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by Cactus/Oxyron

Welcome to the new edition of "Attitude", a disk magazine from Oxyron. This issue is being released LIVE at the LCP party in Linkoping, Sweden (25-27 July 2003).

It took four months to compile all the materials for this issue. What do we bring you is the new outfit, extended amount of articles (two-sided issue) and some exclusive scene stuff on a disk.

In the meantime Commander/Role, a former co-editor of "Attitude", has decided to leave the staff because of too less time. We wish him luck with his own scene projects! The loss of one editor has been cured by gaining Jailbird/Booze Design as the new co-editor of our disk magazine. In this issue you can read the interview with Arnold, which is probably one of the biggest interviews in the scene history!

To tell you about the next issue. It is supposed to be released in September this year. We'll see if we are able finish our work in time.

What is special about the issue you're now reading? Well, I've decided to call it "+60k Special Edition", because any diskmag before hadn't had such a big serious publication about this cool RAM expansion for the C-64. Articles that can be found in the +60k section will give you a good view on this topic. You'll be introduced to the +60k by Lord Hypnos, then learned about installation process by Ramos. You'll be able to read opinions from many sceners about RAM expansions for the C-64, and what is the best about it, you'll have a chance to read exclusive interview with the +60k creator, Mr.Fiz/Samar, which interview has been made just a few days ago.

OK. More about the content of this issue later... Now I'd like to tell you a few words about the new outfit. The main menu contains submenus, so now all articles are sorted into categorries, so that you can choose the most interesting topic and read articles relating to it. This solution is being used in "Scene World" disk magazine and I like it very much, so I've came up with the idea of using it in my own disk magazine. I hope you'll like it too. Controlling the magazine is made with the keys: UP/DOWN for moving in the menu, LEFT/RIGHT for changing pages when reading an article, RETURN for choosing an article or leaving it, F1 takes you to the first page of read text, you can still use numbers 1, 2,... to change the music when reading an article (or choose it from the music menu).

What more you can read in this issue? For the fact that magazine is being officialy presented first at LCP party, there are some specials... There is an interview with the main organiser of this party, Autoboy. There's also an interview with Jucke, the organiser of Floppy. Both interviews have been made for your pleasure by Puterman.

In the tutorials section you can find the first part of music tutorial that has been written for our magazine by Phobos.

Some people complained about not having sceners' opinions in "Attitude #5", so this time I am serving you 4 opinion polls on very different subjects.

There are still standard chapters like the charts or demo and mag reviews, which I hope you'll find interesting.

On the disk there are some files spreaded together with the magazine. I'm very proud to tell you that we have received the program "Speed-Up II+" from Peruvian group TEG for exclusive spread with this issue of our magazine. And when I'm talking about Peruvian group, you can be surprised and ask: is there any C-64 scene in Peru? To answer this question you have to check out the history of the C-64 scene in Peru, which you can find in this magazine!

That's all about the content. I hope you'll find a lot of fun reading this edition of "Attitude". We're doing our best to deliver you as much quality production as it's possible.


I have to say a BIG thanks to all you people, who helped me with creating this magazine. So at first thanks to HCL for coding the great intro. Thanks to Jailbird, Bedrich and RRR for cool graphics. Thanks to Agemixer, DaFunk, Jeff, No-XS, Jammer and Smalltown Boy for exclusive tunes composed for "Attitude". Thanks to all votesheet fillers. ...And all forgotten, who feel to deserve being mentioned here. Thanks to all of you, Dear Readers, this magazine's for you!




1. "Audio Man" by AGEMIXER
2. "Attitude" by DAFUNK
3. "Arsch Blumen" by JEFF
4. "Montys" by NO-XS
5. "Lowdown" by SMALLTOWN BOY

The intro tune by JAMMER was also exclusive one.



code: HCL/Booze Design
graphics: Jailbird/Booze Design
graphics: RRR/Oxyron
music: Jammer/MSL/Samar/Exon


code: Cactus/Oxyron
graphics: Bedrich/Exon
graphics: RRR/Oxyron
fonts: Phobos/Samar
music: look above
irq-loader: Sensei/Arise
packer: Level Squeezer
other tools: 60k Turbo Ass, Dir Master, MS Cruncher, Attitude Text Editor, Attitude<>PC Text Converter


Main Editor:


Guest Editors:

Paper Stuff:

Snailmail Spreader:
tell me if you're interested!

And that's all in this editorial to the sixth issue of "Attitude" disk magazine. Have fun reading all the chapters and vote for us! :)

I hope to see a lot of quality releases from LCP this year!

Attitude main editor

July 25th, 2003.

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