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by Taper/Triad

Not much action from Arsenic lately. They released a stylish PETSCII collection Shine Logo Show II with Delysid during summer 2017. A month later Sphinx won the gfx compo at Nordlicht with Blubb, while Yazoo ended up in the third place with Behind the leaves.

They also gained new members GI-Joe and Human Code Machine during the summer. Sadly, Yazoo informed us he is pretty much out of the demo scene business at the moment - let's hope some of the other members can keep going in the meantime. Things look a bit bleak at the moment...

Members: Axis, Bitbreaker, Cruzer, Devilock, GI-Joe, Kronos, Liesbeth, Linus, Lotus, Mactron, Peiselulli, Sphinx, Human Code Machine, Yazoo

Atlantis had a very strong 2017 with quality releases both concerning demos and cracks. Among other things they scored third place at Datastorm 2017 with the excellent The Last Hope, won Gubbdata 2017 with That Demo From Atlantis and ended the year with a first release of Rob's Life.

This year started with the release of Sydney Hunter Preview, while Kompositkrut came in on fourth place at BCC Party #12 with his tune Rain of Castamere. Also their demo Honey ended up on fourth place there. Most recently they competed with Fett som fjell, scoring bronze at Fjalldata demo compo.

Also in March cracks of Explorer (translated and 101% bugfixed) and the complete version of Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe were first released, the latter being a top notch title.

In the end of 2017 coder Talfarlow joined, followed by musician and coder Zirias in early 2018. On the 30th of March they also gained the artist Lobo.

Members: Agemixer, Ald, dmd, Divertigo, Dr. Science, Dr. Strange, Fatfrost, Kompositkrut, Lobo, Merlin, Pad, Psylicium, qoW, Snabel, Strepto, talfarlow, Tsurugi, xIII, Zirias

Headquarters: (BBS)

Booze stayed quiet for a full year, not releasing anything during 2017. However at Fjalldata 2018 in mid-March they sported two releases. First out was Dane's msx collection SID Story which has been collecting dust for like 25 years.

It was actually completed way back when Dane was a member of TRIAD but never released.

Now with the intro removed it finally saw light of day. A bit of a let down that it didn't feature a Booze intro instead, but the tunes are still worth a listen with some very time-typical beats.

Next up was Fjalldata 2018 Party scroller, coded by JackAsser, ending up in the sixth place of the demo compo.

With two releases under their belt so far this year Booze has already proved themselves immensely more productive than in 2017!

Considering X2018 is coming up later this year may we assume that this was just some warming up...? We have strong reasons to believe so, after eves dropping at Fjalldata...

Dane recently left Umea in the north of Sweden to settle in the capital Stockholm instead.

Members: HCL, Dane, Jailbird, Ruk, Mirage, RaveGuru, JackAsser, Valsary

2017 was almost as slow for Censor as for Booze, but just almost, as Magnar came in on second place at DS Summer music competition with the tune File Deleted.

But things shaped up, just as April begun...

Together with FLT and Offence their demo We come in Peace was released at Revision 2018, winning in the mixed demo compo. Also LMan entered the music compo with Could be Cool, which took the silver medal.

On the member front hardware guru Mogwai was put on the inactive list, while they gained coder Epsilon (formerly in Zone45 and Flash), musician LMan as well as musician and artist Soya during the last couple of months.

Members: Bob, Creeper, Epsilon, Ekoli, Lavazza, LMan, Magnar, Nim, Soya, Swallow


Again only Rekool saves Crest from loosing a spot in this news chapter. He released a smashing disk cover named Mad Max and an equally smashing hires piece entitled Norsu, which ended up taking the bronze at Forever 2017. However unless Crest releases more productions this year, not even Rekool can save them from being removed from this chapter!

Members: Crossbow, Cyclone, DeeKay, Drax, Mitch, Reekol, S.E.S., TCH, The Syndrom, Xayne

You can always trust Dekadence to kick ass at the Zoo parties, and sure enough at Zoo in October last year they took home the grand slam in the demo compo with Beertime One. With code by Britelite, loader by SounDemoN, graphics by Bracket and soundtrack by Flex/Artline Designs this nice production won the hearts of the (drunken) Finnish sceners!

Their entry in the music compo at the party, Dancer by Spiikki, didn't fare as well though, and ended up on 19th place. In December graphician Oasiz joined up.

Members: Ansichrist, Bracket, Britelite, Chaj, Fragment, Jaffa, LordNikon, Marq, Oasiz, Pinza, Player One, Proteque, Response, Ricky Martin, Sanity, SounDemon, Spiikki, T-101, TFT

2017 was definitely a massive comeback for Excess. Old members coming back to service, new recruits joining and tons of releases put out - they certainly took the scene by surprise! The activity continued into 2018 with a whole line of releases seeing light of day, especially cracks but also some smaller intros, demos and tools.

Excess has evidently decided to do both first releasing and oldie-cracking, as well as easyflash releases. Some cracks worth to mention so far this year were the megatrained easyflash version of Lemmings and the first release of Pains'n'Aches (later two improved versions of the game were also released by them). In the end of March they also first released the preview of Galencia Khaos Sphere, the sequel to Galencia.

We could namedrop plenty of neat Excess releases in addition to the ones above, but quite frankly we are almost overwhelmed with their new found activity! As for legal releases they are not as plenty, but the very nice BBS intro RapidReflections promoting their two boards must be mentioned.

Various Excess members are cruising the boards in a regular fashion and all in all the group has very much stepped up their public scene-presence. Membership wise some of the sceners joining Excess recently are Artlace, Harry Potthead, Knight Rider and Stablizer. Thus they also gained Stablizer's BBS Reflections as HQ while still sharing it with Demonix, Laxity, Longshot and Onslaught.

Members: Almighty God, Artlace, Baracuda, Bordeaux, Brix, Curlin, Eco, Faayd, Ghost, Harry Potthead, Knight Rider, pcollins, RHX, Sentinel, Spinball, Stablizer, Stormfront, The Pro

Headquarters: Reflections - (BBS), RapidFire - (BBS)

Extend kept quite busy last year with a whole bunch of releases, especially graphics and music, many of them compo contributions.

For instance, Electric won the mixed compo at KozMOS 2017 with Widescream, and the intro Kolmiolaake came in on third place in the same compo. Granted, KozMOS is Extend's internal meeting so competition might not have been very fierce, but those two productions would have scored high at any party. Other releases worth to mention are the essential tool Bingo Simulator 102% bugfixed by Grue and Electric's amazing Sovjet Sentrifug picture that won the gfx compo at Zoo 2017. Electric totally killed that compo, also scoring second place with Rastermind in the same compo!

Moving on to this year, the minor EcmPlasma demo was released at their KozMOS 2018 meeting, as well as (again) an excellent piece of art by Electric, The Fall.

Memberwise Tempest who has been groupless since 2014 when he departed FLT joined up with them late last year. Just before January ended also Vent reinforced them as he left TRIAD.

Members: Argon, Barfly, Barracuda, Crom, DR.Acid, Duce, Electric, Fedja, Greyzenz, Grue, Jope, Junkie, Kakka, Mankeli, Muhmi, Scapegoat, Sweetdisasterr, Tantor, Tape, TBB, Tempest, Trurl, Vent, Ziili


There is no denying F4CG was the part taking the most beating as the marriage with Atlantis disintegrated back in 2016. Still, they are fighting on, putting out a handful of smaller releases last year. Stainless Steel ended up on sixth place in the Crack Intro Music Competition 2017, other than that Cerix seemed the most active F4 member during the year.

Moving on to 2018, two productions reached the public so far, a neat 8k crack-intro by Smasher which also made it to place four in the 8K Intro Competition 2017, and the preview of Fantastic 4 International Karate, an upcoming 4-player version of the game - also worked on by Smasher.

Members: Arcadestation, CeriX, Devil, Jedi, Mario64, Scorpie, Smasher, Stainless Steel, Subjik

Last year FairLight tried to seriously get back into cracking, but the initial result was questionable at best. Out of the four larger games they released in the end of 2017, only Tonk in the Land of Buddy-Bots and Tuk Goes to Town made it out without follow-up releases to fix bugs.

Tink's Subtraction Fair needed three versions to iron out a trainer bug, while their first version of Tink's Adventure contained a graphics bug and had to be followed up with a fix as well. To make matters worse, they had to knick the working piece of graphics from a version of the game released by Phun Soft Inc. already back in 84/85, which Hedning of Genesis Project dug up.

Also in the end of 2017 FLT tried to convince the rest of the active cracking scene to leave the classic first release rules behind and instead jump on the bandwagon with them on a completely new set of rules, invented by Bacchus.

However none else appreciated the idea and most saw it as a way for FLT to avoid criticism for how they had handled their line of comeback releases. All other first release groups firmly stood by the classic versions of the rules, but rumours say Bacchus still have not abandoned the idea. If so, it's gonna be one lonely chart...

Not going into the details of the debacle that followed their initial line of releases, it was surely not the comeback FLT had hoped for. This year they continued releasing games, like two previews of the upcoming game Snow, which seems promising.

They also released another game in the Tink series, Tink Tonk Castle Clobber, which turned into a heated discussion between Bacchus and Groepaz whether the release was a re-crack or not.

Demo-wise things have been much rosier. FLT teamed up with their usual choice of partners and released smaller but critically acclaimed demo, Pain in the ASM. The demo was put out at an internal meeting in the end of January, hosted by Offence and entitled Mega Mountain Meltdown X.

Then on the first of April the previously mentioned We come in Peace was released in coop with Censor and Offence at Revision. Two demos so close after each other clearly show the strength of the FLT demo machine, even if cooping brings more resources to the table.

Several old-time members made a comeback last year and added to their ranks, like Watchman, Rowdy and The Sarge.

Members: Bacchus, Danko, Dwangi, Hollowman, Louie, Maktone, moh, Pantaloon, Pitcher, Puterman, Reed, Rowdy, The Sarge, Trasher, Vodka, Watchman, Wiklund, Zabutom


Genesis Project sported yet another year of high activity, releasing tons of productions during 2017. One could almost think their artists and composers have contributions entered into each and every competition being held, whether at parties or online. Just to mention a few high scoring competition entries: Razorback won the gfx compo at DS Summer with Redback Razorcrabs, Mermaid won the Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition with Metal Frog and MCH came in fourth at Mixed Music Competition at RetroKomp-LOAD ERROR with Lazy Afternoon.

Of course cracks were plentiful as well with over 30 firsties delivered, like the preview of Petunia Pickle's Pumpkin and version 2 of Quarx (containing 100 extra levels!), and much more.

The pace has been kept during 2018, with G*P putting out more firsties like Blok Copy RX, Fart Escape and Digger Preview 2. Rythm, L.A. Style and Zyron are certainly keeping busy.

Legal wise two smaller demos were released at G*P's little meeting M0gdata in Lund, Grisademo and Genesis Parrot. In the end of March Mermaid entered a fancy PETSCII screen entitled He-Man and Friends for the He-Man Jr. Compo.

Demo parties way up north are not too common in Sweden, but G*P members Redcrab and Norrland arranged Fjalldata during March (read more about it in the party report). Upcoming parties arranged by Genesis Project during 2018 will be Gubbdata (invite only) and Datastorm, both to be held during the summer months.

As evident with this issue of Attitude, G*P has jumped aboard the magazine staff and will from now on contribute to the magazine in various ways. They will also release Propaganda List in a regular fashion, both as a chapter in Attitude and standalone in between issues. However Propaganda is still on the table sometime in the future, so the participation in Attitude will not be forever - but at least for now!

Some rumours claim a few old time G*P members are thinking of getting back into action, but there are no details as of yet. Sixx is yet again back in the group, working as organizer alongside hedning. In December they also gained tester Dymo.

Members: Akira, Alien, Bob, Celtic Design, Dymo, hardy, hedning, HJE, Illmidus, Kenet, Kobi, L.A. Style, MagerValp, MCH, Mermaid, Metalux, Mr Death, Norrland, Papademos, pewp, Razorback, Redcrab, Rythm, Shadow, Sixx, Steel, Stinsen, Widdy, X-Jammer, Xiny6581, Zyron

Headquarters: The Hidden - (BBS), FrozenFloppy - (BBS)

2017 was a bit of a slow year for the HT posse, but a few releases made it out anyway. Most notably Mega Demo 2, which competed at Yodel Conference 8 already back in 1997 but in a rather broken state, and after the party the disc was mysteriously lost.

Fast forward 20 years and Cash/TRIAD finds the disk with the demo and sends it to HT. The demo (which includes the world famous pear-split part) is then fixed up in all its glory and again shown at Datastorm Summer 2017.

Several of the HT members also contributed when Goto80's music album Floptrik was published last year by CPU records (well-known publisher of electro). The limited edition of the CD was bundled with a disk containing C64 executables with versions of the tracks on the CD (coded by Frantic), but with the added feature that each tune sounds different each time it's run. Also Mathman, Linde and AcidT*rroreast contributed to the release in various ways.

Then in the end of last year, Frantic put out two new versions of his DefMON music editor.

Talking about HT tools, it's about time for a new version of DurexForth, Mathman! We haven't seen any releases from HT so far this year.

Members: AcidT*rroreast, Ant1, Frantic, Goto8o, Jellica, Linde, Mathman, Whizzy

Hitmen had few releases during 2017, but perhaps this year will offer us more. So far Peacemaker came in on 12th place in the $11 Music Compo with his tune A Moaning Dirge in $11-minor. Then in beginning of March they competed with the small but neat demo Treasure Chest I at the Fjalldata demo compo ending up in the 7th place.

After all the infighting and parallell existence of two Hitmen for a while the official memberstatus is now clear again.

Members: Curlin, Erol, Lawnmowerman, Peacemaker, Sabotage, Vortex

After their comeback in 2011 there have been some productive years for Hoaxers. But during the whole of 2017 the only thing released under their banner was the PETSCII piece Norwegian Barbecue by Quarryman, which ended up in the fifth place of the Mixed Graphics compo at Datastorm. Also BHF has been worringly silent. Hopefully 2018 will be the year when they pick up the pace again!

As of February Joe is no longer a member. Other than that no more membership changes have occured.

Members: BHF, Codex, Firehawk, Grasstust, Kristian Myklebust, Mollpauk, Parody, Randy, Response, Skurk


One can only congratulate Laxity for their activity level. With just six active members they have released more cracks so far this year than most other groups manage for the full 12 months. Also a bunch of NTSC fixed releases made it out. Some cracks worth mentioning are their versions of Iceblox, Indeflataball and the latest Psytronik release Steel Ranger, which they obviously managed to secure on beforehand.

A smaller controversy arose around their release of Moonspire: The Draxx War - preview, when Heavy Stylus from RGCD was annoyed to find out that Laxity had unlocked unfinished levels in the preview. Sounds like a job well done in our ears, as that is what crackers do...

Their latest releases during March were Diced-64 and Jetpac Wars, both handled by O'Dog.

On the memberfront Danzig joined in January, while Skyhawk left them in the end of March to join up with TRIAD instead.

Members: Animalo, DanDee, Danzig, Didi, Goat, O'Dog

Headquarters: Reflections - (BBS), RapidFire - (BBS)

After quite a busy and diversive 2017 for the guys in Mayday! so far this year we've seen mostly tunes released by them. Only a few of their members showed up at BCC #12, but GI-Joe grabbed the silver medal with a stereo-SID tune named Ibiza Sun, while R0ly ended up on 8th place in the same compo with Eine Kleine Popmusik.

Also at BCC a smaller demo Kraut54147 was put out, ending up on fourth place in the C64 fast intro competition. It was partly done in a rush live at the party and put together by The User, Spider Jerusalem and TheRyk.

Spider Jerusalem also composed three tunes, two of which are competing in the yet undecided Nonstandard Time Signature Compo 2018, and Viel Blubbe which ended up on 15th place at $11 Music Compo.

Many members had "real life" changes lately, which has hampered activity a bit and resulted in lack of content for bigger projects.

However there are some plans for X2018, which some of the members plan to attend, and there is even talk about another possible MYD trackmo for the occasion. For the rest of 2018 we can probably count a bunch of music, graphics and maybe intro solo flights.

Cracking wise Retaliate Preview v2 was put out by them in the end of January. With CSixx back in action again there might be more activity on the cracking front again.

Members: Achim, Awsm, CSixx, GI-Joe, Greyrat, Henning, R0ly, Spider Jerusalem, The USER, TheRyk, Thunder.Bird

There were no games at all released by N0stalgia during 2017, but they did release a few versions of a rather cool util, the EasyFlash3 IRC client.

It works with a C64 or C128 with an Easy Flash 3 cartridge connected to the PC via USB cable. Can we hope for a version that works natively with a WiFi-modem or RR-Net as well?

So far this year two jewel cracks have been released, so it seems N0S are back on track! First out was the 101% version of Cabal, PAL/NTSC, available both for disk and EasyFlash versions, and with 1351 mouse support added.

Next up was the 101% version of Navy Moves, again PAL/NTSC with the two onefilers remastered with n0sdos, and with walk-through and map included. Both those releases were handled by Erhan.

Members: 6R6, Erhan, Hellboy, Hurminator, Tom-Cat, Lemming, S!R, SLC, Sorex, The Ignorance, The Keyboarder


Offence sported two handful of releases during 2017, most noteworthy were the two demos Datastorm Leftovers and Private Parts, as usual released in coop with FLT and Prosonix. Issue #67 of Vandalism News was also released together with Onslaught.

Moving on to 2018 the steady coop with Fairlight and Prosonix continued with a victory in the demo compo at Mega Mountain Meltdown X with a production entitled Pain In The Asm. Also three contributions to the 128-byte font competition were released.

Algorithm is hard at work with the next Offence demo.

Members: Alfatech, Algorithm, Bj0rn R0st0en, Conjuror, Freqvibez, Groms, Killsquad, Lemming, Macx, nosferatu, Olav M0rkrid, OMP, Pal, Pantaloon, Perplex, Scarzix, Stein Pedersen, Stone, Zaphod, Waffel


Onslaught had a pretty busy 2017, counting number of releases. As usual a bunch of releases supplied by Games that Weren't made it out during the year, especially at Christmas time. Examples are New Zealand Story v1 preview, Garfield v1 preview and Big Top Circus, all three interesting in their own rights.

Then on Christmas Eve Onslaught first released the very anticipated commercial game Sam's Journey, which generated a massive shitstorm and resulted in probably one of the lowest scored CSDb entries of all times. Just slapping on an intro and spreading this game without any additional work done on it did not sit well with most other sceners.

However things went from bad to worse as Onslaught then teamed up with Laxity (after asking another group which turned down the offer due to not wanting to rush such an important title) and released a rather measely +2 trained version of the game. Unfortunately this version of the game had several bugs and received an even lower score on CSDb than the previous effort. Finally a working Onslaught and Laxity crack of the game was then released a few hours later. Hopefully a lesson is learned not to rush large games like this which require time and effort to get right.

Being a multi-talented crew there were quite some legal releases last year as well, like the 67th issue of Vandalism News and some pieces of art. For instance, Deev took home the bronze medal at Syntax 2017 with a marvellous PETSCII piece entitled e5_ca. Sadly he was later moved to inactive status.

So far we haven't seen any releases from Onslaught in 2018, but we are certain they will arrive sooner or later. They always tend to do!

A few weeks ago Jazzcat got married, so we'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate him! Rumours say the wedding ceremony was free of sceners, so it was probably a sober and scandal-free occasion. For some reason the happy couple had hired a guy who stood on his head (!) during the ceremony. Must be a down under thing... But again, congratulations!

Members: Jazzcat, Macx, Adam Morton, Algorithm, Almighty God, Bieno64, Cons, Elder0010, Fix, Freshness, grip, Karmic, N3xu5, onebitman, Psycho8580, Pugsy, Ray Manta, ZZAP69

Headquarters: Antidote - (BBS),,,

In May last year we saw the first crack from Oxyron since 1992, which was quite a surprise to say the least. Also it was no one else than Axis being responsible, which was a double surprise since he had never done any cracking before.

The game in question was Seawolf, © Bally-Midway and Commodore back in 1982, but as it seems there were no prior working cracks of this cartridge game, Axis stepped up to the occasion. Just as good as the crack was the splendid and spanking new crack intro, also conceived by Axis, which took home the third place in the Intro Creation Competition 2016 a few months earlier.

Also a demo made it out, Saufzucht! for the C64DTV, which rightfully won the mixed demo competition at Nordlicht 2017.

Ending the year and starting off 2018 Oxyron won the 8K Intro Competition 2017 with their intro Rhabarberbar, which was released the first day on the new year. Again Axis was behind that one.

Members: Axis, Bitbreaker, Cruzer, DeeKay, Devilock, Elko, Fanta, Linus, LMan, Peiselulli, Sphinx, The Human Code Machine, Veto, Yazoo


Last year mostly saw audio releases from the Pandas with a whole bunch of tunes scoring quite high at various music compos. For instance, Fegolhuzz came out on top when winning the mixed music competition at Leifhack 2017 with Alla ackord ar tagna, while also winning at Datastorm summer with Solskyddstraktor.

Also Qdor and Radiant scored high places with some of their tunes during the year making Panda very strong group in the musical department.

Also at Leifhack 2017 they won the grand price in the mixed demo competition with a smaller production entitled Lifehack (see the pattern?), conceived by Radiant and Frost.

Memberwise there have been no changes for years, and not this time either.

Members: Fegolhuzz, Frost, Klegg, Lusius, Qdor, Radiant, Zonk


About time SHAPE got their own section in this news chapter. Not because they are the most active group around, but when they do release, boy it's worth the wait!

Last year had two releases from them. First of course the mindblowing demo The Shores of Reflections that scored silver at Datastorm 2017, with a very tight margin to the winner demo from TRIAD. Then Kristian R0st0en ended up on fifth place in the music compo at the same party with a tune entitled Smokish.

This year they have so far released an updated version of GRG's tool, Sidplay64 V1.21, which supports a whole multitude of hardware, including SIDFX, Turbo Chameleon, REU and so on.

Not much has happened on the membership front since last year when Wisdom left them, according to rumours due to an internal disagreement.

Members: GRG, Archmage, Carrion, Geir, Glenn Davanger, Knut.M.Clausen, Kristian R0st0en, Linus, Peacemaker

Singular is keeping up activity with a regular stream of neat releases. During last year they put out Quad Core, an insane demo project meant to be run from four C64s at the same time, outputting to four projectors. Obviously not a setup most people have at home (at least not the projectors), but we can only imagine how cool this one looks live. Luckily Lemming/Nostalgia took one for the team and put up an excellent YouTube video of the demo running in all its glorious quad-setup.

A few months later a single C64 version of the demo appeared logically named Single Core. Other than that Leon has been pumping out art of high quality. Among his rankings the picture What Does the Fox Say? took the gold medal at Forever 2017, while the equally impressive VAZ-2101 landed silver at Arok 2017.

Singular then ended 2017 by releasing Kerekes 64Band Music Selector together with SIDRIP Alliance. Continuing into 2018 in mid February Leon released a self-portrait entitled 20 years on the C64 Demoscene!

Members: Cargo, Charlie, Leon, Pocak, Poison, Scorpy, Vincenzo, Ziona


TRIAD had a real good 2017 starting the year by winning the demo compo at Datastorm with their main attraction, Neon. Also at DS Ilesj won the gfx compo with a piece entitled Rear View. A whole streak of other productions were also released at DS by them.

Other legal productions that made it out during last year was Dreadnought, in coop with The Increasing Popularity Crew, containing previously unreleased Jason Brooke tunes.

A whole bunch of graphics and tunes were also released, like Aqualung, My Friend by Vent that won the mixed graphics compo at Vammala Party 23, and Your intrusion is my illusion, composed by Dalezy and ended up on first place in the C64 music competition at Deadline.

As for the cracking side TRIAD put out a few bigger titles during the year such as Planet Golf, Slipstream (with G*P), a disk-based version of LuftrauserZ (which some people said was near impossible) and then on Christmas Eve the V2 preview of Megatanoi from Trisomic Boys, containing previously lost data.

Moving on TRIAD started out 2018 by releasing the ultimate disk-based version of Sam's Journey with nine trainers and docs in early January. Sailor did the hard work, while Taper, Lynx, MtnBuffalo and Powerslave provided some assistance.

In March TRIAD was represented at Fjalldata by Icon, Towflower and Iopop. Twoflower scored second place in the graphics compo with a piece entitled Kim, featuring Kim Wilde. Dalezy on the other hand teamed up with Qdor/Panda Design and took home the bronze medal at the music compo there with 15 Years of Friendship.

Later in March Ilesj and Icon contributed with the smashing mini-demo What's going on? for the He-Man Jr. compo held at CSDb, featuring exclusive music by Fegolhuzz/Panda Design.

Before the end of March a small first release also made it out, Bewitched Preview 2, supplied by Taper and trained by Lynx.

Cash is also very active on the transfer front, securing disk collections from all over the planet and backing them up for preservation.

Memberwise they gained coder Powerslave (former member of Tronix and Alto-brows) in December 2017. The intro of this issue of Attitude is coded by him.

Then this year, in February, graphician Vent ended a productive five year stay in the group by departing for his more local friends in Extend. No doubt a sad loss for the mummyship.

However, in mid March, TRIAD was re-inforced again when Skyhawk (former member of Laxity, Ambient and Delta) joined up to function as a PETSCII artist and trader.

Members: Bepp, Cash, Dalezy, DJ Gruby, Houbba, Icon, Ilesj, Iopop, King Fisher, Lynx, Moloch, MtnBuffalo, Ne7, Nith, Powerslave, Romppainen, Skyhawk, Tao, Taper, Twoflower

Headquarters: Antidote - (BBS),

Single news

Another SID replacement has been manufactured, ARMSID, which runs on an ARM Cortex M4 with hardware floating point arithmetic at 100 MHz and featuring analogue output amplified via an AD8515 opamp. It's a proper plug and play solution. Just insert the ARMSID into the slot and you're done!

Xentax in cooperation with Lotus Electronics has shipped the first batch of 102 FM-YAM cartridges! It is a light-weight FM implementation containing a YM3812 soundchip, which makes it possible to play AdLib tunes on the C64. It adds 9 FM sound channels, and you can mix it with the sound from the SID as well. Learn more at:

Algorithm just released a new sample demo under his Algotech label, entitled VF-SSDPCM1 Super Plus.

The Finnish scener Manu (also in Fit) has joined Byterapers, after having worked closely with them for several years.

Megastyle released two game previews today, both very good looking, Flyboy and Lumberjack. Too bad they will probably never be completed.

Gideon started taking pre-orders for the Ultimate 64 for a brief period in time. The first boards are said to be delivered already, and 500 boards are expected to be shipped before April is over. Pre-orders are currently closed, but will soon be re-opened. For those not familiar with the Ultimate 64, it is a hardware implementation (FPGA) of the entire C64, including the Ultimate-II+ built-in as well. It sports an emulated SID (with the possibility to use real SID's as well), HDMI output and has a built in WiFi NIC, among other neat features.

Rob Hubbard was interviewed in Scene World Podcast Episode #44 about the recently completed PROJECT HUBBARD, his career, and the future of game music. You can listen to the pod at: blog/2018/02/07/robhubbard/.

Protovision managed to sell a staggering 1250+ original copies of Sam's Journey! This warms our hearts as it's a very good game that deserves high sale figures! Another excellent game distributed by Protovision is MAH from Retream. Sadly, MAH has as of yet not sold especielly well, which is a shame. Perhaps sales will pick up soon!

The C64 Mini has been released to the stores, a C64 game console akin to the C64DTV, but modelled after a real C64 (just smaller), like the popular NES and SNES classic minis. The keyboard is however just for show, and you have to connect a USB keyboard to be able to type on the thing. It's shipped with a joystick and 64 built-in games, but you can also load d64 images from a USB-key. It contains a A20 dual core CPU and runs Linux with a C64 emulator, some say it's actually Vice, some say Frodo, but that has not been verified yet. What is verified though is that the unit kinda sucks. There is quite a bit of lag, the sound is out of sync with the picture due to this, and the joystick feels like a stiff baseball-bat. To quote Mr.Ammo: You'd need to be almost dead to not notice this lag... Hopefully that issue will be addressed in a future firmware update.

News over for this time! Thanks to our informers for the gossip and info!


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