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To Be Or Not To Be #2
by o.b./RSi/TRSi

To be, or not to be - YES D-DAM, that is the question.

Handle: o.b.
Group: NS-DAPi (German HPAK group)
Country: Germany
Real Name: Olli
Age: almost 30
Status: living again on his own
Previous Groups: OCA, RSi/TRSi, ICS(1987), Arcade+Deadline, Success-XRay, Paranoid Artists, D2T, F4CG, Insiderz, Brainbombz, German Gold, Phreaker's Paradize,...
Scene: Learned coding&cracking from 1984 on, HP from 1991 on Europe's Favourite Conference Operator 1991 and 1992

Unless you have read one of the largest interviews ever done with me (Ingenious Brain/FairLighT 1994 or so) you might love to read some individual verses from me which I have been asked to write by Cactus.

It was summer 1984 when I bought a ViC20 - a machine which was already dying a little because of the good old games that were released on C64 already, I learned my first steps in assembler on a basic-toolkit with the ViC20 and fumbled around with sound coding and tried a lot to crack the carts - I failed... But I loved SCRAMBLE and FROGGER to death on that machine, even more than on ATARI 2600 (the PSX of 1980...), then bought myself a PC128 in somewhat around May 1985. Fiddling around with that built-in monitor on the 128 (was it Techmon or something?) I finished one of my very first cracks ever: Silent Service - and yes, I still own that original (I got it twice). One of the next was "Ultima IV" - I bought that shit thing for 190 DM (which is about 100 Euros today) and cracked it. Has anyone of you got that crack? I lost so much due to police events after 1988... Hey Tom/New Edition: Good that I met you at Radwar's, I thought both we would never survive all those busts...

1986, at that time, a one-scroll-intro served my little purposes right. Some dudes from Sharks (C+L) and Newlook lived quite close to me, but guess what: I did not yet even take notice of them. I sold that stuff at school, but not like that greek Headbanger or C+L. They earned around 1000 Euro every month. This was my main fault - I did never really earn money with my releases... what a mistake! What sin!

I got me a 1571 drive and then a second and started copying like what. 8 seconds for one side copy INCLUDED the format option. I just found that old tool I had been using way back there. It really copied all in 8 secs - without any parallel cables, it was 2 1571s only! Gosh, were those drives an investment back then (ca. 600 Euros each!!), they did cost a little fortune!

The main problem was about the originals. The games usually came out on tape and that from England! So somehow I managed to organize the same shop which also TRi DOS /iKARi used for supply. Unfortunately, my problem has always (up to the time in Success) been the support with originals, TRi DOS _LIVED_ there, and I had to let them ship me the games, so he was nearly always first... Haha. :-/ Greetings from Lubeca to Norwich!! Ha!

I still remember those funny phonechats which I had with TK/TRiAD, later ELiTE, he taught me how to use a DTMF Dialer (called Touchtone at that time), he gave me light on how to (ab)use AT&T. So a little "phreaking" begann back then in 1987/88.

1991, ages later, I should come upon recognizing that I - rumours has it - shall somehow have done some tape auto cracker. TSG 9001 told me that. I found that programm when I was moving house in 2000. It was a basic program and says that TSG9001 and Lazyness of Razor should have done that. Hm, have I been in Razor also? Cannot imagine neither recall. Maybe TSG (Hellfire/Razor&Warfalcons at that time) took me in. Nevermind.

The main target was to shorten loading time as there has been a huge one on the Tape originals those days. So your task was to get the original, run TSG-LZN or whatever autocracker and pack it using ECA Cruncher (Hey Andreas, there are times when I STILL use your cruncher these times!!!) and then saving it to disk. Because that ruled. I can remember that I at first only used some one-scroll intro. There was nothing besides saying "OCA invites you to..... blah" limited to 255 chars and finished with zero byte.

Ah yes, speaking of OCA, I shall mention that
[x] yes, I was also active under the name of FRED CLEVER until late 1990 but
[x] no, I am not the one Jeff Smart (TRiAD,ELiTE) started off with in "BOJESOFT".

I still wonder how companies came to the idiotic idea to set up their games for the whole world's disk access - but selling those on TAPE in England. Now what a logic! I am not from England, maybe ask Just Ice or so, but I explain that to myself with the vast majority of tape users in the UK.

Really, I would love to take my SX64 with 2400 Baud Modem and travel back to that time. There have been such cool and at the same time lousy protections like
1) Ocean loader ($4000, 23 checksum error), made an asm autocracker for that, hi goes direction Munich: Hey YETi Fac, I of course looked at your autocracker, but I found mine much smarter :-)
2) GMA Loader (2 or 3 diff versions), made autocrackers for those all
3) Tape games (usually started at $080d)

I experimented a lot with cartridges - no not for freezing, am I Section 8??? No, the carts that served me a lot of time where EXPERT (with Mr. President's ROM also!) and ACTION. I hated Final Cart because it was so impotent it could not load beneath $d000. From 1990 on I concentrated on DE-FROSTING those games which came out under the OCEAN lable for instance. Remember Rainbow Islands? I still got that original here, the game was FROZEN with Action Replay. Thus, I had to DEFROST it, and therefore I wrote o.b. DEFROSTER which was later able to defrost (=defreeze) everything from AC to Nordic Power down to FREEZY FRAME (anyone recall this great cart from 1985???) and Expert C. and save the code to the disc.

Over the years I have become a database for sceners. TSG9001 once said, I should become somewhat like the scene phone directory. My conferences through 1990-1993 where known to be a contact and AT&T social engineering base for friends and mates around the globe. Ah, Snacky/G*P: Is your number blacklisted yet? :-)

I got my first modem around 1986, it was a DEUTSCHE POST modem D1200s, and I still own it, look at Ebay auctions, I will sell it there. My first steps were usually to call for local boards, but there were no important boards except for maybe those from the CHAOS COMPUTER CLUB here in North Germany, who became quite famous for their SPARKASSE-BTX hack...That's when I gained interest in H/P.

When Dari cracked "Defender Of The Crown" under the Werner Soft Cracking lable I got the inspiration to strongly improve my intros. The WSC - which I was never a real member of, had a cool intro with $D021 colours and a $D011 upscroller. Later, we both founded the Paranoid Artists as Michael Winterberg and DD left for the Atari. Gosh. THAT was a funny time!!! We really kicked it! Until 1991, when Dari suffered from a Karate contest. Since that he has never been like before suffering from some psychic problems and treatments. His sound-editor (which we both started in 1989) with 5-voices has been finished, but guess what: without earning money with it - as usual with our programs.... I still have ALL the source codes and will put them onto my new homepage. We renamed "Paranoid Artist Project Elite Design" to Dance To Trance and released some good sounding demos. Thanks Arne/AFL, you did good tunes as soon as you were drunk :-) No really, most tunes from Arne/AFL (who joined D2T) were shit, but imagine me listening and dancing to SINGING COWS/D2T!! THAT was a cool sound! We could have gone a Amiga standards there.

Somehow I lost interest in D2T and the sound editor, because Dari became more and more crazy, more and more aggressive - and that resulted in that tournament event described before. Dari has never really recovered from that. I joined Insiders in 1991 and joined Phreaker's Paradize together with TSG9001/Insiderz, MrPresident/RSi/Insiderz and some might also remember Gadget/Action. We spend loads of time in that Mobil Oil VMB System, where we holded even sort of....code conferences. Really, that system was one of those I got much data off. It was like our "Eagle's Nest" somehow. Same goes for the many SIS 2000 and Mercury/Meridian Systems I "ran".

Before that we (TSG9001, I and MrPresident, who later retired) coded that famous Bluebox.

The BlueBox (try password "B***E***") 1.0a was for AT&T in 1991, it had MRP's RSi Intro in front of it even though RSi was more or less AMiGA only in that year, but we liked it. I went to spain to test it and later got that idea to have me a DEMON DIALER - still own that one. If anyone is interested, make a bid! It is the CCC-Germany version from Rene, which originates from HACKTIC-NL, it can connect and xfer to PC and uses CCITT5, R2, C4, DTMF of course, and it is password protected. Interested? Make a bid!

I made that mistake NOT to join Dominators end of 1991, but join Success instead, I can remember that precisely. It was that lame SUCCESS DOM party in Germany, please forgive me Bod, I admid it was a fault... Jack Daniels and Dogfriend, you still alive?

Because - having already become quite famous for AT&T hacking and my phone conferences - I was asked to join many various groups. I was in SCOOPEX-Amiga at that time (under another handle) - but did not even own an AMiGA. I just hacked cards and called the boards. TSG was importing those US ROBOTICS modems. I got me one and changed the power supply. Still got that one, it does not look beautiful, but serves its purpose as 9600 HST modem. Want that one?

I spent most of my time in my upcoming BBS (yes, I have run a BBS at that time already, it was the UCBBS from Pudwerx/Illusion/ATC it ran on) and the bluebox, I will never forget that lovely weekend with TSG and his parents, that FEHMARN (a half-island at the North East Coast of Germany, yes we were the NORTH EAST COAST PHREAKERS HAHAHAH) meeting made its place in the history book. You can read that history book at my BBS, now called Telek0ma (it used to be the "Defloration" during my years in RSi/TRSi, because back then I cosysoped Nightwriters BBS "Forplay" in St.Louis).

As I said, being of the socalled "mates" of TYRookiEE (Tyree!!!) was one of my major faults. We built that cool Eccentrix and renamed it to ARCADE one week later. We made it to place #2 within 2 weeks. People were so impressed by STA's intro (113 blocks, 3D graphics and music by Turrican2-musician Siebold, also a member of Arcade). But, unfortunately, as the name TYROOKIEE tells it all, we got into some more or less personal conflict with our COOP group Deadline - where Gene and NME holded forces. Hey, Gene, haven't heard from you since ACE times hahaha. No really, the differences between Tyree's behaviour and the interests that the English guys in Deadline had were too large to let that coop survive. Read what Derby-Ram wrote. It's true. But Derby, please forgive us :-) I and TSG9001 had such a difference with Tyrookie, that Tryrookie kicked out all of the members and started posting bullshit on our HQ. Then offending our Syslord and that Sysop (cannot remember the name) was that pissed off by Tyree that he kicked Tyree off and closed down the entire board.

Then, there was the night, when we decided to rejoin forces for C64-Razor as Skidrow was said to return from Amiga, TSG had been running that Warfalcons&Razor HQ where I was "trying" to cosysop around: School Crime. Back then, I made my first - VERY HARD - steps on PCBoard BBS software... Now, during that one night we all (6 without Irata) met in TSG's garden and reorganized Red Sector on C64. I sat together with TSG, Gandalf (Yes, HE is MRP!!!), Termo, Benson and Psychobilly and advised whom to take. Therefore, my at that time vast scene-phone-directory was at best use!

So TSG and I left for FULL action in RSi. I dropped all our groups which I was in at that time, even the sound-project, to concentrate back on RSi and no more Razor or so, I even dropped ALL of my >180 mail contacts, I had been both modem trading and swapping at the time until 1991. I was "undercover HP" in too many groups at that time. For instance, ask Solar about Mindbender (YES! There has been a bluebox for the Italians!) ... Or look out for Brainbombed PAL/NTSC fixes by Nomad... Nowadays, I wonder how I made all this in a 24/7 life.

Lennart was said to support me with originals, but again, they all thought I was phreaker only so I went calling the boards again - what a job. There I met a lot of old mates again. I remember the I*T boards also Pudwerx and his illusioned staff :-) as well as many HP dudes from the states.

Around 1993, yes, I remember my FAREWELL demo, I released it at the CEBIT 1993, I had enough of it and quit all. Psychobilly/x-Shit-eric behaved like Tyree did, he deleted my releases on Forplay and even spread our bluebox outside the group. I quit in a very curious way: Not that I made that farewell demo, it was THAT *ONE* original I had in the entire time in RSi/TRSi: It became a firstrelease... HAHA Big laugh!

Hysteric from Hannover and all the lame idiots of former COCOON were that lame and uncooperative that Psychobrilly's (German Brille=glasses) behaviour was only top of the iceberg. Guess who crashed the entire FORPLAY (our own board...) in revenge and formatted all the drives under the name of that axxhxxe "Skinhead/HYST"?

Those bastards kept on spreading the BB with their mods, another example is like we have just discussed it on Padua's SCENE-List or so. Facts were, are and will be that the most (if not all!) German Blueboxes have been ripped or at least rewritten from our (by the way originally looking RED !!! Bluebox). The most obvious and therefore really embarrasing events were the Bluxboxes from RADAR/ARCADE (ROY/VICTIMS) and SKINHEAD/HYST.

While Skinhead (who cannot code at all) changed only the screen display for crediting him, Radar went on with COPYING *my* typo faults from the 1991-September 2.1a version. That 2.1a version has been the possibly most widely spread BB ever. Imagine! He copied *MY* false $d40x init commands and typos (which I made in the source code) and used all that in "his" BB. Big laugh, Hartmut! Well done, "CODER".

I expected people to at least have a little understanding if not respect, but copying errors is quite obvious, is it not? I find that truely embarrassing!

I found my source code disks after moving house. I made up my mind and decided I will put ALL those SRC onto my homepage. I found all Bluebox Codes until Version 1995-7.2-blueII, after that, I am missing one disk side. But maybe I can also find that one. Really, when I found that disk, I ran the assemblers and really found myself smiling with a tear in my eyes. What a nostalgical moment...

The Bluebox was usually spread embedded into CCGMS - one at that time very popular terminal programme. Noone besides me seemed to know about that much better HANDY Term (was short and good and fast and HANDY!) and later they all appeared to use Nova Term. Now, the programme usually started with the Bluebox, you dialed and connected and then hit restore or so the run the terminal itself. I later built in some function into CCGMS and HANDY Term to also return to the Bluebox in order to be able to redial or dial up elsewhere and also have a phonebook on disk.

The only thing I made correct was never to feed the trolls more than I and we had already done (I explained Tryrookie how to use a BB - what a sin!), so I never explained anybody the usefulness of the TASI and C-Codes. I could go for so called "Punter"-Lines on EVERY line with some certain frequencies which enabled priority calls and MUCH BETTER connections without echo, buzz or alike.

People keep on trying to call me under the number that TSG wrote into the 2.1a version on the bottom: People. Don't! I changed the numbers 16 times now since then! You can still go for the +49-4xxx-TRSi1 and TRSi2 numbers even although I do not want to have anything to do with the nowadays peoples in TRSi-PC (Warhead, you are so arrogant, it stinks to heaven!).

Later we installed 3rd voice for white and pink noise emulation. They installed filters and I simply went to the library in Lubeca and studied a book called "Resonanz & Filter-Kochbuch" - I suppose you guess what that means...

Somehow, however, I lost interest in the scene as it is nowadays. It seems to consist of lamer parties and boozing only, playing network games is not what I had been used to in 20th century :-)

And what now?

Cactus told me to write what I am doing these days. I work hard (sometimes) for world's largest international insurance company and therefore spend a lot of my time (even my spare-time) in my job. I have been doing this for almost 10 years now. I survived some tropic fever (DENGII) in 2000 and made cars and moving house my hobbies. :-) I kept my BBS running for over 13 years now, just recovered it from a HD crash and am going to move house this October again, thereafter resetting up all the BBS for your pleasure and my contacts.

The rest is music, music and again music. Since we insured Germany's largest music studio at the EXPO area, I want to go much more into music, mostly dance tracks, house and ACiD. If anyone looks over the boarders of his keyboard and wants to do some music, get back to me. Find me on the net....

Another thing is that I am returning to H/P. I got some data here which will enable another cool coup... Let's see.

All in all, I did never regret that time on C64. I just repaired 5 of them and if anyone wants to have one, tell me. I got 18 computers at the moment, my SX64 is now for sale at EBAY. It's the one I coded the Bluebox on - this is like a Roland TB 303, it is a certain magic, so bid for it... Info will be released on the RADWAR ML. I only regret I have not spent MORE time on C64. :-) Honestly, I was fun. What I learned is not to take anything so personal. Some people just do not know what they do, say or what games they play in.

I still have many demo parts here which have never seen a release disk, so you can expect something from me. It is just that I have now set my priorities differently. But there's at least a demo for 20 years C64...

Future will tell if we meet us again...


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