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Publishing A Diskmag
by Nafcom/P.O.L./The Stock

Well, most of all those C-64 freaks are only reading disk magazines or writing some texts for them. But what are the happenings behind the tracks? What has to be done? What are the troubles and what causes delays? How to get good contents and how to keep the editing staff together?

I hope to answer this and more questions within this texts.

Okay, let's start with the event, when another issue of "Scene World" is finished.

So, I am receiving an airmail letter from England and I am opening the envelope with incredible excitement!

First thing I do is loading the magazine and all its chapters to see if any chapter gets damaged or any squeezing error appears.

This test ends always in good result as Andrew (Merman/P.O.L./ROLE ) uses always safe envelopes and tests all chapters himself - anyway, I do test them, too!

Okay, then I seek for mistakes in the texts. Nobody is perfect and we aren't, too. Mistakes and additional notes are a case for our issue note.

After writing the note I am continuing with transferring the disk into ".d64" image. Then the testing phase begins again: Loading all chapters in, etc. But this time I also do a NTSC compatibility check.

On the very next day it's time to send out our latest issue to our P.O.L. members and to the first spreaders. This is still time consuming thing for me, even when I stopped swapping. I am speaking here about c.a. 10 sends, but it's anyway time consuming: printing all addresses on envelopes, getting the right weight, putting stamps on envelope and of course, before wrapping the send, copying the disks. For this I also use my master disk and control every copy against errors. Well, need to spend some time for updating our "Scene World" homepage, but only some days later as snail mail is first release!

Now, only one week later, first reactions are coming in. My inbox says: "You've got mail!". So, I am collecting all reactions and answering them. It is also important to upload the latest issue to well known ftp's and to post the releasing to news sites. Also spreading by e-mail is important.

After a short while first texts are coming in and we are thinking about texts to write for the next issue. What the main topics are and who will be interviewed?

So, some phone calls are going to England for me and on my phone invoice. Interviews are nice, interviews are fun, but interviews mean also to find somebody interesting in interview and to think about intersting questions. I am spending one whole Friday or Saturday evening on thinking about interesting questions. It's also important to get some basic information about the person I am going to interview.

Some days later I am going to ask from whom we could (or did) receive exlusive stuff like tunes, covers, logos, etc. The discussion which tunes, logos, etc. to use for next issue begins. Everbody's taste is different, but we try to get some good quality.

During all this events and time, I am collecting and editing news, replying incoming e-mails and letters, and forwarding filled votesheets to Radek (Variat/Excess). There is also a point when I do a call to Poland! :)

Well, Silvio (Overkiller/Hokuto Force) is sending in his active sceners list time by time and also he does some public relation promotion! We are discussing at "ICQ" as we both use it intensively. I'm forwarding filled active sceners list, I received, to him as well!

When it comes to C-64 on net, we have got Kurt (Truss), who is also often on-line at "ICQ". So there are the same points valid like for Silvio!

A.J. (Uzzy/Longshot) is also supporting us with some works and suggestions!

When deadline is near to come, I prepare most texts and edit them. Some sceners have strange imagination about text layout. Also news editing is my job, and to organize the whole mag to keep it alive!

Luckily, Andrew is native English speaker, so he does the final editing of all texts and English correction - in spelling and grammar! He also codes the intro and puts all the pieces together for the final production! And this is the point when we start from the beginning again....

....I am receiving an airmail letter from England and I am opening the envelope with incredible excitement!


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