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Shining 8 - The Movie
by RRR/Oxyron

"Shining 8 - The Movie" is a documentation of the German based group Shining 8 which was quite successfull in the late eighties on both CBM 64 and later on Amiga. It is running 27:14 minutes in DivX format and takes 271,678 kB of disk space, written and produced by Shining Movie Vision. A real video version for ISDN and DSL connections is available, too.

The movie itself is divided into different chapters with certain members reporting about their time in Shining 8 and all those unforgotten moments achieved in that period.

WHO WAS SHINING 8 is a short introduction to the sceners interviewed in the next minutes.

HOW GOT SHINING 8 founded is telling the story how it all began with the time before Shining 8, how the group name has been found and why the number 8 has become the appendix.

PSEUDONYMS is most likely self-explaining. Here you will receive information about the handles of the guys, why they have choosen those names and what they actually do mean for them. WHAT IS A DEMO is the explanation for non-sceners to understand what a demo scene is.

DID YOU KNOW MORE THAN OTHERS (about computers) features much more than the name hints. It is generally a question about the group, computer knowledge and the relationship within the group.

PARTY TIME contains old movie captures, stories and photos of old Shining 8 group meetings and copy parties.

COPY PARTY tries to answer the question what exactly is a copy party, once again destinated for the non-scene related audience.

GIRLS IN SHINING 8 asks if there were girls in the group Shining 8, in the scene or at any copy party.

IDOLS & SUCCESS provides the information about the groups or sceners admired by the Shining 8 members and about the success gained by the group.

WAS SHINING 8 ILLEGAL contains legal matters, the term "cracking" is getting explained, stamp cheating and the different experiences with the police have not been left out here, too.

ENEMIES is reporting about competition, the concurence situation within the scene and especially about their enemies.

THE WORLD FAMOUS TRASHCAN tells the wicked story about a strange meeting with a guy in a training suit.

Finally WHAT ARE YOUR JOBS presents what those guys are doing for living these days.

This movie project is a prototype how a movie about the scene or scene related persons could look like. It's explaining the basic terms of the scene, mixed with interesting background stories and combined with MP3 remixes of classic CBM 64 Sids, demo screenshots, photos and animated movie captures.

It's quite interesting for different target groups. Oldschool sceners are getting warped back in the golden eighties while newcomers and non-scene related persons are getting introduced into the scene and what scene ment back in time.

The one and only setback is that the movie is in German. I guess a lot of non-German sceners would have loved to enjoy this masterpiece, too. It did wake up a lot of memories from an almost forgotten period.

I'd like to thank Romrummer for sending me a CD-Rom with the movie and some other movies/trailers made by Shining Movie Vision.


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