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The Belgian Scene Nowadays
by Commander/Role

Idea to this chapter comes from Cactus. Well, what about the Belgian scene today?

A pity for the scene in general, but in Belgium you don't find many active sceners anymore. But a good thing is that there are a few newcomers the latest years, we are a growing scene. :)

In Belgium you have only two active groups: WOW and ROLE, both Belgian based groups. Both groups are good friends.

Outside these groups, you have only a few inactive sceners/groups.

The Belgian scene is small, but this Belgian scene can be proud to release two diskmagazines, what is much for such a small country. If you compare it to the whole scene, there aren't much diskmags anymore. These two diskmags are "Internal" and "Rock'n Role", both running for more than 10 years!

Except for the diskmags, these two groups are also releasing demos from time to time.

Also both groups are existing more than 10 years in the scene. WOW has no original members anymore, they have had many changing generations including the leadership. ROLE has only one original member and that's the leader Commander. The newcomers during the latest years in the Belgian scene: xIII/WOW, Starfighter/ROLE, Torsoft/ROLE, Franky/ROLE, Avenger/ROLE and Lady Sunshine/Guardian Angels (who is rather inactive lately).

The Belgian scene has always had a very close contact with the Dutch scene and the German scene. The Dutch people speak the same language as most of the Belgian sceners, that's why there is so close contact between the Dutch and the Belgian scenes. A good example is the working together between ROLE and Spiders-Crew about the diskmagazine "ArachnoPhobia", you can call this mag a Dutch-Belgian co-operation. In WOW and ROLE are also a lot of Dutch members. WOW hasn't that much German members anymore, but they still have. ROLE tried to have always a lot of German members. The reason for this is that the leader of ROLE can speak, write, read and understand a bit German.

As far as I know, there are no active sceners anymore in the French-speaking part of Belgium (the south). You know, in Belgium there are three languages...

The future for the Belgian scene? Well, I think WOW and ROLE won't die for the coming years, both groups are still a bit active.

The Belgian scene has been a big scene in the past, but like the Italian scene many of the Belgian sceners moved from platform to platform during the years.

Franky/ROLE has been in the Amiga-scene for many years before he returned to the C-64 scene.

Let's hope more Belgian guys/girls will return to the scene in the near future! The idea of this little chapter comes from Cactus. Thanks pal. (ed. I also thank you very much for this nice and interesting article!)


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