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The Mixer
by Cactus/Oxyron

Welcome to the new article series in "Attitude". "The Mixer" is supposed to be a specific chapter to be published in every edition of our disk magazine. It will contain miscellaneous short texts on different subjects.

This time "The Mixer" contains some short extensions of articles that have been included into previous edition of "Attitude" (you'll know what I mean after changing the page), also a few coding advices by Puterman/Civitas and maybe some more texts will be added later on. I hope you'll like this chapter...




Many people have asked me about the invention of our group's name: Civitas. And now Cactus did, too. Okay, what is it all about? Civitas is Latin and a common dictionary would translate it with "citizenship". The French know the word "citoyen" for it. But does that fit? Not really. It's kind of difficult to translate, but the word "civitas" has its very own connotation, which all goes way back to the roots of democracy and social living. It's a special kind of community not to be easily compared to a modern township or anything. That's why I'm never the leader, but only the organizer of Civitas. Probably that gives a rough idea of what "civitas" means. But hey, let me be honest: I didn't make up my mind all that deeply when I thought of that name. It simply sounded good to my ears and I'm somehow addicted to the beauty of Latin language. And graphical aspects came up too, as I was taking first steps in logo-drawing back then. See, it's not too short so that a painter had to make big letters to fill the screen and it's not too long, so that problems of screen-size can arise. And the letters have quite a variety of shapes.

These are all sniplets of thinking a logo-graphician might include when thinking about a groupname. Probably this sounds dull to you, who knows?! Well, I don't think I have any more proper explanation for the name. :)



The group T-Pat, founded in 1988 by Slimer, renamed into Creators one year later. Monty/The Golden Triangle came up with the name "Creators" back in 1989, and 5-6 years later he joined the group himself (as Thomas/Creators). The correct abbreviation for Creators would have been CRT, but so many demos were released using CTR before anyone noticed that we've kept it.




1. What was the best demo-effect you have ever seen on the C-64?

- Sideborder sprites (I thought my friend was pulling my leg when he told me, before I saw it with my own eyes)
- ESCOS (especially in the "Think Twice I and V" by The Judges)
- Hardware scrollers. The last MDT demo (by Boogaloo and Exilon who then joined Horizon) was simply BRILLIANT!
- FLI and its family of create lots of colours (The Origo demo in Virby made some difference).

2. What is the best C-64 demo all the time in your opinion?

Well, "Think Twice I" and "Think Twice V" stunned me the most. Most hypes must be "Dutch Breeze". "Legoland III" is the one I am proudest of. Quite a lot of what Horizon ever did was simply amazing! Censor made the most overrated stuff - great on big screens, poor on smaller ones!

And it was the last opinion of a coder concerning the best demos and demo effects in their opinion. I hope you liked that chapter and found out what C-64 coders like the best. :)

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