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Interview With Jucke
by Puterman/Fairlight

Autoboy suggested I interview Jucke as well, as he's one of the people behind the Floppy party, which is pretty much like LCP, and which keeps us on our toes during the winter. Jucke has been in the scene for a long time and seems to have some perspective on things.

I'd like to use this opportunity to tell you people in Denmark, Germany, Poland etc. that it's not all that difficult to get to Helsingborg, which is situated in the southernmost part of Sweden. If you want a real party experience, smelling of ganja and beer, go check out Floppy sometime...

- First of all, introduce yourself a bit to the people who don't know you...

- Handle is Jucke and I was active on the c64 scene from around 1987-1995. I guess i belong to the second generation of swedish sceners and I was in groups like Oneway, Vision, F4CG, Genesis*Project and more. My functions during those years varied.. musician, swapper, leader, supplier, cracker, hacker/phreaker, petscii graphician and whatnot, but most people seem to know me from my time on the board-related cracking scene during the years 1990-1995. On january 1st 1995 everyone except me left G*P to join Solar's fantastic chicken group for some cards and originals. There I kind of lost the reason to be active for any group, but have remained in touch with the scene and a attender of the parties to this day. It is hard to deny the past when you hear sid in your head, or something.

- You're one of the criminal minds behind the Floppy party. What was the reason for organizing a party, and what got you started? Were you in any way influenced by LCP?

- Well, the first parties I went to in the late 80's were usually pretty small and could be just about anywhere. In a school, kindergarten, boyscout clubhouse, just about any place you could rent cheap that could stand a bunch of data monkeys for the night or weekend. The common view was; two sceners together is a meeting and it becomes a party once there's enough people to create the smell, sound and vibe..

Yeah, LCP definately triggered us to do thefirst Floppy party. In the summer of 1998 Me and Taper and Skyhawk went to LCP'98 which was held in a little kindergarten in a suburb to Vaxjo, Sweden. I remember being surprised and impressed that the Hack&Trade crew (who before then were unknown to me) could create such a great party with so little. The last day of that party some sceners were so relaxed they were walking around in their underwear, acting like at home or something, and I think that describes the event. We had such a good time and just a few weeks after coming home we were already talking about how a party down here in the south of sweden was needed. Skyhawk knew a place and could fix practical things, Taper and Iopop was active on the scene and very much in touch with it and I had experience from arranging underground dance parties. Easy as that.

Just a few years earlier, the big parties (The Party etc.) had become ridiculous events with little vibe and support for the original format. So in the spring of 1995 SCS+TRC arranged X95 (Utrecht, Holland) the oldfashioned way at the legendary Silicon-party venue. The response was overwhelming. I think SCS+TRC in Holland were the ones who really brought back the old partyspirit again with the X-parties, because from around 1989-1995 it was all about big parties, and they just got worse each year. So I guess it came naturally as a protest to the big parties turning into crap events.

- What kind of expectations did you have before arranging the first Floppy party? The Swedish scene had been pretty dead for some years, was part of the intention to resurrect it?

- We had no expectations really. It was more on a experimental level. The venue was ok and about 30 people showed up, but it was not until we started arranging Floppy at the TipTop Club we knew we had something out of the ordinary. You see, the TipTop is a notorious members only underground club in Helsingborg supporting alot of different subcultures, and I had already been arranging some music parties down there. So one night at a party there grinding my butt on the dancefloor all fried the idea came up. When I told the management about my vision of throwing a c64 party in the club for an entire weekend with a big bunch of overgrown datanerds their faces just turned into big smiles, and now we've had 3 Floppy parties there. You know, we just wanted to throw a good c64 party, just the way we would like it if we were the guests.

- You've been in the scene for a long time, and have visited a lot of parties. Any particular party memories you'd like to share? Anything that you were impressed with at some party you've visited?

Too many memories, but here are a few that pop up at this moment..

The Party '95, when me and $ixx/F4CG put up a big ownmade poster with a nice ganjaleaf by the toilets with the text "We want to buy weed! If you have any to sell, please come to Table #116." We wrote down the number of the table next to ours just for fun, and then we went back to our tables to wait for the weed to come. Two hours later without any luck we had forgot about the ad when suddenly the whole nerdpolice-crew from the organizers raid the the table besides us and starts searching all bags and things with flashlights. That's what happens to lamers when you tell them they have the right to be paranoid and let them wear crew-shirts.. they often turn into tyrranic nerd-police officers causing trouble by hunting it.

At the Warrant Party in Helsingborg 1990 when Walker was just 14 years old and drank a few beers and tore the place down. He woke up in the toilet all confused with a can of red paint, and you can guess the rest. Skyflash/Oneway who also attended was on a boozingparty in that same place 10 years later and there were still traces of red paint in that toilet..

At Light+Phenomena 1992 when me and Newscopy was taking a shower and this weird dude in a trenchcoat were sneaking around in the shower-room obviously interested in our naked data butts. Later on during the party we found out it was Antitrack.. (hello)

Every time I met Airwolf of G*P at a party he used to roar like a monster and lift me up high into the air. Now I'm a chunky mf but if you ever saw Airwolf you can imagine what it was like.

At LCP2002 when Puterman did a incredibly nice stiff dance infront of everyone to one chosen tune during the music-compo.

At every party since sometime around 1989 me and/or Skyflash/Oneway has kept up this strange tradition of putting up a sign on the toilets saying "SCCS HQ". Sccs was a lame swedish group in the late 80's and if they would know we are still doing this they'd probably be proud.

At the G*P summer 1994 in Gothenburg at Newscopys place the new members Marcus and Jayce had to go trough all these magic initiation rituals in the nature which we created. -"Come on now, drink the holy potion with vodka, tabasco and red wine, share the cucumber and dont remove the blindfolds.." Ohboye did they become members or what? Later on they told me it made a lasting impression on their time in the group.

When we were in Amsterdam the whole viking bunch days before X95 and met up with SCS+TRC in the Red Light Distric. There are photos on the net somewhere from that occasion. I hardly remember anything after being in Holland but I seem to smile on all the photos so I guess it was all good.

ALL THE MINDBLOWING DEMO COMPOS! Ahh. Compotime at big parties always was the moment of triumph for the c64 scene, no matter how little support. During the pc compos the crowd was usually quiet, the amiga compo a few "-wow" and not much more. Then, as soon as the blue c64 screen turns up on the bigscreen, hell breaks loose and the crowd goes totally nuts! All the non-c64 people at the party automatically get sucked into the frenzy and the whole exhibition hall rumbles to the demos. When a demopart sucks, the crowd shouts "spaaaace!" man.. c64 democompos can be really something!

- Is it as much fun to arrange a party as visiting a party where someone else takes care of all the stuff (like cleaning up and counting votes)?

- Visiting a good dataparty is always a nice breakdown from the day-to-day life. A subcultural retro-futuristic smelly and decadent experience with a little vibe of magic. You find yourself surrounded by blipblop sounds and you see sprites all over and you smell bad cause you havent been near a shower for days. You eat bad, drink evil and sleep on places that remind you that you have ribs, knees, and elbows. And during all this you have a great time with other monkeys. It sounds sick, and it is, in a beatiful twisted way..

Arranging a party is just a little bit different than visiting one. Usually our Floppy procedure goes something like this: In the autumn we start creating the c64 invitation and the webpage, book the Tiptop Club and all the chairs and tables for the chosen weekend. Before christmas the invitation is out and the site up. Then follows a endless wait and the day before the party we do all the preparations at the partyplace with tables and chairs and bring all our own c64 stuff down there. We try to get a good nights sleep before the party and when the day arrives we are usually set with everything and just kind of let the party happen by itself. We go through what to do if something bad should happen (fire, etc) and during the party we make sure one of us always stay in the party-room at all hours, for the safety of our guests. Believe me it's a feeling being the only one awake in a place full of sleeping sceners. When the party is over and everyone has left we take all the chairs and tables out, clean the place up and restore the club to the way it was before. By Sunday night when nobody sees us we are total wrecks and remain like that for the entire week to come. But then, think of Autoboy who arranges LCP. He is only one man with a party twice as big..

- Floppy is, just like LCP, pretty anarchistic. You're allowed to do pretty much anything you want to do. It's obvious that this is just great, so do you have any idea why other party arrangers have all sorts of weird rules? Have you ever considered trying to enforce any rules? Have you ever had any problems (except for people sleeping in their own puke)?

- If you show the guests that you trust them, they will act responsible. At Floppy we consider all guests our friends and we would never ever wear t-shirts saying "crew" and become a nerdpolice force at our own party. If anything, we are concerned about our datafriends wellbeing and safety. We've had no trouble, and we dont expect any to come either. We've only had one puker at Floppy. One scener crashed out and puked a little on the floor and then his groupmates immediately wiped it up and apologized. I never even got the chance to see it myself, but there's a nice photo somewhere..

- Tell us a bit about the compo prices at Floppy... They're pretty odd. :-) What's the idea?

- Taper is the one who usually takes upon himself to find the right prices, and it is a process that goes on during the entire year. He seems to know the right places and I suspect his girlfriend Allimac for finding some of those items too. We have no budget and make no money on Floppy (all goes back to the TipTop club for future parties), so we cannot have any fancy prices for the compos. But really, competing with c64 is ultimately about the honour, respect and pride. Our prices are often very symbolic items, either related or simply hilarious. For Floppy2003 we also created these c64 style diplomas with a picture of Motley in a Elvis-haircut, protecting the owner from bad data in the future. Very good to have.

- LCP allows other platforms, like Gameboy, while Floppy is a pure C-64 party. Wouldn't it be an advantage (like more visitors) to invite people from other platforms? Or do you see any disadvantages?

- Well. Floppy is the last c64 only party and from a subcultural viewpoint I find that very valuable. We keep the original swedish c64 party alive and are not planning to expand. If too much people come in the future, we will probably go the other way and make it invitation only.

- And now to the big question: it's kind of an established fact that the reason for the positive trend in the Swedish scene is Floppy and LCP. What do you think about that? And could you imagine what the Swedish scene would be like in 2003 without LCP and Floppy?

- It has always been like that. Meetings and parties kick life into things and keep sceners motivated. I can go on forever telling you about all the good things that happen when sceners meet at parties. But yeah, once I realised LCP and Floppy had affected the swedish scene in such a positive way I felt convinced that good regular parties and meetings is a way to keep the scene alive forever and ever. I cant believe it's 2003 and it feels this good. I got a feeling LCP this summer will be great! (Of course it will... / puterman)

- There are parties that are pretty much like LCP and Floppy in other countries, like Forever in Slovakia. Still, there aren't many releases there, and the scene there isn't as big as in Sweden. How would you explain that? I guess there must be more reasons for the activity in the Swedish scene except for the parties...

- When it comes to c64, sweden has a scene history going back to the early to mid 80's. In the eastern european countries computers like the c64 wasnt affordable for the mass until the early to mid 90's, so naturally they dont have the same kind of scene as we do. We have good reasons to feel lucky.

- Do you follow what's happening in the scene these days, like checking out demos and reading mags? Are you at all interested the scene on other platforms?

- Oh yeah, and when speaking to other old sceners I get the impression that many still check out new demos from time to time. I think those who create demos today have more people watching them than they might think.

Other platforms? What do you mean? Besides the c64? Please.

- The scene is pretty different now to what it was before: there's no cracking scene, not much swapping, no BBSes. What do you think of FTP sites, IRC and web forums as substitutes for swapping and BBSes?

- Im thankful there's something, but it's a shame we are not communicating through our c64's anymore. The c64 and the PETSCII character-set with all graphics and colours is the most wonderful and expressive computer for communication. Irc and all that doesnt even come close. Someone recently coded a Hayes Modem Emulator for the pc so you can connect your c64 modem interface to the pc com-port with a cheap null-modem cable, and then dial ip-numbers instead of phonenumbers from your ordinary c64 term. With this nice cheap trick (only emulating the modem) I hope to see the boards rise again, this time without the risk of getting busted for phreaking.

Mailswapping is also hard to emulate. When your contact puts his favourite chocolate bar or even something nasty like a joint in the sending. I've tried downloading stuff like this through dcc on irc but it just wont seem to work. Same goes with icq. Crap!

- How important is it to you that the scene keeps going? What would people be doing in their spare time if they weren't coding demos and going to Floppy?

- I haven't been active on the c64 scene for real since 1995, but still the thought terrifies me that one day nobody will care about the c64 anymore. That there will be no new demos coming, no board left to call, no sceners left. You know, those kind of scary thoughts.. I cant stand it, so i have to try to prevent it. So far so good.

What people would do without? The same things most people do I guess. Obey mammon, hunt sex and treat machines like slaves.

- Any last words?

- Yes, if you are a swedish scener, do not totally depend on Floppy or LCP. We want to do this forever but shit can happen, so pay attention while it's this good because the day will come when it's up to -YOU- to make the party.. and when you do, please don't forget to invite me. My Floppies always need a good excercise. Oceanic, they whisper, before they spread tar and oxidated ganjasmoke onto the reading heads..

Thanks for the word Puterman, may good data bless you.

Thanks to you too Jucke, for sharing your wisdom with the readers of Attitude!


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