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Interview With Franky
by Commander/Role

Legend: "C" - Commander/Role, "F" - Franky/Role.

C: Hi Peter! Like in most interviews, tell us something about yourself. Maybe a little scene history about yourself, too...

F: Okidoki... I'll start about myself then... As you already noted my real name is Peter and not Frank or Franky as many people think (with greetings to Vip). I was born in 1976 and am currently working as a system administrator at a big express courier company.

I got into the Amiga scene in 1991, having a C64 since 1983, but those were the days you played games like hell, and only got into the C64 scene when I left the one on the Amiga - and that should have been around the year 2000. On the C64 I've always been a member of Role, on the Amiga I was in (with forgetting a majority no doubt and in total random order) Reflex, Therapy, Purple Turtle, Mexx, Energy and at the end Bad Karma, where I was the leader.

C: Tell the sceners how you came to the handle Franky.

F: I've been using various handles since 1991 but I believe it was in 1993 or 1994 that I just picked "Frankenstein" for the fun of it. At the same time I teamed up with Maddy (the sys-op of Metal Impact, an Amiga BBS) to go modem trading and shortened it to "FRaNKy" (where, for you trivia-seekers, "Maddy" was short for Mad Shitbrain). And that handle has been sticking around for about 10 years now.

C: You are doing a lot of things in Role. Tell us something about your functions in Role.

F: Well, if you check the "CSDb" you'd see a lot of functions. :) I'd say that my main 'thing' is writing chapters for our diskmag "Rock'n Role" and for "ArachnoPhobia" - published together with Spiders Crew. At the meantime I enjoy myself with some graphics and I organize the Role Party. We've just had this year's 2002 edition, but it is not clear yet if there will be one in 2003. But I'll talk about that in the next question.

C: There has been the Role Party 2002. You were the main organiser. Can you tell us how the party was according to you? Were you satisfied?

F: The party was nice... We didn't have any organisational problems for what I can tell, except that it is impossible to find a female-female audio cable in Genk between noon and 3 p.m. The visitors were nice, but for some reason very few people from Germany showed up, although I know that a lot of'm are living not so far from Belgium. The quality and quantity of the releases was also very good... Looking at the smaller amount of active sceners that we can reach, I think I can be very satisfied with the compo entries.

C: You are a webmaster of several websites. Tell us something about your site "Vendetta".

F: Vendetta is (or was) a site I maintained while working for my former employer... There I also had the helpdesk to run and those stories that annoyed the shit out of me ended up on But as my current position hardly covers any helpdesk functions anymore it's hard to keep it updated. And with the work the C64 scene has been giving me lately the time to do so has been little anyway. Although I tell myself to update it every wekend, it hardly ever happens.

C: You have been also a scener in the Amiga scene for many years. Comparing the Amiga scene to the C64 scene, what is your comment to this? Which scene you like most and why?

F: I don't think I am in the position to compare both of'm, when I was in the Amiga scene, as when being in the Amiga scene I hardly looked at the C64...

What I can tell today is that the Amiga scene is becoming faster and faster some kind of a "niche" scene, even more so then the C64... I'd say that I am having the most fun in the C64 scene, but maybe it is because I am doing this purely as a hobby and there is no need anymore to spread your group's cracks or trainers as fast as possible to the fastest boards.

C: You have also visited a lot of parties. Which C64 orientated party did you like the most and why?

F: Mekka/Symposium should stand out... Although I remember The Party 1994 where all Amiga users were yelling that they were going to buy an Amiga 1200, I saw the C64 demo compo... To summarize my reaction I can be short... "FUCK". I went home with the "I'm gonna buy me a C64" instead of "I'm gonna buy me an Amiga 1200" line in my head. That became true when looking at "Project Pitchfork" at Mekka/Symposium 1997... I believe I had to pick up my jaw a couple of times during the showing of this demo (I was still in Bad Karma on the Amiga at the time, and not active on the C64).

C: You are also a graphician. When did you start your first paintings? Does it satisfy you?

F: I've been painting a lot, just for the fun of it, for years - even on the Amiga. But I find painting on the C64 much more fun than on any other platform. I also realize that my pictures will never ever win any competition... As I repeat, I only draw stuff for the fun of it.

C: You are an editor of two disk magazines. Some more info about this?

F: Well, as I already mentioned I write some articles for "ArachnoPhobia" and "Rock'n Role", but I have been writing for a much longer time... Those with a huge collection of Amiga diskmags can find some stuff from me in "ICE issue 7" and I also believe issue 8 from late 1991, early 1992. I believe that magazine was published by D-Tect or Cytax, I kind of forgot after 10 years. Don't look at the English, it has some of the worst typo's in here I have ever seen - at the time I was 14 or 15 years old and learned my English from scrolltexts.

C: Thanks for this interview.

F: You're welcome.


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