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Scene News
by Cactus/Oxyron

I would never believe that another edition of my disk magazine will be released so quickly without any delay. As the publishing cycle of "Attitude" has been lost (we had always at least one-year delay), I wasn't able to collect as many interesting scene news as I did in the past. I hope you can forgive me a little bit shorter news chapter this time, not sorted with groupnames etc. One and half the month is not too much time in today's C-64 scene to be able to find as many happenings as in the past years. All the information included to this article come from the group's leaders, and so they are quite sure...


* As probably most of you know, I've joined OXYRON group and left SAMAR at the same time. "ATTITUDE" magazine is now released under Oxyron label.

Current memberstatus: Cactus, Fanta, Graham, RRR.

* "Filety on-line & 64NET", an Internet magazine by Apidya, got the new design recently. They're still searching for people interested in editing. Too bad it's Polish only.

* Rea left Apidya and he won't code a promised demo for them. Apidya is still searching for new members, contact Reiter ( if interested.

* After long years of inactivity, De-Koder group is back. They released digis collection "Excentric", two sided package contains modules by Data.

* Booze Design released another demo. "Interrupts Retriggerus" is one file dentro. On 16th August Jailbird left Breeze and teamed up with Booze. They are planning new demo-related releases, but all the plans are top secret. :)

Current memberstatus: HCL, Jailbird.

* The second edition of German paper magazine "Lotek64" has been released by Lord Lotek.

* Here's a short information about recent happenings in a Turkish group BRONX...

"We (BRONX) don't have any news these days. Endo and I (Skate) are working on a telephony software project, Hydrogen is in the army. We are not going to release anything in 3-6 months at least. But maybe, if I could find some time to finish it, we can release Hydrogen's music collection. I've already finished the code, musics are ready as well, but I can't even find time to go home, no kidding... We are not dead, just busy and we'll be back as soon as we finish out current business projects.


* Rough/Chromance joined Civitas forces as cracker and coder. He will try to build up a quality antiques crack section.

Current memberstatus: Black Jack, Brainsmasher, Chico, Doc Of Desire, Exile, JSL, Lordnikon, Pingo, Puterman, Raven, Richard, Rough, Sputnick, Zeitgeist.

* "Publication #49", a disk magazine by Zeitgeist, was released under Civitas label on 7th September. The magazine can be downloaded from:

(You can find the review of 49th and previous issue of "Publication" in this edition of "Attitude").

* "Publication #50" will be released in the late October, it will be a special jubilee edition with a new magsys and extra chapters. Civitas will also have the part in "Singles Collection vol.2".

* Phase1, Dalezy and Duck-Hunter have joined Creators.

* EXCESS seem to be the most active cracking group nowadays. They did 7 first releases in the last 3 months, what is very impressing these days... Here is the full list of recent cracks by Excess:

- Metal Warrior 4 Preview v2
- Metal Warrior 4 Preview v2 Official Version
- Cherry Dash
- Snack 4 Snakes
- Megamania64
- Cascade
- Galaxys +

Also "Bomb Chase Preview" was a first release, but Demonix was 10 minutes faster.

* Rohrschach left Excess because of inactivity on his own will. Rohrschach will stay in Padua and celebrate future parties like every year Mekka Symposium with the Excess Posse... Luka rejoined Excess.

Current memberstatus: Black Duke, Creb, Danzig, Eco, Ghost, H-Bloxx, Luka, Master S, Nameless, Red Rock, RHX, Sentinel, Spinball, Stormfront, Tadpole, The Pro, Variat.

* AMB is organizing a sid compo on BCN party as he did last year. BCN party is set for 1-3 November 2002.

* SML/Level64 left C-64 scene due to lack of time.

* Level64 web page at have been updated last August and September with a lot of cracks from old Spanish group. They are working to bring out all Spanish cracks ever.

Current memberstatus: Almighty God, AMB, BJ, Fefa, Bovirtual, Active, Finnr, Svan.

* Music Sound Labs (MSL) is a new Polish based music group. They've released a few musics on recent C64 parties and working on new tunes (in the next edition of "Attitude" you should hear one of them).

Current memberstatus: Jammer, Sidder, Smalltown Boy.

* "VANDALISM NEWS #39" was released in August. It contained 2 disk sides of text and a special "coca-cola" theme intro. "VANDALISM NEWS #40" is currently in progress and should arrive around November time, it will be a special celebration issue entitled "Ruby Edition".

* Jazzcat is currently working on "Domination #17" which is destined for late October. The magazine promises to have around 2 disk sides of articles and come with a bonus disk of exclusive wares.

* Jazzcat, Case and Vengeance are working hard on the "C64 Disk Magazine Archive" which should be the biggest online collection of C64 magazines. The mag files have been collected and most of the html has been done, only things left are ripping screenshots from the mags. The site will also put C64 paper magazines such as "Shock", "Pirates" and "Milestone" online in PDF format.

* Fungus left Onslaught several weeks ago, they are all still friends, he just wanted to pursue a solo comeback to the cracking scene. So they may even do some works with him again in the future. Also Stryyker left the group to focus only on TIDE. He is still friend with most of the members and will still be working on finishing his projects he has started for Onslaught such as "Speed" and "Past & Present 2".

Current memberstatus: Jazzcat, Vengeance, Slator, AMB, BA, Booker, Da Funk, Deev, DJB, GRG, Fade, Fungus, Jolz, Kickback, Leming, Naphalm, Praiser, Scratcher, Shapie, SounDemon, Stash, TMR, Trouble, Ultimate Hacker.

* Onslaught Antiques released two new big cracks, namely "Rick Dangerous II" and "Ninja Spirit" (both cracked from original tape).

* Ninja left Tempest to concentrate on The Dreams only.

* PADUA's "Scene News Network" was first in the demo competition at the Role Party 2002 in Belgium. Case from England (former member of TAT, Xentrix, Entropy) has decided to return to the scene, he has joined Padua as a coder.

Current memberstatus: Aggressor, Alias Medron, Anonym, Case, Chaotic, Cupid, Hoogo, Leonardo, Lord Hypnos, Lubber, Sad, Unlock, Vip, Waz, Weasel.

* Poison/Singular joined Protovision as graphician.

* Icon joined Remember as admin, coder and original supplier. He supplied them a new server, all REM releases are up again at "Immortal Antiques".

Current memberstatus: Hok, Icon, Fatman, Intruder, Jack Alien, Derbyshire Ram.

* RETRO64 is still alive. Anyone who wants to join or work with the group can drop Fuzz an e-mail (, however nothing really is in the works at the moment.

* Mac joined Role. Role plans to do a music collection with musics from Factor6.

* Scallop has changed its name to Skalaria. Jammic joined Skalaria as musician and coder. Britelite has left the memberstatus list. A demo called "Styler" will be released in the year 2002, a demo "Aqua Tomb" is planned to be released in 2003. They also think about music collection containing musics by !Cube, Agemixer and other Skalaria composers.

Current memberstatus: Agemixer, Jammic, Roostah, Subjik.

* has a new outfit and a lot of new downloads (cracks, musics...).

Current memberstatus: Axe, Poeba, Vai, WVL, Celtic, No-XS, Axodry.

* Next major update of "All_About_Your_64 (AAY64)" will be out soon. Besides some more info added, there will be "AAY1581" introduced! "AAY" is a hyperlinked help-system for C64 coders containing lots of information. Leach it from The Dream's homepage:

* Ninja/The Dreams is assisting the Retro-Replay development and working on his megademo.

Current memberstatus of The Dreams: Doc Bacardi, Ninja.

* TIDE has released "The Beergarden #9" recently. Issue #10 is expected before end of year.

Current memberstatus: Stryyker, Tomz, Antoman, Icelad.

* WOW group is working on their disk magazine "Internal #29" which is nearly finished. xIII released a 1k intro at the Phat2 party. More releases from WOW should come in the future, as they are also working on "Prestige" (Alien music collection) and "Zero's and One's" (the demo).

Current memberstatus: Alien, Alih, Bud, Bundy, CJ Warlock, Dancer, Einstein, Jockstrap, Lybis, Misfit, Remedy, Sorex, Top Secret, Vip, Wax, WEC, WHW Design, xIII.

* OXYGEN released "Capital Pack #6" containing "Biohazard" (Klax music collection) and some extra files.

* Fazee/ex-Taboo joined Elysium. Sage left Elysium and teamed up with his local friends in Exon.

* North Party v7.0 will be held in Bartoszyce, Poland on 4-6 October 2002. Find more information on the official webpage:

* Alias Medron/Padua has joined Samar as graphician as his second group. Yogibear/Protovision decided to leave Samar. "16 Colors" (Nylu's graphics collection) was released recently by Samar.

Current memberstatus: Alias Medron, Aristo, Azgar, Bzyk, Centrax, Isildur, JSL, Mac Arthur, Ramos, Viper, Zapotek.

And that's it! I want to thank very much all of you, who supported me with these news! THANKS!


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