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Commenting The Charts
by Cactus/Oxyron

Several times I was asked to remove comments from "The Charts" chapter in "Attitude". Being under such a pressure, I didn't include any comments to the previous edition of my disk magazine. So it may be surprising to you that so many comments could be found in this issue's "Charts". Well, some told me that comments make the charts a little bit alive. I've asked myself about the necessity of commenting the charts. As finding no satisfying answer, I've decided to make a little opinion poll, asking several people about their opinions on this topic. Here you have them all listed in this chapter, you may try to draw some conclusions yourself after reading this text, I hope you will find it a little bit interesting... The question was:

What do you think about commenting "The Charts" chapter? Do you think it's a good idea? Or maybe any comments are absolutely unnecessary? Do you think if someone comments the charts, he can influence the voters?

And here come the answers...


Commenting the charts, or let's say Editor's critique of votes is necessary. Otherwise there could be a lot of fake votes, and as a magreader, you never know why your favourite coder/gfxer/musician is dropped from the list or why there is a totally new entry in third place and you never know if he has deserved it at all.

It is always good to see the editor's opinion. Just keeping in mind, it is just an opinion and should not influence your own point of view. To agree or not to agree with editor's comment, that makes the mag interesting. Comments on charts are a nice tradition, should not be removed! The charts without any comments look more like a plain statistic data of a competition without announcer (tm) rather than charts.


I think comments are nice. Sure they can influence the voters, but then again they just state a personal opinion... It adds a nice touch and reminds me of other older mags.


Commenting the charts... Well, in my opinion it is unnecessary, charts say enough! But if I have a look at my diskmag "Rock'n Role", I use a few comments because many other people ask for them. So my conclusion is: many people like to read comments to the charts, but personally I don't like comments at charts.


Well, usually charts are commented everywhere, it can be an interesting summary of the chart with words, of course it's the best if it is objective. Anyway, it's a really minor thing so I'm surprised you came up with this questionnaire about the charts comments.


Yes and no, commenting has no problems, but I guess people's comments can influence charts, they always have in the past, and I guess they will in the future.


Don't use comments to influence, just make obvious statements like "so and so hasn't been around for 5+ years, quit voting for them!" etc.


Of course you can influence the voters, but a lot of other things do as well. I don't know what you're really planning on commenting, but I think it is a good idea if the comments are neutral to the result. You could for instance say: "XXX got a better place probably because of the great release recently...", but perhaps not: "XXX is still #3, even though he doesn't deserve it..."


What is the purpose of "The Charts" chapters in today's magazines anyway? Objective? - No. Reliable? - No. Relevant? - No.

And comments will always consist of sentences like: "X goes up, Y goes down, Z deserves higher place" - the same blah blah I read since I know about disk magazines at all. But, if you still feel the need of a chart-chapter to fill up the magazine, and you could comment it on an entertaining way, I say: go for it! Otherwise, forget the comments. Or even better: forget the charts.


I enjoy reading comments in the charts by the editor. It gives a miniature analysis on the subjects at hand. As an editor I like to make comments of charts because I can say who has been active, who *I* think should be deserving some merit and it also gives me a chance to verbally *whip* the voters to stop voting dead groups and inactive people.


Well, I like to read comments. And if people can't vote without being influenced by other people's opinion, they suck and misunderstood the whole votesystem.


Comments are nice. Just like reviews on demos. The more, the better.


Comments under charts I understand only like a specific matter of some magazines. I don't think it's disturbing me, however in fact I read only state what I can found if I'm regular reader of charts chapter. So I say it isn't necessary for me. But I know situations when editor of charts write positive reactions for some scener like this: musician increased his position and we are waiting for his another nice production. This may be very pleasuring and motivating for him.


I think comments make the charts feel a bit more "alive", but they should be written by someone with a bit of insight in what's going on in the scene. If you're going to write comments like "Mr.Sex is a newcomer in the coder charts, let's see if he can climb even higher next time", you might as well leave them out instead.


Well, a good comment of the scener, who have the right view about scene activities around and knows the groups, could be a good improvement.


I personally only read the ones that could mention myself or my group(s) products. Sometimes it can be interesting but often it's wasted as by looking at the charts it's obvious like charts that have last issue positions and current issue positions. It's easy to see the big movers.


If the editor of the magazine wants to point out something special and comment on the charts, it's OK. But I see no point whatsoever in including comments from the people who vote in the charts, it's enough that they show their opinion by casting the votes.


A little comment is good, but I think that it can influence voters too.


I think that comments on the charts are good for those people in the charts. In days gone by I think it influenced voters, not so much today. Most of todays scene know who is/isn't active and who they should be voting for anyhow.

But comments are always nice in my opinion, and make an otherwise boring looking chapter of figures and listings and make it more entertaining to read.


Every other mag (including our own mag "Internal") gives comments on the charts in the same way: X climbs xx positions, Y is out of the charts, Z is new in the charts... I think this is mostly done to fill up the space.

If the charts are build-up correctly, they speak for themselves and don't need any comments.

The comments could influence the voters if the comments are like: next time vote for X, why is Y not in the charts, Z is higher ranked than deserved... Hope you know what I mean. ;)


As in most any kind of written information, un-commented data always needs a specially pre-informed reader. This is true for journalism, scientific literature and television-programs. And probably it is for scene-charts as well. Yet, commenting also bears the risk of influence as all kind of media do in some way or the other. Actually it pretty much depends on the way of commenting. I think we must not discuss about the factual side of commentary, such as pointing out or even explain about newbies in the charts, making clear who's already left the scene but still is getting votes and stuff like that. The other hand is personal opinion. But if you stress that point rather boldly and don't try to hide away that this is strictly subjective - well, then it might even give the readers new aspects to form their own point of view. After all, it's pretty much like reading the newspaper. You won't like to have personal commentaries in an informative article, but you'd probably enjoy reading a political commentary.


Well, it was the last comment to the commenting charts subject. Surely? No! At the end of this text I wanted to show the best opinion (in my opinion), the most sensible and I mostly agree with it! I liked this opinion the most and let me state it is the motto of this article... Listen to JERRY/TRIAD:


The charts have been commented on for as long as I can remember, and why not? I have the cracker magazine "Illegal" as far back as 1987 to prove that point.

Anyone with a brain would understand that any comments are personal, and there is nothing to discuss. If a comment open my eyes, so I see something I have missed, sure it could affect the way I vote, but it would't be unfair.

"Anyone with a brain..." - that's what I like!


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