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Fjalldata 2018 Party Report
by Pad/Atlantis

Fjalldata - Just like Gubbdata, but with added snow!

How can you say no to that? Even tho I don't like snow I put that aside and decided to take the time to fly to Jamtland in Sweden, an area that actually used to belong to Norway, to attend the first and hopefully annual Fjalldata.

The name translates into Mountain Data and was situated in the snowy and cosy surroundings of the island Froson in Sweden. The party was organised by Genesis Project's own Ostersund division, Redcrab and Norrland, and was by invitation only.

My trip started early at 4:30 in the morning on Friday and after the first flight to Stockholm I met up with Sixx of Genesis Project and Spot of Up Rough and we shared the last flight up north to Ostersund. Hugs and transport from the airport to the party place came courtesy of Redcrab and after less than ten minutes in the car on the icy roads we were at the venue.

The party place was nicely set up with huge tables and lots of chairs, and had a fully functional kitchen attached, from where we were served several meals during the weekend.

Redcrab had also set up his homemade old skool MAME console, which is about 15 years old. Sixx and Spot immediately fell in love with this console and spent many hours loudly playing Hypersports and other classics, most likely catching carpal tunnel syndrome in the process. There were also several C64s and a Vectrex set up to play with. An added bonus was the nice Steinway and Sons piano right next to the fireplace, where later on Mahoney and LFT sat down and played for us. Magical!

We got there a bit early and there was only a few people there, like Stinsen and Qdor working on their contributions for the music competition. Stinsen was just doing a compofiller he said. We all know how that panned out. Well done man!

The following hours the organisers picked up more people from the airport and brought them back to the party. There was a SEK 400 entry fee which covered the party place and every meal during the whole weekend.

People who wanted to relive the real old skool party atmosphere could also sleep in the basement of the party place. I, along with several others, opted for a little more comfort and stayed at the SPA hotel just under a kilometre down the road. I did not take part, but I know that at least Booze Design were frolicking around in the pool at the hotel. Knut of Fossil/SHAPE wanted none of the above the first night and slept right there on the floor of the gallery above the party place, on a couple of chair pillows, the first night. That's the spirit!

The party had beer and wine at SEK 15 per unit or a fixed fee of SEK 300 to drink all that you wanted throughout the weekend. Awesome! I took full advantage of this the first night and whatever party coding was done that evening had to be back tracked the next morning.

Unfortunately the party place lacked a landline for streaming, but nevertheless I brought a camera and gear to stream the party, and was planning to do this on 4G and had expanded my data plan temporarily. After a lot of testing on Friday it turned out that I had lots of download speed, but not that much upload speed.

We struggled getting a decent quality stream without chopping and drop outs. But luckily Twoflower of TRIAD had brought a big ass 4G router with a huge data plan, and after connecting the streaming gear to his network we managed to provide a decent stream for all the sofa sceners. The Twitch chat was actually very lively during the stream of the compos and that was very appreciated.

For lunch on Saturday the organisers fired up the BBQ outside and served up delicious burgers in the snow. What a treat. After lunch outside we went back inside and Archmage and I continued to button up the little contribution to the demo compo we had brought, together with music delivered straight from Spain by Zardax of Artline Designs. With less beer than the evening before the coding was more proficient and after a couple of hours work we handed in our demo an hour before the deadline. The dinner on Saturday came in the form of a stack of superb pizzas delivered to the party place.

The compos started a little bit late, I think around half past ten, but was very enjoyable. There was quite a nice turnout of entries, both local and remote. Mahoney made sure that the fireplace was stoked and loaded at all times, so between the contributions we enjoyed the cosy sound of the fire going. This is something you don't get on other parties I'm sure!

Apart from one VSP crash, which was fixed by using a 2nd machine, the compos went well. Voting was done the old fashion way with vote sheets, and was tallied up by LFT and Mahoney immediately after the compo. Prize ceremony followed the same night and first, second and third place in all categories received a nice whiskey glass engraved with Fjalldata 2018.

This party had an extremely nice atmosphere and was an absolute blast to attend. Just the part where everyone took off their winter shoes at the door when entering made it feel like almost being at someone's home. It was just as promised, cosy and warm, just like Gubbdata, but with more snow. Outside. Where snow is acceptable.

I can't imagine anyone having a bad time at this party. The organisers had everything lined up perfectly and I really hope this party will return next year, and maybe there will be even more people venturing out to Ostersund for this event.

Look for compo results on:

Search for Pad Atlantis on Youtube for recordings of compos and prize giving ceremony.

To see my photos from the event go to:


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