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by Taper/Triad

Dear reader, greetings and welcome to issue #17 of Attitude!

When you are reading this, we have just started cleaning up the Gubbdata partyplace in Lund together with G*P. Hopefully there will be no nasty pukes for us to wipe from the floors...

At the time of writing this, in early June, the Gubbdata party is still a month away. Swedish summer has been a bit too good so far. Close to 30 degrees Celsius is not my cup of tea, it hampers productivity. However, I would be complaining if it was 15 degrees and raining too.

Why can't the weather ever be just perfect? Without doubt, it's a Swedish national sport to complain about the weather - we are never fully content!

Hopefully the temperature will drop to something a bit more bearable soon, though. For once I have an extended vacation, so it would be real nice to spend at least some of it in front of the blue screen.

Enough complaining about the weather, and back to the issue at hand! Did you notice that only 7 months have passed since the last issue was put out at Christmas 2015? Well, I'm not saying that we're breaking any speed records when publishing this magazine, but still it is an improvement. Lets hope we can keep up this pace!

Of course you will find a burning hot report from the Gubbdata party in this issue, and hopefully a lot of other content that also catches your attention.

We also have a new editor on board - MtnBuffalo, who joined TRIAD as a diskmag editor some months back! You will find his first articles in this very issue. It's a very welcome addition, and we might add even more editors in the future. It's quite a task to compile a diskmag in a somewhat regular fashion these days.

I usually end my editorials by praising our good friends around the scene who help us out producing this magazine, so again I extend my warm thanks to those who contributed this time around. Make sure you check the credits chapter to find out who did what for this very issue.

A very special thanks goes to our former member Alfatech, who gave us an excellent 30th birthday present in the form of an intro, which is included as a stand-alone file on this disk. Much appreciated, Che!

I hope you will have a good read - see you in issue #18!


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