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Communication In The C-64 Scene
by Commander/Role

Let's start in the beginning...

In the very beginning everything was about selling games by a few crackers/cracking groups. If there was a contact between those crackers/groups, most things happened by phone and the post. Later on, a few years later, phone was getting very expensive in many countries and so most guys/girls did everything by post. The real swappers were also born in that time (1984-1986 period).

In the meantime also a connection with the NTSC-scene happened and a new way of communication came to life. People used the phone again, but on the illegal way (calling cards, blue boxes,...). Also the Boards (BBS) became very popular, especially in the States, but also in Europe. The cracking groups were communicating mostly by modem. As long as it was possible to do these things on the illegal way (the cheapest way!), the Boards were the most popular way to communicate and the releases (mostly cracked games) were very new.

Still the swapping scene (which did it all by post) was going on, it never really died. Only some countries lost almost all their sceners, because they went to another platform.

In the meantime, we are passing the middle of the nineties and almost the whole cracking scene went very slow, while the demo scene was growing and growing more. The swappers were still there, the Boards disappeared, only a few stayed alive.

In the meantime, we are getting closer to the end of the nineties and the Internet gets more and more important for the scene. A new communication for the C-64 takes it over. Many groups are doing most things by Internet, many groups are setting up a website! Sadly enough, the scene slowed down because of the Internet (especially because of the IRC), but many newcomers brought the scene more life. Nowadays the Internet is a very important thing to communicate, but also the swapping scene (by post) is still existing.

That's the little story of the C-64 and its communication.


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