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Scene Groups
by Cactus/Oxyron

After reading opinions about removal of the news chapter from "Attitude" magazine, I've realised that I need to find some equivalent for it, which will be as much interesting and not so much outdated as the standard news chapter. In the first step I wanted "Scene Groups" to contain tasty gossips and details about the most popular scene groups, but I've quickly realised that these days in our small community there's rather no chance of developing such a chapter. That's why "Scene Groups" is supposed to give you a look at the current situation in our scene. I don't know if this will be a proper successor to the old good news chapter, but I'll do my best to keep you informed about the most interesting happenings in scene groups.



They have gained Hucky lately, a former Dualis coder. The jubilee issue of their disk magazine "Publication" (#50) is close to being released. Apart from that the group is working on several minor project, another music collection and some smaller demo works among that. Nightlord is working on their next trackmo, featuring an improved version of his 3D-engine, faintly used in "Water/Aesrude". We can also expect sources and tutorials to be released along with the first official versions of that engine.


Abaddon and Tempest joined Fairlight. Dwangi also re-joined. Fairlight is not dead, as some rumours would have it. The PC cracking section and the PC demo section are dead, the C-64 section is still very much alive. They're not just alive, the group has 3 active coders (Dwangi, Hollowman and Puterman), 3 active graphicians (Hollowman, Tempest and Vodka) and 3 active musicians (Abaddon, Maktone and Reed). With 4 demos released so far this year ("Loaded", "We/Laser", "Anyone" (coop with Crest), "14 and Life") and more to come, Fairlight has proved that it is not just alive, but more active than most other groups could ever dream of being. Legends never die!


After getting married The Overkiller has not so much free time for the C-64 but he's trying to find it. The line of the group will be the same: creating jewel releases of old games and releasing trained version of games that "probably" weren't trained before.


They're currently working on the music collection "20+1". It for sure won't be available very soon, because of Jammer still thinking its design over. The collection will contain code by Fenek/Arise and their newest musics, probably including a special co-op tune between all MSL members as well. All requests for music are warmly welcome, as long as your release, in which you plan to have their tunes, isn't some one-hour-of-work crap.


Around the middle of 2002 Magnate brought the Obsession cover group (of which he was the only member) back to activity. Before that, Obsession only consisted of less known paper-artists (Alien, Storm, Izi and a few more) and was focused on the Polish scene, therefore it didn't get much attention. During last 10 months Obsession has gained 4 skilled cover designers - Alg, Cuc, Flash and Serio, they have drawn 5 covers (2 of them - Cuc's covers for Publication #50/Civitas and Scene World #9/People of Liberty - will be spreaded when those magazines are released) and 6 pictures. Alg, Cuc and Serio took a part in the Forgotten Ideas cover competition (at the moment of saying this, the results aren't known yet). Obsession plans to keep up releasing high quality paper stuff and supporting cover competitions (if any are organized) in the future. Their website is being developed, it's still in an early stage. All the covers/pictures drawn by Obsession members can be got via snailmail directly from Magnate.


Onslaught has a buzz of activity like many other groups. Approaching their ninth birthday, it is commendable that the group has maintained a consistant amount of releases. Recently they announced the departure of long-term member Trouble, former member of Excess and sysop of their US-BBS "Deadzone". He is still on friendly terms with all members and calls to their other, still active, BBS "The Bass Planet".

On to other matters. They released "Speed" at the LCP party in Sweden. This is a C64 music collection containing 46 multispeed and digi sids and mostly exclusive! The collection is a cooperation effort by Onslaught, Shape and Creators. Their next music production will be the sequel to "Past & Present". Once again it will be in cooperation with Vibrants and feature the sid magic performed by Drax. The collection features over 400 compositions and contains code by Stryyker and graphics by Jailbird.

On the cracking front they are still active. They prefer to conquer only quality software and leave the more average stuff to the other groups still around. This means less releases but a greater average quality. Some big games are coming again soon, they are slow but will come, some titles unheard of and some that may shock you. They will release a game or two once more with their fellow pirates in Triad (just like they did with "Sceptre of Baghdad Uncut"). L'trimm and Skid Row have been busy in real life, but hopefully will be back to support BA and Slator with the releases they have at hand.


Graham is working on a new version of his Amiga<>C64 transfer tool, Dante has just ported "Duke Nukem 3D" to Amiga and hopefully will be up again in a not too far future. The new issue of "Attitude" (#7) is planned to be released in September 2003.


Situation in Remember is still cracking, as always. They're working on some re-releases and also new releases (maybe 2 disks next time). New re-releases will be "The Goonies" (cracked from the real original as their version, cracked from a compilation, is different to the original game which HOK supplied now) and "International Karate" (one-filed). "Tapper" will be one of the new releases. Future plans... Well, cracking. No demos from their side. Icon is interested in creating a new homepage. Jack Alien would like to code some new intros but for this he needs a graphician... Is there anybody around who's looking for a group to join as graphician?


Although not much happened to this old Polish group in the year 2003, they're trying to stay active. Some inactive members got kicked, some new faces joined (thanks to them some new products have been released). Asterion, one of new members, is working on a new music editor, which will be a huge surprise to the whole C-64 community. This utility is being fully coded on the real C-64, not using any emulators... It will be working with 2 SIDs and this will be first ever music editor written for 2 SIDs. They have also plans to create a music editor for 4 SIDs! MacArthur is working on first Jammer's music collection with some great graphics by Alias Medron. They also plan to release music collection of their former members Glover and Daf.


They are working right now on a worms-clone game. It has 2 screen width multi res. levels, supports 4 player adapter, has built in ai and probably it will handle the IDE64 too.


They are working on various projects as usual. Recently their German member Gilligan visited Sweden and met up with Iopop, Twoflower, Tao and Sailor to socialize a bit. Some members will also show up at the LCP party.


Jeff and Vip are working on stuff in their music group Viruz. Jeff is trying to finish his 3rd music editor and then together with Vip he wants to do music for demos. It would be great to have all the new features that the new editor offers compared to old "CZP Music Editor v2.0". There's still plenty of things to do, but both members have quite a lot of ideas, and that's good. Two new tunes from Jeff are on the way, they will be used in different products.


Oxidy and Avalon are currently working on a demo for the LCP 2003, and so Ed for the Assembly 2003. For the North Party 8, Ed and Djinn decided to participate with at least a picture and a tune, perhaps Clone will release some of his unreleased artwork aswell - time will tell soon enough. Works for the "Vandalism News #40" is still under progress. A bit slowed down again by real life work. An intro has been waiting for almost a year for release of that issue. Most of artwork has been used as participating compo material recently. "L'Encyclopedie Geometrique" will be released later this year, perhaps at new years eve.

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