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#01 Who are the C64-ALLSTARS?

The C64-ALLSTARS are oldschoolers cultivating the golden times of the early computing age. The main focus lies on the C64-scene between 1982 and 1990. In that period of time the Commodore 64 was the world famoust computer, sold several million times. The main users were young people, mostly aged between 15 to 25 years. These young people were very enthusiastic and had no reservations concerning technology as most of the grown-ups had during that period of time. Those oldschool-sceners were the first who modified and optimized computer hard- and software. They built up a "society inside the society" (General Zoff) that "was closed to outsiders, had its own pathos, ethics and language" (MWS). They cracked software, programmed intros and demos, built up small local communities that became regional, national-wide and finally global. Although the activities in the scene are no more present, the communities still exist. So, the main task of the C64-ALLSTARS is the documentation of those oldschool-activities and the description of those communities with all its aquirements and milestones. Those who did a good job in that period of time are called C64-ALLSTARS.

#02 What is the idea behind the C64-ALLSTARS?

"One star to rule them all" (-nd!-) is the idea of the C64-ALLSTARS. At beginning of the 21st century most of the oldschoolers are in the Mid-Thirties, have a job in the IT-branche and their own family, but they still remember the good old days when everything was clear and well-structured. When parties were held and new fundamental breakthroughs appeared to the scene. Most of those oldschoolers still keep the fire of the golden days in their hearts. This still burning enthusiasm combined with existing communication structures makes it still possible to get those people together again and again. And they are willing to tell their personal stories. But nowadays it is difficult to distinguish who was a fat cat in the scene and who not. So, when the C64-ALLSTARS founders sat together in summer 2002, it became clear that they only want to deal with important facts and stories of the important and major groups of the good old times.

#03 What is the C64-ALLSTARS committee?

The C64-ALLSTARS committee was founded in summer 2002 by some fat cats of the good old times of the scene. Their task is to analyze the past in order to find the major players, to nominate them to become C64-ALLSTARS members and finally to vote them. Moreover they do research work to find a scenary timeline and an all-embracing documentation.

#04 How to become a member?

Usually that works automatically. A member or a part of the committee nominates somebody for what he has done in/for the C64-scene. The committee votes if the nominee has to become a member or not. In certain cases the committee discusses its decision. That's all! Every member becomes a significant C64-ALLSTARS number. This number is only given once and is personalized, independant of the fact that the nominee could be voted for several milestones or activities.

#05 How about the C64-ALLSTARS T-shirt?

Every new member has the right to order his one and only personalized C64-ALLSTARS T-shirt for the cost-price. Wearing this shirt at meetings makes it easier to figure out old contacts because the handle and group membership is printed on it. This fact has been proven on the Radwar 2002 Party, where the committee members were wearing their shirts and became the central point of the meeting. The brand recognition is enormous!

#06 How about the merchandise stuff?

Every member can order as much merchandise stuff as he wants beside the T-shirt. This is limited to one exemplar. So keep your eyes on it and don't wash it to often. The palette of the merchandise stuff is actually limited to coffee cups, car-stickers and mouse-pads, but it will be enlarged as soon as possible. There are certain articles we want to offer, but actually they cannot be produced. But they are still to come.

#07 How about reports and stories?

The C64-ALLSTARS are writing reports and stories according to the knowledge and research work. These reports will be published continuously. If you have interesting reports and/or stories, feel free to get in touch with the C64-ALLSTARS. The documents will be proven and published with as less corrections as neccessary. The second possibility is writing your own story according to a questionnaire we developed. Just get in touch and ask for it!

#08 I was a major player! What can I do?

You were a major player in the golden days? And you want to become a member? Or you want to tell the audience your personal story? You have old issues f magazines like #ILLEGAL? Look into the memberlist. Is there anyone you are still in contact with? Post him your ideas, documents or ask him for the questionnaire. Or feel free to ask him if he would nominate you for the next voting round.

#09 How about meetings and parties?

It seems that the C64-ALLSTARS project becomes more and more the final frontier of the C64-scene. If you look into the memberlist, you'll see that there are lots of people of different groups and different times of activity. We are still connected and linked through a newsletter and other common ways of communication. Therefore there will be a broad palette of activities in the next years. Every member will automatically be informed through different mechanisms of communication.

See you soon, pals!

Golden regards in no specific order to RRR, Jeff Smart, MWS, Irata, Sphinx, Steve, Pershy, General Zoff, mAtt, Duke and all other supporters of this project!!!

[/] 2003 by -nd!- for "ATTITUDE"

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