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Where Are They Now...?
by Silver Bullet/Samar

Lost? Inactive? Quit? Maybe even dead??? Yep! That's the subject of this chapter, as it's time to find out what the hell has happened to the vast number of sceners, who just simply decide to vanish from the scene without giving us a single reason... Why?

At first I thought that it maybe was just me, who had this problem, but there are also a number of other sceners, who have experienced the same "lost contact" problems as myself!

Okay, here's the list of guys who for some unknown reason, just simply decided to stop swapping with me!

From late 1998 - early 1999 approx.:


Now then the following guys I know for sure when I last wrote to them, as I still have a copy of all the notes that I wrote to them on disk!

Serio/Authority (November 1999)
Sebaloz/lepsi De (March 2000)
Flip/Centric (April 2000)
Welli/Anubis (July 2000)
Code'18/Onslaught (September 2000)
Viking/Tide (September 2000)

Something else that makes me really angry, it's these so called "100% reply guaranteed" guys who advertise in all the diskmags but simply have no intentions of sending a reply back!

Yep! You take the time to send them a disk or two, write them a nice note and what do you get in return... Nothing!!!

Well, here's 3 guys I'm still waiting for a reply from, it's been a while since I contacted them, but does anybody know if they are still active?

AEG/Smash Designs

What I find amazing is that some sceners who have quit, still manage to have their name<addies printed in diskmags?! Why don't you mag editors use the simple rule, whereby if a scener fills in the votesheet then he will have his name and addie printed in the next issue. If he doesn't bother to fill a votesheet then he will have his name and addie removed from the mag.

I personally think that this is a good idea, as it will ensure that only active sceners and valid addresses will be printed in each issue of the mag.

So if you know where any of these guys are right now, then you can drop me a line. You'll find my addie in the usual section of this mag.

Or better still, if you are one of the guys who have been named, shame on you! Get back in touch, as soon as possible!

Anyway, both Ernie/Anubis/Voodoo and C-Kidz/Role have asked me to print their "lost contacts", so here goes...

Ernie's lost contact list:

Shake/Bram Kuipers (March 1998)
Pilot/Lasser (May 1998)
Gaxar/Role (June 1998)
Osprey/Lasser (November 1998)
Panda/System (December 1998)
Luke/BDS (December 1998)
Fangorn/Alchemy (January 1999)
Fantastic Zool/TUM (July 1999)
Floyd/Willow (August 1999)
Jonny Vago/??? (September 1999)
Yaro/Voodoo (November 1999)
Viking/Tide (September 2000)
Code'18/Onslaught (October 2000)

C-Kidz lost contact list:

Shuze (????) England
The Breaker (1995) England
Gremlin (20/09/95) England
Betrayer (20/09/95) England
Mad (20/09/95) England
Jupiter (20/09/95) England
Angel (1996) Poland
Hamster (1996) Poland
Human (1996) Poland
Stash/Wrath Design (1996 Sweden
Scott Sorley (1996) England
Tobias (1996) Germany
Cube (1996) Hungary
Archangel (1996) Poland
Macx/Ambush (1996) Germany
Fatum (13/03/96) Finland
Scroll (13/03/96) Norway
Joker (13/03/96) England
Jer (29/03/96) Finland
Scratch (29/03/96) Germany
Mr.Mike (29/03/96) Poland
Andromeda (29/03/96) Poland
Celtic (17/08/96) Holland
Pasthor (21/08/96) Poland
Angeldust (21/08/96) Holland
Heros (21/08/96) Poland
Simone (21/08/96) Poland
Starlight (1997) Norway
Eddie The Head (1997) England
Hunter (1997) Poland
JJ (1997) England
Lynch (1997) Holland
Unlock/Albion (1997) Switzerland
Rob Keeling (1997) England
Satan (1998) England
Technoxious (1998) Australia
Argos (1998) Germany
Funxilla (1998) Holland
Creb (1998) Germany
Domey (1998) Finland
Splash (1998) Hungary
Turbo/Unreal (1998) Czech Rep.
Droopy/Shelters (1998) Poland
Caledonian (1999) Scotland
Mr.Fox (1999) France
Belial (1999) Norway
Wec (1999) England
Fantastic Zool (29/10/99) Germany
Silverstar (2000) Holland
Sebaloz (22/03/00) Poland
Code'18 (12/09/00) Germany
Serio (20/09/00) Poland
Met (16/02/01) England

Phew! That's quite a list! looking at that little lot, I reckon C-Kidz has lost quite a number of disks over the years, don't you?

Anyway, according to C-Kidz those are only the ones he's found so far in old address books - there may be others!!!

He claims out of all the listed names, 18 of them never sent a reply back to him from a first contact! (Yeah! I know how he feels!), so in total it works out a lot of lost disks!

Even now, some of those names are to be found in some of the diskmags which is absolutely crazy!

Well readers, take a long hard look at all of the names mentioned and if you see them advertising in the mags for new contacts - be warned, you may not get a reply!


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