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Scene News
by Cactus/Samar

All the latest happenings from the most famous C-64 scene groups can be found in this article. It keeps you well informed about recent news, memberstatuses, latest releases and future plans of C-64 sceners from different countries. All the news are sorted by groupnames, there is also a second part of this chapter, which contains some single news (check it out, too!).

I would like to thank all people, who helped me with providing all these news in "Attitude #3". Thanks!!!

ACTIVE (Ger, Hol, Swe)

Trident and Trasher released info about their ethernet cartridge for the C-64 called TFE ("The Final Ethernet"). The cartridge is hooked up to a C-64 running as a web server, which is serving web pages and streaming audio. Information about the TFE cartridge can be found at:

Trident is coding a new demo to follow up "O-Tech People 2", which was released at LCP'2001. The project name for the demo is "Hellface". Trident also became a father shortly after "O-Tech People 2" was released and also got married some time after that. Congratulations from the "Attitude" magazine to you, Trident!

Another member of Active also got married on 28th of June 2002, it's Bordeaux.

Current memberstatus (source: Riddler): Artlace, Bordeaux, Dexter, Foxy, Injun Inc., Riddler, Surfer, Scare, Trasher, Trident, Wolverine (=11).

APIDYA (Ger, Hol, Pol)

It is rumoured that Rea has finally finished coding of long awaited products by this group, namely "Contribution 1.5" and fonts collection (we won't be surprised if it's not released for another year as you remember right, in "Attitude #2" we were informing you that these collections are almost ready).

A.D.Arvell joined Apidya as graphician. There was no other changes in the status for last months. Some members of the group were contributing at the Symphony Party in June 2002 with their graphics, music tunes and samplings.

At the moment they're working on a new design of their net magazine "Filety On-Line", there will be a new outfit, later some more articles will be added, too.

Current memberstatus (source: Reiter): A.D.Arvell, Any, Cobra, Doc of Desire, Drake, Frazes, Rea, Reiter, Snerg, Spider, Thorgal (=11).


Luke had been kicked out of the group, then he joined Elysium as coder. Even though their last demo was "Deep Blue", released two years ago, guys in Arise promise to show "Biba 2", their new demo, at the North Party 7 this year.

Current memberstatus (source: Browar): Archangel, Bimber, Browar, Elban, Fenek, Gold Hand, Gorza6ek Ochla6ek, Katon, Kheela, Kordiaukis, Leo, Rodney, Sensei, Stinger, Turbosnail, Wacek (=16).


Jailbird left Padua, Onslaught and Tempest when he moved to Hungary. Then he joined up with his new local group Breeze.

Their latest demo was "La Linea 85%", the winning demo at the latest Mekka party, coded by Bigfoot. Some new demos may come in future...

Current memberstatus (source: BBT): BBT, Bigfoot, Carlos, Jailbird, Rayden (=5).


They organised a party called "Bronx 7D2 Party" (4-5 May 2002). Some members of Bronx did also released some products there: two graphics (Datura, Hydrogen), one music (Hydrogen) and a 64kB intro called "Tension" (the full version of it is coming soon). They're also working on their own disk magazine "64Times #2" and "Hydrogen's Music Collection".

Current memberstatus (source: Hydrogen): Datura, Endo, Entell, Hydrogen, Skate, Turbo, Vigo (=7).

CIVITAS (Ger, Swe)

Tadpole left the group and joined Excess as "Nitro" editor and swapper. Puterman made the demo "Doc Bacardi meets Doc Sportdryck" together with Hollowman, it was a concept demo. Zeitgeist keeps on releasing new issues of their diskmag, "Publication #48" got released.

Current memberstatus (source: Puterman): Black Jack, Brainsmasher, Bruce Lee, Catweazle, Chico, Doc of Desire, Puterman, Raven, Richard, Sputnick, Zeitgeist (=11).


Two guys have joined Cosine recently: Exin (new one) and Motion (former member). Cosine organised a release called "Singles Collection Volume 1". They've also released "Dig It!" (VIC20) at Assembly'2002. "Singles Collection Volume 2" is planned.

Current memberstatus (source: TMR): 4-Mat, Centaur, Exin, Kenz, Meek, Motion, Odie, Simes, Skywave, The Orb, TMR, Tonka, WHW Design, Wile E. Coyote (=14).


This Polish group was quite inactive last years, but they plan to release soon Data's Samplings Collection called "Excentric" (mods from "Reflextracker"). They still keep on managing their ftp-sites with C-64 wares: "Truskawka" ( and "AnthopeA" (

Current memberstatus (source: Colitt): Bizet, Colitt, Data, Flea, Kapshel, Thorgal (=6).

DMAGIC (Ger, Svk)

No changes in the status of members. Wotnau is partially inactive due to real life duties. This group organised the Forever 3 Party In Trencin, Slovakia, which was quite a big success of 8-Bit computer world. Wotnau and CreamD also kept on contributing in music compos at Forever 3 and Symposium&Mekka parties this year.

Current memberstatus (source: CreamD): CreamD, Jak-T-Rip, MacGyver, Wotnau (=4).


Luke/ex-Arise has joined as coder. They say that something will be released by Elysium at North Party 7 this year. Brush released source codes of his music editor "HardTrack Composer". The new version of it (v2.0) has been also released with new players by Longhair.

Current memberstatus (source: Wizard): Biondi, Brush, Carrion, Cresh, Fazee, Gherkin, Longhair, Luke, Morris, Shogoon, Valsary, Wizard, YTM, Zephyr (=14).

EXON (Pol)

SuperNoise has been kicked out of the group for his total inactivity. Miner has joined the group as magazine editor. The new release by Exon is coming very soon, it will be the third part of "Small Graphic Collection" (code: Habib, music: Sage, graphic: Bedrich).

No Internet webpage available.

Current memberstatus (source: Habib): Bedrich, Cyclone B, Habib, Miner, Sabatar, Sage, Sundance, Volcano (=8).

EXCESS (Ger, Pol)

"Now eleven Years of Piracy" are still active. :) "Nitro #26" will be released in some weeks (at least this is what the guys from Excess say). They're looking for a musician to join the group. The new members in Excess are: Tadpole (swapper and "Nitro" editor), Variat (graphician) and Luka (coder, re-join).

Current memberstatus (source: Stormfront): Black Duke, Creb, Danzig, Eco, Ghost, H-Bloxx, Luka, Master S, Nameless, Red Rock, RHX, Rohrschach, Sentinel, Spinball, Stormfront, Tadpole, The Pro, Variat (=18).


This Italian based group has recently entered the cracking scene with some nice versions of "golden oldies", many of them done professionally (solutions, trainers, documents etc.). They plan to keep on oldies releasing and publishing the solutions for old Italian adventure games.

Current memberstatus (source: The Overkiller): Anx, Komyx, Mr.Fox, The Last Ninja, The Overkiller (=5).

ONSLAUGHT (Aus, Aut, Pol, Eng, Nor)

Fungus left Onslaught. Vengeance and Jazzcat joined Demonix as secong group. The latest releases from Onslaught were: demo part for "Singles Collection" demo, "Vandalism News #38" (their famous disk magazine being made in cooperation with Wrath Design).

Guys in Onslaught have a lot of plans. Soon we should see "Vandalism News #39" (probably it's already released by the time you are reading this news chapter). Also "Vandalism News #40" is announced as ruby edition (a big one). Other productions they are working on are: "Speed" (Multispeed SID Collection in coop with Shape and Creators) contains mostly exclusive multispeed musics and is very close to release, "Rage 2" (demo by Jolz, SoundDemon and guests), "Past And Present 2" (music by Drax).

Current memberstatus (source: Jazzcat): AMB, BA, Booker, DaFunk, Deev, DJB, GRG, Jazzcat, Jolz, Leming, Naphalm, Praiser, Scratcher, Shapie, Slator, SoundDemon, Stash, Stryyker, TMR, Trouble, Ultimate Hacker, Vengeance (=22).

PADUA (Bel, Cze, Ger)

Jailbird left Padua as well as all other groups and joined Breeze. Padua was present at Flag'2002 (gfx compo entry by Alias Medron) and ReAct'2002 party held in Patras, Greece (wild demo compo entry "Nothing Special" done by Alias Medron). They don't announce things in advance.

Current memberstatus (source: Anonym): Aggressor, Alias Medron, Anonym, Chaotic, Cupid, Hoogo, Leonardo, Lord Hypnos, Lubber, Sad, Unlock, Vip, Waz, Weasel (=14).

PEOPLE OF LIBERTY (Den, Ger, Hol, Ita)

Truss joined People Of Liberty as e-mail swapper and magazine editor. Survivor left the group. They keep on releasing their PAL/NTSC disk magazine "Scene World", the issue fourth has been lately released and they're working on the next one.

Current memberstatus (source: Nafcom): Crome, Der Fuchs, Drake, Megatron, Merman, Nafcom, Phyrne, Pscyhodad, Satyr, Spatz, The Overkiller, Truss, Wormaus (=13).


Nobody left/joined group recently. The new disk full of high quality cracks has been released on 29th July 2002. Their only plan for the future is cracking and releasing more titles. :) Release #300 will be "Castles of Dr.Creep", which is currently in work. They managed also a trained version of "The Train" (+12 trained!).

Current memberstatus (source: Jack Alien): Derbyshire Ram, Fatman, HOK, Intruder, Jack Alien (=5).


Bubis joined as coder. Their latest news are on last year's "Soiled Legacy", demo compo winner at X'2001, and "Larch", this year's coop demo with Breeze, which won FyaNica'2002. The future of this great Hungarian group is uncertain.

Current memberstatus (source: Credo): AMN, Bubis, da Blondie, Credo, Dale, Edhellon, Fusion, Merlin, Oscar, Oswald, Tyrant (=11).

ROLE (Bel, Eng, Ger, Hol, Pol)

Merman/P.O.L., coder and musician from England, joined Role as second group. Torsoft/Gold, Belgian swapper, joined Role. Isildur/Samar joined Role as his second group as graphician.

This Belgian based group was very active last months. They've released issues #24 and #25 of their own disk magazine "Rock'n Role" recently. "Arachnophobia #25", which is made in cooperation with Spiders-Crew, has been released live at the Role Party'02. Other recent releases from Role are "4k Minimovie", "Your Nightmare Begins" (JSL's graphics collection) and some first-release cracks.

They plan to release the demo "Look At Me II" finally this year. Many coders are working on this project. Role is also working on a music collection with musics by Factor6. They hope to start releasing a music collection series with musics from all musicians of the group.

They keep on releasing their two disk magazines "Arachnophobia" and "Rock'n Role". The new issues of them should be released this year.

Current memberstatus (source: CMR): Airwolf, Avenger, Bugjam, Checky, CMR, Computer Kidz, Faayd, Factor6, Faayd, Franky, Glare, H-Bloxx, Holy Moses, Icegirl, Isildur, Leo, Low, MCC, Mediator, Merman, Mist, Nootka, Ochrana, Oray, Psychodad, Rude, Satyr, Shake, Sign, Simple, Spider, Starfighter, Stirf, Swayze, TDB, The Pro, TLH, Torsoft, Vip, Woodraf, Xel, Zak, Zuber (=43).

SAMAR (Hol, Nor, Pol)

Aristo will be inactive for a while due to the fact that he's moving to Warsaw. Yogibear/Protovision has joined Samar as his second group. Zapotek is now active and sending out again. Bladee changed his handle to Azgar. "Attitude #3" has been finally released. :) Coming soon from Samar: "Scarlet Music Collection" "Nylu Graphics Collection" and "Sid Victory #2".

Current memberstatus (source: Ramos): Aristo, Azgar, Bzyk, Cactus, Centrax, JSL, MacArthur, Ramos, Viper, Yogibear, Zapotek (=11).


Scorpy joined as coder. Soci is working on the new IDEDOS for the IDE64. They are doing Hungarian languaged news page (, a paper magazine "Commie Inside" and at the moment preparing Arok Party, which will be held on 16-18.08.2002. The new filesystem for the IDE64 by Soci will be presented here.

Current memberstatus (source: Poison): Cargo, Izzy, Leon, Poison, Soci, Scorpy (=6).


Spot, a graphician from the Amiga group Up Rough, joined Triad to make graphics on the C-64 aswell. One of their inactive members, Tango, returned to active state and will start coding again. They also gained Horrid, a coder from the old Swedish C-64 group "The Orbs". They have released some cracks the latest months...

Current memberstatus (source: Taper): Aton, Cash, Con, Groms, Horrid, Iopop, Jerry, JFK, Killsquad, King Fisher, Logger, Mindflow, Quorthon, Spot, Tango, Tao, Taper, Trick, Twoflower (=19).

Here you can find some single news from the C-64 scene...

* Demonix is a USA based NTSC fixing and cracking group. They gained two new Australian members: Jazzcat and Vengeance joined Demonix as second group as original suppliers.

Memberstatus: Fungus, Jazzcat, Kickback, Vengeance.

* After releasing a demo at Floppy'2002, which was accidentally called "!", Booze Design plans to release a new one-file demo in the very near future.

* Rough/Chromance, the last active person of this old cracking group, have plans to release more jewel oldie cracks, and also further development of "Pirates Portal" (

* Fraction, well known Polish demo group, is not dead despite its inactivity. Maybe someting will be released, but it's not quite sure.

Memberstatus: Agent X, Alpha, Chash, Cobra, Dux, Signor, Szikers, Vigo.

* The official webpage of Fraction group can be found at following address:

* ASL/Nipson is composing some new tunes, maybe soon we'll hear something from him. His group Nipson hasn't released anything for years now.

* Salva Mea, German based group, plans to release a music collection called "New York Tokyo" with music by Heinmukk, Sonic, Fantastic Zool and code by Pixman in near future.

Memberstatus: Fantastic Zool, Heinmukk, Pixman.

Group's webpage:

* Mr.Chaos left Spiders-Crew and Gold due to some personal problems.

* "The Beergarden #9", a disk magazine by Tide is planned to be released soon (Stryyker said that it was probably released when I was editing this news chapter).

Memberstatus: Antoman, Icelad, Stryyker, Tomz.

* Arman/Xenon changed his handle into Intensity.

* After leaving Triad, Hollowman joined Fairlight, as coder of course. :)

* A short message from Goat/ex-Laxity:

"I totally concentrated on programming my very first game for the old Atari 2600 console. You can watch the progress of the game aswell as screenshots and more at:

It's a 4kB game and will be published on cartridges. Further information at my site. The game will be firstly presented at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas in mid August. Watch the Convention's site at"

That's it! All the news were collected and then typed to the editor by...


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