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Rock'n Role #29 Review
by Jailbird/Booze Design

An intro that is used ONLY to propagate the following issue is IMHO quite useless, but perhaps I'm too personal with this opinion and other sceners actually may find it entertaining, not sure about the health of their taste on style, though. I was expecting at least minor improvements on the mag's outfit, but unfortunately nothing has changed, despite the reaction of many sceners that share my *too personal* opinion... :/ Good to see (I mean, to read) that they have an intention to improve a little in every issue, a first step would be to improve the outfit a bit, especially to put the fixed 8x8 and animated chars where they belong: to oblivion.

I found it quite amateurish, or should I say lameish (since we're are all amateurs on the scene after all), that the mag's outfit is also used for Rolean Sid, a music collection, but seems that doesn't bothers the editors so gosh, who am I to judge... For my opinion on the layout, just check out the mag-reviews of the previous issue of Attitude.

The magazine has a hold of usual articles like editorial, charts, reviews, news, and addresses. Quite short articles all in all, and I'm still wondering why is the reactions chapter entitled as "enemies"? Oh, and there is even a separated chapter for the credits (/sarcasm/ that's such a great feature! /sarcasm/). The finest articles are the Breakpoint 2003 report, the interview with Pallbearer and the scener story (short but interesting, I like the idea).

Hope to see a move toward the right direction in upcoming issues.


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