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Welcome to the 18th issue of Attitude!

As the intro already revealed, Attitude is now published jointly by TRIAD and Genesis Project.

It's not a trivial task to put together a diskmag in a regular fashion (especially the regularity has been our Achilles heel during the years), so it feels great to have more muscles behind the magazine for the moment.

However, sooner or later G*P will jump ship and start publishing Propaganda again, but until then we will sail together on the seventh seas with a Gutenberg printing press in the cargo hold.

Among other things this means that Attitude for the time being will host the Propaganda First Release List, which also will be released between Attitude issues as a stand alone production.

As usual a whole range of sceners helped out with this issue. Powerslave, who recently joined TRIAD, coded the intro, with a tune composed by Ne7, while Fegolhuzz, GRG, Jammer, MCH, and Zardax helped us out with their kickass tunes for the magazine itself, and so did no less than three TRIAD composers - first Dalezy and then two of our retired members, Con as well as TDM, who we still are in contact with now and then. DJ Gruby is constantly perfecting the magazine engine and tools we use to put this mag together.

Also thanks to Ian Coog for giving us a hand when we are uncertain about which tunes that have been used before or not. At last but certainly not least thanks to everyone writing the content, and to our informers who provide news and rumours.

Talking about content this issue contains a whole lot of super hot articles, most of it was produced mere weeks back, and a whole lot just days before the release!

There is however one old article, the Datastorm 2017 party report, which dates back to February 2017. We still decided to put it in the mag, because although dated by now, it still provides a historical account of one of the best Swedish parties ever.

It's about time we get this issue out the door, so I will not keep you occupied any longer with this editorial. Move on to the articles and have a good read!


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