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Review Of The Papermag "Lotek64 #1"
by Commander/Role

This paper magazine is done by Georg Fuchs alias Lord Lotek. It has 20 pages, all in black/white colour! Issue #1 (June 2002) is written in the German language and it contains lots of photos.

Page 1 contains an overview of this issue.

Page 2 has a kind of Editorial done by Lord Lotek. There is also a little report about the Vintage Computer Festival Europe 2002 (Muenchen, Germany) and a view on the old C-64 pricelist from 1987.

On page 3 we find an article about the C-64's 20 years birthday, containing the interview with Birger Hahn. There's also a little story about Lord Lotek, which continues also on page 4 just like the interview with Birger Hahn.

Page 5 contains the interview with Frank Pilhofer.

The story about Commodore One covers page 6.

Page 7 has a text about the Amiga. Reprint, an article about data-saving, you can find on page 8. The original story comes from "CHIP #1" (January 1981) and is now rewritten by Lotek One.

On page 9 we also find part 2 of Reprint which has an article from "64'er #5" (May 1987) that has been rewritten by Thomas Senoner.

Page 10 and 11 has the LOTEK WWW Top 10 in the article chart.ism and a review.

The chapter Rework on page 12 and 13 contains a text about the CP/M Plus system in the C-128.

Page 14 is handling about transfer of data between PC and C128(D).

Pages 15, 16 and 17 contain a story from Charles Bernstein: Part 1 of "Play Pacman Again".

The chapter Replay on page 18 and 19 talks about old and new Llamasoft games. Page 20 shows some old advertisements about some computer systems and this page gives also a short preview of issue 2 of "LOTEK64".

All by all, it is nicely written magazine covering mostly the 8-Bit computer world. The texts are well written and you can say that this magazine keeps you informed well!

The only negative point is that there's only German version of this magazine, so only people who know the German language, can read it.

There are a lot of photos and that's very nice.

According to me, this magazine is great! You surely has to read this, if you can read a bit German of course...


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