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C-64 Gaming
by Cactus/Samar

Sometimes I was thinking about creating my own cool game for the C-64. But as many times as I wanted to do it, I did need to ask myself: is it worth the trouble? I decided to consult my opinion with other C-64 sceners and I must admit that some of them surprised me a lot! I decided to edit this chapter for "Attitude #3" and type here all those interesting words written by different people. That's true that some of the C-64 sceners are completely not interested in the game scene, but I will not type such statements here.

I have asked about...

* Are you still interested in playing C-64 games on real machine or emulator?

* Do you have any idea for the game that has not been made on the C-64 yet and that could be interesting for its users?

* Do you think there are people able to create such a game?

Excepting some non-enthusiastic opinions, there were also some nicer. So here they are, but you'll not find your opinion here if it looks like: "Not interested". ;)


1. Yes, I still like playing C-64 games, but only on a real machine! The emulator isn't that nice to play.

2. Yes, Bust-a-Move II would be nice. At this moment there's only a kind of this game on the C-64, but not that nice. There's no one-player option! And maybe "Command & Conquer" (from PC and PSX) would be nice too. Also Tetris Pro (from Amiga) would be nice. Icegirl and I like this game very much.

3. Yes, I think so. The only problem is that many guys are lazy...


Yes, definitely I like playing C-64 games, as those are real computer games, no crap like "Quake Nuke'em" or Ant-Nest ("RTS") fake shit. Yes, I definitely play on a computer, no lame crap Peecee. There are plenty of ideas that could be still implemented on the C-64 as new and genuine ideas. But I don't think 1 or 2 members game-devving crews are the way to go, if you are looking for games that kick!!!


Yes, playing them on the real machine surely does rock. I do it now and then, just to have a break from the commercial world and step back into the past. Gameplay is always the same, it is hard to develope new concepts for games these days as they are nearly always based on existing ones. Copy, copy, copy... So basically it doesn't matter what format you play games on, PC, C-64, Amiga, etc. The only difference is the graphics and music. C-64 and PSX suites me fine.

A new game on C-64? I would like to see a new version of the "Paradroid" game, with more modern graphics and sound (this may ruin the first one know as it was beautiful due to it's simplicity, less is sometimes more).

As far as a new concept on the C-64, I would like to see more games about people in the scene, like for example the one Holy Moses/Role will make!


Well, we "P.O.L." have got the master disks of the 80% done realtime-strategic game "The Legends Of Kyril" and we are searching for a crew to finish it! Only thing has to be sure: the crew really has to want to end the game and really to do it! Means keeping us informed! We would report about momentary standings in "Scene World", because we don't want to see the game dying! Anyone interested?!


Well, more and more rarely, these days I let my sisters' kids play on my Commie, and they love it. :) I have quite a few ideas for that, for example "Cannon Fodder" (Amiga). Some time ago I was really serious about making it, but there is too much issue with the realisation, how could I ever put about 20-30 "sprites" on the screen with a moving background? Okay, in lemmings its done, but the playfield got very small, and in Cannon Fodder type of games it is necessary to be able to see a big area... This game would be, in my honest opiniom, a lot of fun even on a C-64, but there are not much out yet who could and would make it.


Generally simple game ideas and conceptions are the most addicting ones. See "Pong", "Artillery Duel" or "Hat Trick" as fitting examples. I personally think a game like "Pegball" ( in one and two player mode (no Internet-bashup-mode) is not impossible to convert.


A new game? Perhaps it would be nice if "Turrican 3" finally got finished.

(ed. we're sure that it rather won't be ever finished, but never know...)


I still play on my C-64 and only on the real C-64. Of course I also got an emulator installed, but only to check new D64-files, which were spreaded via e-mail (hey, where are the old good snailmail-spreaders these days???).

Regarding new ideas for games, I think there is nearly every genre covered with games. What about some more jump'n'runs (in the kind of Gianna Sisters) or some adventures (what about Zak McKracken II on the C-64?) or aQTronR(racing-game for 4 players against each other)?


Yes, I am very much into playing C-64 games, and only on a real Commodore machine. Why should I settle for a pale emulator when I still have working C-64/C-128's? I simply love the gameplay and feeling of classic 2D-games, especially the ones on C-64, but also consoles like NES/SMS/GB/GG and so on... I would really like to see a new C-64 game in the style of "Heroes of Might and Magic" or similar. Of course there are people talanted enough to pull it off, just look at the great games comming from Protovision and others, still these days.


I'd still prefer to play games on the 64, as I don't use the emu. And I still think there's plenty of ideas for games and plenty of people capable to produce such a decent title. Its just a matter of people wanting to do it and getting off their ass a little.


For me, an emulator cannot compete when playing a C-64 game and where possible I won't play a game on an emulator. The original machine should, for me, always be the intended machine for a game as nothing beats the feel of having a Competition Pro 5000 Joystick to hand when playing some of the classic Epyx sports simulations. Particularly at Back In Time Live, an emphasis is placed on the original machine too with the high score competitions - similar contests went down well at the X'2001 party.

Thus, if there was a new C-64 game, I'd love to see a new one for the real thing. To this day I still enjoy playing games and as such always like to see the occasional game for fun. People realise the commercial software industry died some time ago, but there's always time and room for those who like to write their occasional game as a hobby and release it for others to enjoy as well.


I myself was never interested in playing games on no matter what system so ever, so not the sixtyfour either... But there might surely be some intersting game concepts yet to realize. There's that pretty nice German boardgame called "Siedler von Catan" (Catan's Settlers), which should after all be rather easy to realize on the Commie and which could turn out pretty nice if for example Protovision took the task to do it in a visual and audial delightable manner. I'd like that.

Zeitgeist's opinion was the last. I hope you liked reading this chapter and also prefer playing games on the real C-64!

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