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Cracking Role
by Commander/Role

Story about Role as cracking group by Commander.

1989, April, the start of Role. Role was not just a demo group, but also a cracking group during many years and still is.

1989 was a poor year for Role, not many games were cracked by Role... Especially no first releases from Role in 1989.

1990 was different year. You can call 1990 the best year for Role concerning cracking games! Many games were cracked by Role and also many first releases, thanks to a good supply of a software-distributor. This software-distributor sold us the games before going to the shops. Of course it costed us some extra more money than it normally costs. Yes, 1990 was the golden year for Role.

In 1991 Role still cracked games and a very few first releases, the cracking in Role was slowing down... 1991 was also the year that the police was searching for crackers on C-64 (with help from the German police).

Well, 1992 was a bad year, cracking was slowing down very much for Role. Almost no cracking activity in Role that year.

1993, almost no cracking happened in Role. 1994, the year that Role did some oldie-cracks, this was done by Ice-T/Role. He was very good! Also some recent cracks happened, but not too many.

1995, almost no cracking activity in Role.

But 1996 was again a good start for Role in the cracking business! Many releases appeared... In October 1996 Role went into cracking co-op with WOW for a few years.

1997 was a big hit. WOW+Role (who were only in a cracking co-op, coding happened under the groups separately) released a lot of first releases. Most first releases were done by Sorex/WOW/Role.

In 1998 WOW+Role did also some oldie-cracks. Again there were some first releases, but not that many as in 1997.

And in 1999, WOW+Role was slowing down more in cracking.

2000 was the year that the co-op between WOW and Role ended. WOW had almost no activity anymore in cracking, so Role went solo again. And this was good. Again many cracks were coming from Role.

And in 2001 some more cracks and first releases appeared from Role. Many first releases were done by Faayd/Excess/Role.

Nowadays in 2002, Role has had only a few first releases, but there were some normal mail cracks aswell.

What the future will bring? Who knows... Fact is that less and less games appear, so less and less games will be cracked.

That's it.


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