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Interview With Sentinel
by Cactus/Oxyron

He was interviewed only once in his scenetime. It was many years ago. I thought it'd be good to ask him some questions once again. That's why you're reading interview with Sentinel in this issue of "Attitude"...


C: Hello Sascha!

S: Hi Pawel!

C: At first tell our readers something about yourself.

S: I am 30 years old, 1.88 tall, have darkblond hair and brown eyes. I work in a shop for resellers. That means people, who have a small shop, a restaurant or some kind of that can buy at our place, normal consumers. Beside that I work as a mobile DJ together with a friend.

C: And what about your C-64 scene activities?

S: In the past I was the one who formed Excess together with Red Rock, Firelord and Darkman. I was working for Excess as a cracker and main editor of "Nitro". I also swapped with 10-20 people. Between 1999 and 2002 I was nearly inactive. Now I am working together with Stormfront and Red Rock on the new "Nitro", the first after 4 years.

C: Do you have any hobbies excepting the C-64?

S: I play handball in a very low ranged league. Collecting records, the TV-series Derrick, the Three Investigators Books and Tapes (Drei Fragezeichen in German) are some more of my hobbies.

C: When did you enter the C-64 scene?

S: I entered C-64 scene around summer of 1991 when Shadow, a contact of mine, joined Cyberpunx. I got in contact with Count Zero/Cyberpunx then. That was the beginning.

C: In how many groups have you been during all past years?

S: I was in Excess for my whole scenetime, except half a year in Acrise before the cooperation (1995).

C: What's your opinion about today's C-64 scene? How long do you think it will exist?

S: For many people the scene already is dead. But for me it isn't dead yet. It only has changed a lot and on this level it will take some more years.

C: How did you get your handle?

S: I took the name from the game. Count Zero and I talked about a handle for me and it was the result.

C: When Excess was founded? And what was the main reason for forming a completely new group?

S: Excess was founded in autumn of 1991, exactly on the 25th of October. Red Rock, Firelord, Darkman and me planned a diskmag ("Nitro") and therefor we formed Excess. We also released so called "cracked" games for the beginning, but the first ones only were intro-linked games. When I learned a bit assembler from Gash/Excess around 1992, I also trained the games and made some small intros.

C: Few time Excess was know for its cooperations (with Avantgarde, Acrise and Hitmen). Could you please explain why did you enter those cooperations and how long did they exist?

S: The first co-op was no real one. Avantgarde, the best cracking group at that time, was our chance to put out real first releases (fixed ones). We had no fixer, but we had the originals. And we had some good friends in Avantgarde. We released 3 first releases together with them, first one in summer of 1994, the last one in early 1995. The co-op with Acrise was done of several reasons. I was a member of Acrise at that time after I left Excess 5 months before. Cat and Bordeaux, too. Also members, who were in Excess before and part of the "Nitro" staff. To complete the "Nitro"-crew again we did the co-op. We also thought that would be the perfect mix. The co-op started in October of 1995 and splitted in September of 1996. Nearly one year. About the third co-op I cannot say really much, as I wasn't really active at that time. We stopped the co-op at SymMek 1999 after 8 or 9 months.

C: It's known that some people from both groups (Excess and Hitmen) didn't accept the cooperation. Why?

S: For the most members of Hitmen the C-64 was declared dead and they saw no need for a co-op. Many of our members saw no need as it was just one member in Hitmen, who was active for them.

C: How did it all start with "Nitro"?

S: Red Rock and me often talked about our own diskmag. When we formed Excess we realized "Nitro". Number one, written in a selfstarting notemaker was released on the Success and Dominators Party at Papenburg/Germany on December of 1991. From "Nitro #2" on we had a real, but simple magcoding. "Nitro" changed the magcoding several times.

C: It was a long time ago when the latest issue of "Nitro" was released. Why you had such a long delay?

S: The reason is that we don't want to use the old mag-coding again, but as all our coders are so involved in their jobs that they have no time to realize such a big work like a mag-coding. Several mag-codings were started by the one or other coder of us, but nothing was finished. We had three times nearly the full text ready, but then nothing happened. Now another try with a refreshed version of the old mag-coding. But it can take some time. Our members are mostly between 25 and 30 years old and don't have the time like 10 years before, when most of us still went to school.

C: OK. When can we expect the newest edition of your disk magazine then? And will that issue bring something new?

S: You can expect it this year, but it will bring not very much new. We try to hold the old standard, what is hard enough to realize. But you can expect the return of many former members in the "Nitro" staff, for example Luka/Excess who rejoined after he quitted in 1995.

C: What's your job in "Nitro"? And how was "Nitro #19" released despite you were not editor at that time?

S: Before our delay I was the main editor, writing the editorial, the charts together with Red Rock, the news and the addy corners. All chapters made out of the votesheets and the last written ones like "editorial" and "last words". Packing the chapters and finish the "Nitro" was also my job, mostly together with Red Rock. Now I will do the most work together with Stormfront. But Red Rock still stays as "Nitro" editor.

The "Nitro #19" was released when I was in Acrise only. Gash and Red Rock did the most work. Gash took over my position for that "Nitro" release. As they had less editors than before, number #19 was onesided. The ones before and after were twosided issues. "Nitro #20" was the first one during the Acrise&Excess co-op. Number #23 was the first after the co-op when I jumped over to Excess again.

C: Why did you leave Excess for a while in March 1995?

S: There were some internal problems. Some members wanted to go on with Excess and "Nitro" like before and some wanted changes. In March of 1995 it came to some kind of trouble. I didn't saw that there were need of changes and so I decided to leave the group. Today I know that the changes were necessary. There was no fun anymore with that releasing-speed of "Nitro" we reached at 1995.

C: Do you have any plans for the future? In the scene and your real life?

S: In the scene my plan is to release "Nitro" again and to show the masses Excess is still alive and kicking. In my privte life I hope it will go like now...

C: What are your favourites on the C-64 scene in following categorries...

S: - Demo group: Crest, Oxyron
- Cracking group: Avantgarde
- Coder: TTS, Crossbow
- Cracker: Jack Alien
- Graphician: Alien Prophet
- Musician: A-Man
- Swapper: Intruder
- Demonstration: Dutch Breeze, Tower Power
- Disk Magazine: Skyhigh (our heaviest competitor between 1993 and 1995)

C: Is there anything you'd like to tell our readers? Maybe to greet some friends?

S: Thank you for this interview. It is my second one for a C-64 mag. Greetings to Commander/Role, who still supplies me with C-64 wares. Thanx Serge. Then greetings to my former contacts (hope you can read it!): Intruder, Splatterhead, Bordeaux, Count Zero, Riddler, Honk, Truss, Code'18... to our ex-members: Sgt.Pepper, Mr.Rage, Cat, Pneumatix, Gash, Spermbird, Outlaw, Renegade, Trouble, New Design, Pulse, Fantastic Zool, Dr.Kaos, Mendrake, Blue Angel, Holy Moses and the ones I forgot.

C: Thank you very much for the interview.

S: Thanks, too. Hope you never have such big delays with your magazine like we had. Good luck, Pawel!

/September 2002


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