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Flag 2002 Report
by Jailbird/Booze Design

With being the third computer party in my life, nevertheless with a good bus catch the place located about 30 minutes from my flat in Budapest, I felt very interested to visit this one. I was also hoping to meet most of the Hungarian C64 sceners there, as a lot of them promised to come on the mailing list, but for some unknown reasons (not unknown actually, it seemed to me, and heard from people that some 64 dudes decided to have a passive boycott, and some just couldn't find the time) just a few showed up.

Flag was organised by the guys from the PC group Greenroom, with the leadership of Tomcat. Tamas is writing a book about the scene (, who I met afterwards and had the luck to experience his great friendly attitude and huge knowledge about a lot of global scene related stuff.

That Friday afternoon after work I ran home to take a shower, to eat something, and quickly left for getting a metro in the way of Ujpest. I arrived to the culture-center around 6 pm, and after I've bought a ticket (which cost about 8.5 Euros in Hungarian currency), I decided to look around if there are any C64 sceners present. Unfortunately I haven't found anyone I know, so just sat down and decided to watch the opening ceremony instead of walking around like headless. While I was wondering and watching the backward-counter at the big screen, a commercial looking guy (with a briefcase and a strange smile) approached and shaked my hand without a word. I probably looked quite shocked at the moment, as he suddenly started to mumble about mixing me up with a 3d graphician. I fastly explained him that I'm a C64 scener and have as much connection with 3d graphics as he has with the computer I just mentioned. Anyway I've had a little chat with him about the C64 and graphics in general, as he seemed like very interested. I suddenly noticed a name-plate with a handle so damn familiar, but the handwriting was quite unreadable, and I just wasn't too sure if I really know the guy. So in the usual way of mine, I just jumped in front of him as a maniac, and asked about his nick. My eyes didn't cheated my brain after all, he was Bubis/Resource, some of you may remember his 4k-torus from SM02.

I was so happy finally founding someone from the C64 scene, that immediately invited Bubis for a beer and of course we had a nice conversation while waiting for some way uninteresting commercial performances about 3d graphics and similar stuff not really related to the scene (actually not at all). After 30 minutes we realised that the whole crap is not worth to watch, so we decided to get out and have a bit of fresh air and some warm cola (no, actually that wasn't our original intention, but the girl at the cafeteria didn't warned me that the drink isn't cold at all :)). Just when we succeded to force the cokes into our bodies, I noticed Ninja and a guy, both looking quite lost while searching for something (cold stuff to drink, as I later have been told). So as always, I again jumped up and ran toward them while shouting "Ninjaaaa!", to the shock of most of the people present, they most likely thought that I must be one of those nitwits who are boring everyone with karate-movements. :) But I reached them, and had a hug. I got introduced to DocBacardi, a very nice guy, with who I've later spent most of my alcohol-filled time at the party. They told me that they met Control/Digital, so we got in a search for him, and when we found this very kind dude, sat down together for a small talk. After a while, I took Ninja and DocBacardi to my workplace for checking emails, and to find a picture for the compo, as I left all my C64 stuff at home when coming to Budapest.

When we got back to the partyplace, realised that nothing interesting will happen until the demo show, so Ninja sat down to code on the C64 we've got from Tomcat, whilst DocBacardi and I were constantly refreshing ourselves with some Stellas. When the PC demoshow started, Ninja went to sleep, and the three of us (Control, Baccy and I) were watching the show till they started to run those ugly newschool windoze demos, so we went out for some more beer.

We also met a Swedish guy called Bjorn at the partyplace who actually didn't had anything with the demo scene, just came to check out what this party is all about. In some hours we got back to check out the Amiga demoshow, which I personally enjoyed very much. After everything was over that night (the originally planned C64 demoshow was jumped over), I went to the very quiet sleeping-room and had a nap on one of the sheets I've found there.

A morning headache woke me up, but as there weren't any showers, I just washed my face with a bit of cold water and went straight to the cafeteria for a beer. Not really due to the much of alcohol, more like my uninterest for the PC compos, I can't remember what was really happening till I saw a 3 hours back-counter to the next compo on the big-screen. So I kindly asked Tomcat if it is possible to have a C64 demoshow till we're waiting. And that's when the real fun started! :) Control/Digital, as the master of ceremony, showed some kickass demos to the audience, and while we jumped up to dance to the music, the PC sceners seemed very shocked, mainly because the quality of the demos, nevertheless our way interesting dancing act was unusual to them. :) I believe they didn't really got accostumed to really crazy C64 sceners on their parties. Even a non-computer magazine journalist came to us and he was so amazed by our scene-spirit, that after a while he also started to dance to sid-music. :)))

I can't really remember what was the time when I dropped my head on the table to sleep, but about 1 am, I woke up to take a huge pee, when Hoild showed up from the nowhere. We were chatting until the organizers started to show porn on the bigscreen and talking instead of the "actors". It was quite funny for those knowing Hungarian, but the foreign people seemed pretty clueless. After a while everyone got bored, so in Sunday morning we finally decided to leave the party place. Hoild took Ninja and Baccy to a place to stay, while I decided to get back home and sleep over my sickness...

A great party, even better mood, pity there were so few C64 freaks.


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