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Gubbdata 2016 Party Report
by Taper/Triad

Gubbdata 2016 - G*P + TRIAD = 60 Years Of CBM Love

Finally Gubbdata 2016 is upon us!

After many weeks of planning and prepping, especially by hedning who has been doing most of the hard work, the party has opened its doors to the invited guests! The venue is, as usual, LBS (The Sound och picture school) in Lund. The building consists of one larger party hall for the main action and several larger rooms used as sleeping facilities and a bunch of toilettes. There is free wi-fi and a bar next door as well.

When the train I was on arrived at the central station in Lund I took my gear and started walking towards the partyplace. Suddenly someone called out my handle. I turned around and saw iopop, Tao and ilesj sitting by a table at a local burgerjoint, so I joined them for dinner before we headed to the party place together. I complained about the weather being too hot in the editorial. Well, now a month later Swedish summer has turned rather cold and rainy. We managed to find a window of opportunity when the sky held back its tears for a moment, and took the quick walk to the party venue.

Upon entering the party place the warm blue screen data sun greeted us welcome! We met up with Cash, and a bit later also Sailor and bepp appeared. We went around saying hi to familiar faces, some of the initial people we bumped into were hedning, Joe, Macx, X-Jammer, Morpheus, Zzap69, Ruk, Linde, Goto8o, Spot, Oxidy and a whole bunch of other sceners.

We decided to sit down at a bunch of tables next to the exit to get some fresh air and have total control over all the arriving visitors. :) As we had some releases planned for the party, the lot of us started working on various projects. While some parties are mostly about slacking and hanging out when you have all contributions ready beforehand, this party turned in to a demo-workshop for us in TRIAD. We had many things to finalize, including our demo Monochrome, this issue of Attitude and ilesj was working on his compo-picture. That did not mean that we didn't have time to have a lot of fun during the party, but we had a little less time for slacking this time around.

Since we had our last-minute panic demo to finish in time for the compo deadline, iopop and Tao immediately started coding, while talking with icon on the phone, who also coded on the production. I started writing some articles for this very issue of Attitude while bepp was assigned to party duty and also went to pick up more beer for Cash. Sailor started backuping the last and lost Lucifer and Skydive disks, which Rowdy and Bacchus from FLT had managed to obtain for us. Thanks for that, lads!

I had been asked to put on a demo show on Friday night, so I had prepared a bit by putting together a collection of some of my favourite demos. When the clock turned 23:00 I began spinning disks, starting with demos from the early 80's and going forward in time, in at least a somewhat chronological order. I began a little bit out of order though, and displayed a local and international classic, Achmed from Judas Design (Jucke and Skyhawk - where were you guys?! I spun that one for you!). Then demos from the 80's, like Prism from Zoom, Goatbeard from Oneway, Think Twice III, Last Wave from from Warrant and so on were shown. Moving on to the 90's with demos from Byterapers, Censor Design, Genesis Project and TRIAD, and then from there up until modern times and into the new century, displaying demos from Crest, Booze Design and so forth. I ended up running demos for almost 4 hours before giving in to sleepyness.

Some of the demos shown had a deeper personal meaning to me. I ran Wisdom, one of the TRIAD demos I know Jerry really appreciated from that time period, I showed the PETSCII demo Notemaker Demo II from one of Swedens finest artists who is sadly no longer with us - Poison/Oneway. I also showed Meta Techshow 2 by Terric who also sadly left us behind a few years back.

While running the demo show, Raveguru of Booze suddenly showed up! We used to bump into eachother on meetings and parties all the time in the past, until he moved abroad many years ago. It was a joy to have a chat with him again after all this time! I also took some time spreading a GTW, Blaster Twins preview from Threshold Productions, that Moloch had supplied and worked on during the day.

After the demo show I went for a few hours of sleep on my airbed. I woke up after about 5 hours, freezing my arse off (oh yes, Swedish summer and an emergency exit not properly closed). Took a walk to the local grocery store and grabbed some breakfast before getting back to working on Attitude. More people were showing up on Saturday, and the visitor list grew to more than 70 names (and probably some more that didn't bother to enter their names on the list). The bigscreen was occupied at all times, when it didn't show C64 stuff there were some Amiga or Atari demos running instead.

Bepp arrived with one really big cake with the text TRIAD + G*P 60 Years on it. Me and Hedning had the honour of cutting out the first piece of cake together, celebrating our mutual 30th anniversaries. It was one good cake, and then it was time for the visitors to dig in as well.

The deadline for the compo was at 19:00 and ilesj had handed in his compo picture entitled Cock Picture. Luckily the deadline was pushed back a little, which was a good thing for us since there was some last minute touches to be done on Monochrome. However, just a little later we were able to hand in our demo, and about the same time also Booze handed in theirs. By now, also King Fisher had arrived to the party.

The show started with some special contributions, including a smaller retro-themed PC demo from G*P, a seriously cool matrix-printer hack that printed out the oneliners from CSDb as they were written, a tune by Mahoney on a chip-synth built by LFT, a C64 game and probably some other stuff I have already forgotten because of lack of sleep.

Then the normal compo began. Only two Amiga tunes had been handed in, one by Goto80 and one by Mr.Death, so the C64 Music compo started quite soon. 19 tunes were handed in by either the participants or having been remotely sent in. It was quite a good number - not too few and not too many. I've been to parties with music compos that had over 60 contributions, which makes it impossible to do a fair judgement. I ended up liking most of the tunes, but of course I had my favourites, like the tunes from X-Jammer, LMan and Steel.

Next up was C64 PETSCII with 8 contributions. The quality was very high over all, AcidT*, Mermaid, Redcrab and Alakran were my personal favourites this time around.

Now it was time for the C64 Graphics competition. No less than 13 entries competed, and also here there were many really good pieces handed in.

Last up was the C64 demo competition, also with 13 entries. Two of them were old demos from the 80's, never released before, which now entered into the competition. All three groups celebrating their 30th anniversary had contributions for the compo (TRIAD, G*P and SOS).

The compo was hosted by hedning who put up quite a show himself, entertaining the audience and presenting the competing productions. Of course the crowd was cheering and clapping as it should be, and the mood was high all around.

After the demo compo it was time for voting, which was handled by classic analogue votesheets being distributed to the audience. It then took a while for the votes to be counted, but soon enough bepp and hedning entered the stage to present the lucky top five in each category. The result ended up like this:

Amiga Mod

1. Mr.Death/Genesis Project
2. Goto80/Hack n'Trade

C64 Music

1. Nothing compares to EU by Fegolhuzz/Panda Design
2. RUINS by X-Jammer/Genesis Project
3. 2 Days by Magnar/Censor Design
4. To Die For by LFT
5. Robot Sensuality by Lman/Oxyron/Multistyle Labs


1. Glad Gubbe by Mermaid/Genesis Project/Vision
2. Duelling Invaders by Redcrab/Genesis Project
3. Green Falcon by Alakran/PVM
4. Keys of Fury by AcidT*/Hack n'Trade/Judas
5. Myopia 4 the Future by AcidT*/Hack n'Trade/Judas

C64 Graphics

1. Cock Picture by ilesj/TRIAD
2. KORVSATAN by Razorback/Genesis Project
3. Elsewhere by Mermaid/Genesis Project/Vision
4. Joe/Censor Design/Hoaxers/Wrath Designs
5. Eden C Sixty-Four by Prowler/Nectarine

C64 Demo

1. Nothing but PETSCII by Genesis Project
2. Classics by Booze Design
3. Monochrome by TRIAD
4. SIDistic by Kruthers
5. One Bit Wonder by One Bit Wonder

Now the winners were treated with cool awards, including T-shirts designed by Mermaid, original games, Commodore related books and so on. When all winners had received their prices, the remaining goods was auctioned out to the audience. Quite some bidding occured. Notable was when Raveguru of Booze Design bought a matrix printer and then realized the challenge of bringing it home to Bali on the plane (luckily he exchanged it for a book with another auction winner), and Fix of Hokuto Force bidding and winning pretty much everything else, sometimes without knowing what he was bidding on (yes dear Fix, you were a bit drunk). :)

As usual, after the award ceremonies most parties die out, and as it was now early Sunday morning many sceners started packing and headed home. A few brave stayed to finish some projects and then to help out cleaning the party place up a bit before leaving themselves.

I had a nice chat with Linde and Goto80 of HT before they too left, and at the moment I am actually last man standing at the party venue. Time is now 06:00, and its time for me to end this article. If you find this report a bit fuzzy here and there, I blame lack of sleep...

A big thanks to the other organizers, especially hedning, for again doing a top notch job with Gubbdata. And of course a major thanks to all the visitors and contributors for the competitions!


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