considering the magsys there will be one new function, additional highlighting of the already read chapters and one sort of bugfix. The magazine will be influenced by the party, with party report and probably some visitors interviews. Shake will not come to Primary, because he is on vacation. Swayze will stay in Poland and the rest will be together in Reusel.


Work is slow on "Domination #19" at the moment, mainly because of Jazzcat's duties for the delayed anniversary issue of "Vandalism News". The magazine will be a standard issue and by that it won't be a "special" issue which focuses on a particular aspect of our scene. Issue #15 was a special on cracking, issue #17 was a special on demos, issue #18 was a special on the SID-chip, the new issue coming will get back to the roots of the magazine. No planned released date as yet. But it will be announced soon.


Issue #50 is in the making. Several close dates were planned, but couldn't be realized, so I won't give any suspicions about the exact date anymore. But we can be rather sure that it won't take too long. There will be a completely new magsys rewritten from scratch by BlackJack. It offers advanced hyperlink structure and several possibilities for text layout. Plus it will be much smoother and easier to handle than the previous version. We collected heaps of interesting texts during the nearly one year of delay, so I think we can expect a pretty decent issue, as for I see it. There is and has been very nice support by various other scene fellows from other groups - more than I had ever expected for our magazine. A good place to thank all of them hereby, I guess.


Commander says that working on a 30th issue is very hard. Holy Moses, the latest main coder of the magazine, left the scene. This means that some promised improvements could be delayed or maybe another outfit (coded by another coder) is needed in the future. Because of that issue 30 will be probably the same as issue 29. Keep in mind that surprises are still possible. Articles from Commander will be ready in time as always. Issue 30 will be released at the Primary Star 2003 party, but not LIVE. It's still not known if there will be anything special in this issue. "Rock'n Role" has existed for 13 years and they are still in the game!


Work on a new issue seems to be going great, at least so they say... The release can be expected in August 2003. There should be some changes in comparison to the previous issues as they always try to improve things from issue to issue. Nafcom says that they have some surprising changes for us, however he doesn't want to praise their magazine too high. It's said that they had improved the internal communications between editors, what helps a lot to plan things for future issues.


Work on the new issue is only starting since it hasn't been long since the last issue has been released. Stryyker has no idea when it will be released, just it will unless something serious happens to Tomz or himself. Expect some minor outfit changes (1 less line per page to make it properly NTSC compatible). Hopefully Soundemon can finish a technical article that he has been working for a while. There will be no exclusive tunes (stated in issue 10). Most stuff will be by Tomz and Stryyker.


Onslaught and Wrath Designs are current completing the work behind "Vandalism News #40". This will be a special anniversary edition called the RUBY edition, a follow up on the Silver and Gold editions of the past. What is special? The magazine will be bigger than ever before, in fact it will be one of the biggest C64 scene disk magazines ever released. In terms of quantity AND quality.

The main editor Vengeance, assisted by Jazzcat and the guys in Wrath, will give you some interesting things to ponder over. Other people have helped to, people like Krill, TDJ, Uzzy, Cadaver, TBB and a lot more. In addition to the text, they have some exclusive scene stuff they will be spreading along with the issue all wrapped in a new Vandalism disk cover by Junkie. They hope to have the magazine released to the public in mid-late August.

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