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by Cactus/Oxyron

It is the late September, year 2002... The new edition of "ATTITUDE" disk magazine is being brought to you by OXYRON. The reason for releasing "ATTITUDE" under OXYRON label is very simple: I (the main editor) have joined OXYRON few weeks ago. Releasing the magazine under OXYRON label doesn't mean any changes (the new outfit was planned before), the magazine will keep its spirit and style, for example supporting the snailmail scene.

Fourth edition of "ATTITUDE" contains 15 articles. I hope you'll find at least few texts interesting. I'd like to thank all of you for material ($$$ ;)) and moral support, which made me able to release this edition without any bigger delay. I'm not sure if the fifth issue will be released this year, but surely you won't have to wait for it too long, as it happened in the past.

Well, some words about controlling the magazine should be mentioned. So you can control it by joystick or keyboard. Controlling is self-evident and it probably doesn't need any explanation (as you've reached this page I'm quite sure you know which keys are used to move through the pages). One extra key has been added: now you can leave the chapter also by pressing left arrow known as "ESCAPE" key. At any time you can jump to the first page of the article by pressing "F1". If you do not like the colours of the text/background, you can change them by pressing "F7" key (8 colour-styles are available). There's no music menu available in this magazine. I've realised that it'd be ridiculous to use music menu since all the tunes can be loaded at any time while reading the chapter by pressing "1"-"6" keys. Well, here is the list of all EXCLUSIVE musics composed for this edition of "Attitude":

1. "Faeries" by GRG/Shape/Onslaught
2. "Ekkosang" by GRG/Shape/Onslaught
3. "Escape From Tropic" by Moog/Agony/Taboo
4. "Good Attitude" by Merman/P.O.L./Role
5. "Oriental Chimes" by Merman/P.O.L./Role
6. "Lightspeed" by Agemixer/Skalaria

Of course the BIG thanks must go to all these composers for supporting me with their nice tunes! Thank you very much for that!

More thanks must go to graphicians (Colitt and RRR) for providing me with a high quality pictures and logos! I'd also like to thank all people, who wrote some articles for this issue of "Attitude" so that I was able to release it so quickly.

All the non-C64 related chapters have been removed from "Attitude" and now this magazine is 100% only about the C64 and the C64 scene.

Now it's time to give you the full credits of this magazine, so you know who should deserve your votes. ;)



code: Cactus/Oxyron
graphics: RRR/Oxyron
music: Wizard/Elysium
fonts: Valsary/Elysium


code: Cactus/Oxyron
hires picture: Colitt/De-Koder
multi logo: RRR/Oxyron
proportional fonts: Phobos/Samar
musics: see above


cruncher: Level Squeezer v2.0
irq-loader: Sensei/Arise


main editor: Cactus/Oxyron
co-editors: Commander/Role, Puterman/Civitas
legal critics: Alias Medron/Padua, HCL/Booze Design
guest editors: Krill/Plush, O.B./RSi/TRSi, Shake/Spiders Crew, Zeitgeist/Civitas



- contact me for anything concerning "ATTITUDE"!

The official spreaders of "Attitude #4" are: Ramos/Samar, Stormfront/Excess, Zapotek/Samar. You can get the magazine as well as the votesheet from them...

Mariusz Rozwadowski
ul. Goszczynskiego 8/96
41-219 Sosnowiec

- ATTITUDE disk magazine
- 100% reply for all!

Peter Kannengiesser
Hans-Sachs-Strasse 36
451375 Leverkusen

- ATTITUDE disk magazine
- 100% reply for all!

P.O.Box 140
3833 Boe

- ATTITUDE disk magazine
- 100% reply for all!

Don't hesitate to visit the official webpage of "ATTITUDE", which has been designed by RRR/Oxyron and that is available at:

Yep! That's it! Enjoy the magazine and give us some feedback. I hope you'll like this issue and find it interesting. Have a nice reading...

Attitude main editor.

...on the very last days of September 2002.

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