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Interview With Ed
by Commander/Role

And now we bring you a very interesting interview with ED/WRATH DESIGNS done by COMMANDER/ROLE.

C: Commander/Role

E: Ed/Wrath Designs

C: Hello Eddie. How are you? Can you tell us some personal info about yourself?

E: I guess I'm OK. Got burnt by the sun yesterday while getting some inspiration for this summer's hard work, there's plenty I can assure you.

For those of you who don't know me or haven't heard of me, I've been around this scene for at least 12 years mostly as a member of Wrath Designs, but also Fairlight and Maniax.

On a more personal level I am still 25 years old living in my hometown: Malmoe, located in Sweden. I've been formerly politically active for a left-wing movement and also involved in the new Swedish futurist art-movement. That's it.

C: Can you give us your own history of being in the C-64 scene?

E: I gave one version for "Vandalism News" a couple of issues back for those who are really interested. I've grew up watching this scene made up by people born in the 50's - 70's, while I got older and anticipated myself I guess the generation around mid 70's was strong in number. Some years later I watched children of the 1980's do their homework. My own work in the scene are few in number but should nevertheless have left some sort of trace. During the time I've been involved in computing I guess I've experienced at least 5 television/monitor crashes and in number equally as many computer/drive crashes. I've also experienced a change in attitude and a scene perhaps more and more degenerated. What once was easy to blame at the age of people and technology has now become hard to understand.

C: Where did you get your handle "ED" from?

E: Ed was a nice short term for my real name which I used back when I was around 10 years old. Around that same time I saw a movie called "FRIGHT NIGHT" in which a nerd was referred to as EVIL ED, it kind of sticked to my lips so... There would have been no greater difference in calling myself Eddie looking back at it all, but Ed felt more like something short enough to suit the scene back in the golden days.

C: You are a musician. When you make a tune, how does it go? How do you work on it and how do you plan this?

E: Actually I would not call myself a musician in conventional terms. I've tried playing around with different instruments on this machine but programming was the key for me. You could say that I am a programmer in lack of a group musician who had to become a musician myself.

None of my over 3000 tunes I've produced for the C-64, Amiga, Atari, PC and soforth have grown out of themselves. Most of the work are the result of several small tests and sometimes boring afternoons which eventually end up playable while I play around with the material.

I haven't really got a clue what to release so I usually let the other WD members decide. I usually get inspiration from sounds which haven't been heard on this machine and forms more close to avantgarde electronic music. Today there are not even a handfull of good musicians on this machine, at least not according to the stuff I've heard for at least 7 years, so it's easy to be original.

C: You are also editor of "Vandalism News". How did you become an editor of this great diskmagazine?

E: It all happened a late night/early morning during a chat on the IRC between me and Vengeance. We both had a couple of drinks while the idea just popped out of basicly nowhere. You see, I've always liked Onslaught and I guess it has always been mutual. We go way back in time and when it all comes around, this cooperation was just the perfect deal for both of us as we both needed a change in our scene. The hard work definitely put test to our friendship, but the result was, looking back at some issues, better than expected. No doubt it still effects the scene and I suppose we dominate the magscene for the moment and there's still plenty of hard work left.

C: Are there any things Wrath Designs planned to do in the near future?

E: Well, we still haven't released our 3 year old demo yet, but as a matter of fact the demo itself in theory have been finished for at least 2 years, not all of the effects have been made 8-bit versions however. Parts of the original concept have allready been released, such as: "A QUOI CA SERT" and "AQUA".

A bitmap-editor which didn't survive the crash of my C-128 and PC have been restored to workable condition, this one will eventually be released. And a lot of other stuff which eventually won't just stick around my rusty collection of disks. And hopefully whenever we have time to design anything, put up a real page on the net with more than just a half-completed download section (i.e. Sphere Not, Koprofagism, etc...).

C: You are the organiser of Wrath Designs. Is it difficult to organise your group?

E: We are a group of individuals, somehow connected as friends or by experience, by similar ideas or similar appearance. Most of us are doing what we feel like and there are not many deadlines set today compared to how our group looked like 10 years ago, so in one sense it's not harder than just keeping in touch. The only sad thing is that not all members have the possibility to meet very often. I met Blackdroid and Zealot at Floppy'02 nine years after I had eye contact with'em the first time, but since we are more like a family it only made things a hell more interesting than the rest of the party. Most of the Wrath posse are located in Malmoe so travelling or meeting up with people like Stash, Oxidy, Avalon, Clone, Savage, Joe is not a big problem.

A golden rule of how to organise a group is not to worry, enjoy and experience things together and foremost trust eachother. On a more productive level I guess Joe and I are pretty much the people doing most of the work for Wrath Designs on the C-64 and has so ever since 1994.

C: Who is your favourite coder in our scene? And why?

E: I usually categorize the programmers in two schools. There are those who are technically skilled and those who are more concerned with storytelling and soforth.

On a technical level, I guess I must say either Krill or HCL for the moment. Somehow I have become fond of both these persons while talking to them. It's hard not to mention people like Graham and Crossbow as they in some sense also are doing the same thing on this machine and I have also experienced the real spirit from them. Perhaps Krill among those is the one with a more fresh attitude considering the way he has worked himself up while changing handle and style and I still believe he has some cards up his sleeve which will undoubtfully shock us all.

On another level I would mention people like Nordbo, Iopop, Hollowman, TDJ and so forth for their often simple but clean ways. I prefer Hollowman and Iopop mostly due to the fact that they are open to criticism and open towards new suggestions and ideas, besides they are fun to get together with at parties. It inspires me to go on and believe in this scene. I also admire people like Britelite, Oswald and son on and so forth...

C: Your plans for the near future?

E: Getting a real job for a change this summer, continue studying history of art during autumn this year and hopefully get a mastersdegree someday in the future.

Release a couple of more mindworks on this machine and perhaps have another live concert here in Malmoe using video-, computerart along with electronic music just like back in the dark times of 1997-1999.

C: Some last greetings in this interview?

E: Sander & TDJ, Krill, HCL, Mindflow & Hollowman, Graham & Crossbow & Deekay, Jucke & Moppe & Ziz & Skyflash (the whole HBG posse), Wrath Designs (PC, PS2, Amiga, C64), Jeff, Vip, Iopop, KF & Taper (Triad), Joe F., DJK & Macx (and the rest of Malmoe - sleeping), Matt and David (Onslaught posse), my ex-girlfriend, RaveGuru (& the rest of WD fan club :)), Jer and everyone else I've met on the IRC, the BBS's and of course via mail or parties.

C: Thanks for your time.


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