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by Cactus/Samar

Many times, when I read interviews in different disk magazines, I can find a standard question "How did you get your handle?". But I have never found a similar question concerning the group's name. That's why I wanted to create such a chapter for "Attitude #3". I've asked some people if they could tell me short story about their group's name: how it was chosen, who did invent it, what was the very first: founding a name or founding a group?

And here comes their stories...


We were a bunch of hackers that was kicked from Antic, a Swedish team which was really active around 1990... The new group that was founded needed a cool name, fast! I think Vodka or Thrash (or both) came up with the name Booze Design, which was considered as really cool, as well as enough up to our expectation of the quality of our future products... :) The name is still going strong, however with a modified expectation of quality from some of the member(s).

HCL/Booze Design


While we were Zombie Boys, we had recognized that it is time to change the group name since we had lotsa members... Our member Jay Master Coke was huge fan of hip-hop and "Curtis Blow"... He offered to change our name to "Bronx" because grafitti, hip-hop, breakdancing, djing and all other hip-hop related materials came from Bronx city in New York, and Curtis Blow has a LP called "The Bronx"... We said yeah and changed the name to "Bronx".



Excess comes from a poster of a computergame Red Rock had in his room around 1991. We saw it when we (Red Rock, Darkman, Firelord, Bigfoot and me, the former members of Excess) thought about a name. later we heard that there was already an Amiga crew with that name. But we never heard anything from them, so we saw no reason to change the groupname. We first founded the group, then we were searching for a name. Excess was formed on the 25th of October in 1991. Cat/Nuclear Noise was the first who joined us in the beginning of 1992. He was in Excess till 1998. From summer 1992 on Excess was growing up to 24 members in 1994.



Maaany years ago me (The Overkiller) and some friends decided to form a group. Nothing serious in those days, just for fun to do it. In those years we loved to watch a Japanese animated serial called "Hokuto No Ken", translated to Italian as "Ken Il Guerriero", also it's known as "Fist Of The North Star". Just to help you to remind it (if you watched it, of course), it's a really violent animated cartoon of martial arts set in a postatomic age. The main character is called Kenshiro. So this animated cartoon gave me the idea to name our group "Hokuto Force".

The Overkiller/Hokuto Force


This name sounds strange to most people, who does not know that this is the name of a well known Hungarian math researcher. His most known invention was a chess machine, the first "machine" ever which could play chess against humans. Unfortunately, it was not any real technical invention because there was a guy hidden in the desk who controlled the game.

Taking it as a groupname? I had a login at (former server of Gangsta's Paradise) and Rambo/ex-Therapy was always kidding with this name, probably did not know its meaning, so it sounds to him like to a foreigner. He started calling me Mr. Kempelen or Kempelen when he saw I am logging in from a computer called Kempelen. On a party he kept on kidding with this name, so some guys with me decided to form a new group on this name. To be honest we were drunk. Actually nobody remembers what happened there and why and how the members joined (or better say formed the group). Rambo was not taken in, and he was begging for membership for months, saying he had the idea of this name!!!



Onslaught was created by Jazzcat/Legend, Vengeance/Success and Majesty/Talent. The idea for the name came up when Jazzcat and Vengeance were chatting on the phone. Having a name for a project or group when creating it is highly important. It is the actual name which gives "birth" to the group, I think. Anyway, we wanted some name that was aggressive, as we wanted to prove we could compete with the best, we wanted a huge amount of wares to be released. Vengeance said "Onslaught", Jazzcat said "That's the one!", and so it was.



First of all most of the founders of Padua originally were members of X-Rated. Since we were not satisfied with the organisation of the group, we decided to leave X-Rated to found our own group called Elect. After a while we were convinced to re-join X-Rated, but we remained a sub-group.

When we were still not satisfied with the organisation and amount of collaboration within the group, we decided to found our own group - so a group name had to be found.

Sanflex actually came up with the name "Padua", which at that point he thought to be a name of a boat (which it is, as well as the name of a city). We all liked the name (five letters fits into the directory ID field, it is a good length for logos as well, at least that's what our graphician(s) thought).

So Padua was born - in 1989, just that nobody knew. So we actually released two small "cracks". Our first real release was the demo "Deluge" at the Horizon Party in 1990.

Another interesting sideline to the story: apparently the police got hold of an addresslist for X-Rated some time after Padua was founded. They came and searched quite a few members' and ex-members' homes, including mine. Of course no charges were layed on anyone, but it was a major annoyonce. lucky enough for us, that the house number for Roman was wrong in the list, the police spared him.



It was long before my time but I was told that in late 1993 or early 1994, the members of TMMB, The Mip-Map Brothers, were thinking about renaming the group. When they listened to the very nice song "Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots, if I'm not mistaken, they found the name. In a way, this name, its different possible interpretations and its irony somehow shows our ideas of life and stuff (at least mine).



Groupname by Hok and Jack Alien. It should be a name with no more than 8 letters (because of sprites, haha) and a name that fits to old games/releases. Unfortunately, there was already a group called Classics if I remember right... Haha! Or was it Class-X???

Jack Alien/Remember

* ROLE *

Role is the short name for Raiders Of the Lost Empire, a name invented by Commander and Knightrider, the founders of this group. The name came first, then we entered some members together. The name "Raiders Of the lost Empire" has a special meaning. The "Raiders" are members of this group. "The lost Empire" was meant for the country Belgium (Role is Belgian based), which we (Commander and Knightrider) called a lost empire (because of the bad situation of this country), which still is lost for the world: we think that Belgium is no real country but an artificial country consisting of three different cultures who can't stand eachother in politics. Knightrider came up with the words "Raiders" and "lost" while Commander (in that time called TBG) came with the word "Empire" (because he liked that name very much). And so all was put together in one idea and it became "Raiders Of the lost Empire" or in a short (but mostly used) way "Role".



I think there was nothing special about it founding simply a name. We were very ambicious at the begining and wanted to show even with the groupname that it will be something which will turn the Earth into the other direction. :) Young people without such goals aren't even worth for anything...



Spiders-Crew was founded by lizart, Carnage and me. Most of us liked "Spider-Man" comics and so we took the group name Spiders-Crew.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter... Thanks must go to all these people, who helped me with creating it! Have fun reading the rest of articles in this issue of "Attitude".


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