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by Cactus/Samar

Hello and welcome, Dear Readers, to the "Editorial". I'm proud to present you the third edition of disk magazine by Samar Productions called "ATTITUDE". This edition is released in August 2002, exactly one year after the second edition was released.

Last 12 months have changed a lot in main editor's life... I've started studying electronics at the AGH university in Cracow, Poland. That's why I was inactive for the last months. Now having holidays, I wanted to prove that I'll never forget about the C-64 and I'll never leave the scene. That's why another edition of "Attitude" has been released. The more will come in future, but I'm not able to tell you the exact date of next release... You can be just sure that you'll get the magazine from our official spreaders as soon as it's done. And of course it'll be also available at the most popular C-64 related ftp-sites...

"Attitude #3" contains 21 chapters, including this "Editorial". I hope that you'll find some interesting ones for yourself. Here comes the full list of available chapters and their authors:

Editorial - Cactus/Samar
Scene News - Cactus/Samar
The Charts - Cactus/Samar
Lotek64 Review - Commander/Role
The Belgian Scene - Commander/Role
C-64 Gaming - Cactus/Samar
Coders Talk - Cactus/Samar
A Guide To Plotting - Puterman/Civitas
Communication - Commander/Role
Publishing A Diskmag - Nafcom/P.O.L.
Shining 8 The Movie - RRR/Oxyron
Euro Song Contest #2 - Thornchild/Angels
History Of Popes #2 - Thornchild/Angels
German Literature #2 - Thornchild/Angels
Groupnames - Cactus/Samar
Where Are They Now? - Silver B./Samar
IDE Interfaces For C-64 - YTM/Elysium
Tadpole Corner - Tadpole/Excess
Interview with Jazzcat - Cactus/Samar
Interview With Ed - Commander/Role
Addresses - Cactus/Samar

Most of these articles are C-64 related, but you can find a few texts written by Thornchild/Angels, which are the continuation of the topics started in the previous edition of "Attitude" and which have nothing to do with C-64, but are still very interesting, I think. Also we don't forget about the 20th birthday of Commodore 64 and we'd like to wish it another 20 successful years! Be sure that "Attitude" will never die. We'll be there forever. :)

There's no "Reactions" chapter in this edition, because we haven't got many opinions from you. There's one from Jackobe/Oxygen and I'd like to present it here:

"Second issue of 'Attitude' is enormous progress in comparison with first issue. At the overlook of outfit, the background graphics are on high level and however its colours are more suitable also for monochrome monitors. Inner fonts (except from commonplaced intro style) are quite hazed, especially if someone wants to read text fast. The most successful solution could be seemed include more plain fonts like style of original CBM charset or in style of proportional ones from 'Vandalism News' or 'Inverse'. Another disadvantage of code of outfit is slow motion of movement bar and its limit when it reaches the end and the top of presented menu. My suggestion is simply to abandon it by spring from the last position to the first one. Everything else runs properly. I heard that Cactus announced that the outfit could be changed in following issues, so I advise to use an outfit with proportional text to avoid so old fashioned style of outfit. It's great to see how many articles can be found in. Hard to judge which is better or worse, because the essence of each one is unique for all of us. But the technical overlooking is on decent level. The other good thing is publishing chapters of non-scene contents like article about medieval literature in Germany, because it's a kind of my interest and my studying of medieval history. To resume all in one I must appraise Cactus' efforts and I hope that next issue of 'Attitude' won't be on lower level and I won't have to wait so much time to next issue of this promising magazine. Best wishes to 'Attitude' staff...


Thank you very much, Jacek, for this nice and objective opinion about the second edition of our disk magazine and all your suggestions. The proportional charset could be used already in this edition, but when the chapters have been being edited, the editor has not been ready yet. Now the new editor was coded, so you can be sure that the next issue of our magazine will look much more modern and professional.

"Attitude #3" can be controlled by both joystick and keyboard. In the main menu you can use controls UP/DOWN to choose a chapter, RETURN/FIRE starts loading it. To enter the "Music Menu" you have to push "F7" key. Controls here are the same as in the Main Menu. You can leave the "Music Menu" by pressing "F7" key or pressing RETURN/FIRE on an appropriate text. While reading a chapter you can press RIGHT for the next page, LEFT for the previous one. RETURN/FIRE leaves the chapter. If you wish to comeback to the chapter you've just left, you'll enter it on the page the same as you did leave it. You can jump to the first page of a chapter immediately by pressing "F1" key. Also the music can be loaded directly when reading an article by pressing the key "1-6". Here's the list of exclusive tunes composed for this edition of "Attitude" with their loading numbers:

1. Memories - Stryyker/Tide
2. Icy Incubator - Vip/Role
3. Moby Remix - ASL/Nipson
4. Attitude - No-XS/Oxyron
5. Pajacyk - Phobos/Samar
6. Bladerunner Techno - Yogibear/Samar

The new votesheet for issue #4 has been designed by Zapotek/Samar. You can get it directly from our official spreaders: Stormfront and Zapotek himself, their addies will follow later in this chapter.

Now let's check the full credits of the second edition of "Attitude", a disk magazine by Samar Productions...



code (?): Cactus/Samar
graphics: JSL/Samar
fonts: Scarab/Arise
music: Daf/Samar


code: Cactus/Samar
graphics: RRR/Oxyron
fonts: Phobos/Samar

A big thanks must go to RRR/Oxyron for painting two perfect logos! Thank you!

Before I forget, I also want to thank all those guys, who have composed the exclusive tunes for us! You're great!


Main editor: Cactus/Samar

Co-editors: Commander/Role, Puterman/Civitas, Tadpole/Excess, Thornchild/Angels

Guest editors: Nafcom/P.O.L., RRR/Oxyron, Silver Bullet/Samar, YTM/Elysium




Peter Kannengiesser
Hans-Sachs-Str. 36
51375 Leverkusen

Sveinung Bergkvist
P.O.Box 140
3833 Boe

I wish you a lot of fun reading this third edition of "Attitude"!


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