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by Taper/Triad

As one of the organising groups of Demo of the Year 2014, Arsenic can be pleased of the final version of the demo, which was released during the summer 2015. However, since then they have been awfully quiet, only releasing two small partyscrollers at their Arsenic BBQ V4 meet up.

However, they did gain a whole lot of members lately. Cruzer decided he had too much spare time and joined up with them (as well as Oxyron). Also Mr.Coke, well-known Atari and PC scener in Checkpoint, Alcatraz, Icebird and Federation Against Nature joined Arsenic, wanting to start a career on the C64 as well. Two more recruits arrived; a newcomer-coder called Toddi, and Slide who used to be a coder in Oxyron back in the early 90's but now wants to focus on graphics instead. In return Fanta, Sextone, Celtic and TheRyk have been moved to inactive status.

Members: Axis, Bitbreaker, Cruzer, Devia, Devilock, Graham, Kronos, Liesbeth, Mactron, Mr.Coke, Peiselulli, Slide, Sphinx, Toddi, Yazoo, Zed Yago

Atlantis+F4CG have had an excellent coop during 2015 with more than 30 releases put out, ranging from cracks, intros and demos. They scored second place in the ZOO 2015 demo compo with Zoo Keeper. Cracks worth mentioning are P0 Snake, Rockmaze and most recently the brand new game Athanor from Safar Games (currently on sale).

Memberwise, F4CG gained coder, graphician and musician CeriX in late May, while Atlantis gained Danish musicians Psylicium about three months ago. Nowadays the two groups also share a couple of members who are in both groups, so time will tell if this coop ends up one group, much like SCS+TRC did in the mid to late 90's.

Members: Agemixer, Ald, Ciccioriccio, dmd, Dr. Science, Dr.Strange, Keys, Kompositkrut, Merlin, Psylicium, Robocop, Smasher, Tsurugi (ATLANTIS), CeriX, Devil, Jedi, Scorpie, Smasher, Stainless Steel, Total Chaos, Tsurugi, xIII (F4CG)

Headquarters: (BBS)

Booze Design have never been about quantity but always about quality and fully focused on demos. Considering the amount of work needed in producing a top level demo these days, its not surprising that we can't expect to see an Edge of Disgrace each and every year. Still, there is no denying things have been really slow in Booze during 2015, with only one single tune released, Northern Star from Dane. It did score silver at Gubbdata 2015, though. Lets hope things have been cooking in silence all year, so we get some treats from them during 2016 instead!

Members: HCL, Dane, Jailbird, Ruk, Mirage, RaveGuru, JackAsser, Valsary

Three releases from Censor have hit our screens during 2015. Fantasmolytic, produced in coop with Oxyron, won the demo compo at Nordlicht 2015 in the end of June. A fantastic demo that few of you have missed, so there is no need to mention it further. Also at Nordlicht, the 100% version of Comaland which won the demo compo at X'2014 was put out, as well as them winning the graphics competition with The Eagle Has Landed from Yazoo.

Also some shocking news reached us from one of our moles; Someone stole the rims (or possibly even the tires - information is a bit vague) from Bob's car! Hopefully this will not affect his mobility to such a degree that he will miss future parties, though.

Members: Bob, Creeper, CRT, Ekoli, Joe, Lavazza, Magnar, Nim, Swallow, Mogwai


If it wasn't for Reekol, Crest would be next to dead. During the last two years, he has been the sole warrior keeping up the spirit. We wrote about the same thing in the news chapter last time around as well, but now we can add a year to that statement. During 2015 Rekool released five pieces of pixelized art and two disk-covers. Best accomplishments were the diskcover My cup of Tea which won at Arok 2015, and Iaaku which ended up at second place in the c64 graphics compo at the same party. He also scored bronze at the Zoo 2015 graphics compo with Papukaija. We salute Rekools efforts, but wish he could kick some of the other members of the group out of insomnia as well.

Members: Crossbow, Cyclone, DeeKay, Drax, Mitch, Reekol, S.E.S., TCH, The Syndrom, Xayne

It's been awfully silent from Dekadence for a long time, so it was extra enjoyable to see their newest demo Shareware being released at Zoo 2015. Coded by Britelite and with music by Player One, while the graphics were outsourced to H7/Accession, Shareware is an enjoyable production which came in on third place at the Zoo demo compo.

Members: Ansichrist, Bracket, Britelite, Chaj, Fragment, Jaffa, LordNikon, Marq, Pinza, Player One, Proteque, Response, Ricky Martin, Sanity, SounDemon, Spiikki, T-101, TFT

Stormfront and Nimbus keep the fire burning in Excess, however only four cracks have been released so far this year. Last out was Motorman preview, a clone of the NES-game Excite-bike that looks promising, but sadly might not be completed.

Member-wise Tadpole was set to inactive status, which is quite a loss to Excess. As late as in May Tadpole supplied the game Rebound for them, and he has been a long standing member. It seems like he currently lost his motivation. Hopefully he will be back sooner or later.

Members: St0rmfr0nt, Shine, RHX, Nimbus

2015 hasn't been FairLights most active year, but there has indeed been some nice releases nonetheless. Continuing the trend of cooping with other groups, FLT released GoatLight together with Noice and Offence in April. Then we were treated with a very nice 4K-intro entitled Aura, done by Dwangi and Vodka. Wiklund scored silver in the music compo at Outline 2015 with his tune Okkie's Moustache.

At Edison 2015 during the summer, FLT came in on second place in the mixed demo competetion with Drinking Leroy. The production was coded by moh, who left Panda for FLT earlier this year.

FLT also released their first crack in 16 years, when Bacchus and Rowdy teamed up to take on the Return of Heracles challenge offered in the C64 Cracking Competition 2015. As nice as it was seeing the two of them working on a C64 game again, their version was ranked last in the competition with an occasional freezing in-game trainer menu and lack of the load/save feature. A 100% version was rumoured, but so far we have seen none. Still, they did a version of a game very few even dared to touch.

Members: Avalon, Bacchus, Danko, Hollowman, Louie, Maktone, moh, Oxidy, Pantaloon, Puterman, Reed, Vodka, Wiklund, Zabutom

Genesis Project have been busy as always and is without doubt one of the most productive groups on the scene today. At least 15 firsties have been released, most of them fresh games made in 2015. It seems G*P focus on new quality games these days, instead of spraying the scene with old diskmag finds. They have also released some high quality games in coop with TRIAD. Since their list of releases this year is too extensive to mention everything, we'll focus on a selection here.

In May the final version of Ultima IV +9M 130% was released from the hands of Magervalp and Mermaid. Ultima IV has never been so beautiful, G*P puts the Amiga version to shame with this release. Now lets fast forward through a whole bunch of cracks and tunes until we reach the end of October when they held an internal meeting (with some special invited guests) entitled Mysdata. A few releases surfaced from the event, including the demo Goa gubb-bilder by Hedning and Mermaid, with music by Goto80/HT.

G*P is generally not known for huge demos, but very recently they actually released a somewhat big demo by Shadow, Redcrab and Stinsen - entitled Demo with Bugs. Once again this production excel when it comes to design, music, humour and cuteness, and they rightfully ended up winning the demo compo at Compusphere GAG 2015.

Some earlier legal productions to mention is their Demo of the Year 2014 entry Graffiti, and their coop demo Hello Scope which was done in coop with F4CG and Atlantis and released at Gubbdata. Hello Scope is of course a tribute to their former member Scope (Rest in Peace).

Again more recently, they were the first group to hand in their contribution for the 2015 REU compo, Reutozoom, which was showcased at the previously mentioned Mysdata. Then on the 21:st of December the small onefiler MerryXmas was released, with code by Shadow, music by MCH, graphics by redcrab and scroller-rantings by a whole bunch of members.

Musicwise Stinsen has been a particulaty strong force, delivering rock solid tunes to many G*P productions, as well as standalone tunes and winning compo entries at Edison and Valla convent. MCH is another GP musician who never let you down. Rumors has it that Mr.Death will make a comeback soon as well.

As for cracks, they recently released Mining, The Last BreakOut and Blap'n Bash. A new crack intro entitled Blue Chrome was also produced in November.

When it comes to G*P:s diskmag Propaganda, things have been slowing down a bit. Reason? Rumours tell us they are working on a completely new costume for the mag. Time will tell, but we're sure Dr.Strange and hedning won't give it up.

Memberwise they gained a new coder/cracker to the gang as american Kickback joined up.

Members: Akira, Alien, Bob, Celtic Design, Hedning, Illmidus, Kenet, Keymaster, Kickback, Kobi, L.A. Style, MagerValp, MCH, Mermaid, Metalux, Mr Death, Opius, Papademos, Razorback, Redcrab, Shadow, Sonic Wanderer, Stinsen, WertStahl, Widdy, X-Jammer, Zyron

Headquarters: The Hidden - (BBS), The Valley - (BBS)

During 2015 HT inherited the programming suite DurexForth from their hillbilly cousins in Durex (of course, Ravelli of Durex is none other than Mathman of HT), and they have released no less than three versions in the last couple of months. AcidT*rroreast was awarded third place at the mixed competition at Syntax 2015 with a PETSCII screen named 0111001101110000011000010110001101100101 (aka space). With only a week to go before 2015 ends, one must conclude that this year has been pretty slow for HT. Hopefully they will be back in action next year instead.

It also seems like scening took its toll on the lovelife of HT members. Last time we reported that AcidT*rroreast and Goto8o split up, and now we can reveal that more recently Frantic and his non-scene wife split up after many years together. We hope broken hearts will heal in due time.

Members: AcidT*rroreast, Ant1, Frantic, Goto8o, Jellica, JMX64, Linde, Mathman, Vinzi

N3xu5 was lost in early 2015, but instead Seven returned to Hitmen in the middle of the summer, after being out of the group for no less than seventeen years! After rejoining, he made the graphics for the onefile production Evokefeile, which was coded by Groepaz and with music by Soren/Camelot. His next release was Galza-23:Propaganda with music by The Syndrom/Crest and amazing PETSCII graphics by Otium, a russian PC ASCII artist exploring the C64. Well worth to explore!

Members: Curlin, Groepaz, Jazzvibee, Jihad, Nerdine, Peacemaker, Seven, Skywalker, Stan, Stfsux, Xiny6581, XOR37h

There has been three releases during the year from Hoaxers. Joe won the graphics competition at Gubbdata 2015 with his piece entitled Disconnect. He also won the mixed graphics compo at Syntax 2015 with October.

Prior to that, in the end of the summer, they released the demo Qi for REU equipped C64s, which crushed the competition at Solskogen and won the mixed demo category. So, even if not many releases made it out from our Norwegian friends, the trio that did were highly successful productions.

Members: BHF, Curt Cool, Codex, Firehawk, Grasstust, Joe, Kristian Myklebust, Mollpauk, Parody, Randy, Response, Skurk


As usual, Laxity has been churning out releases like there is no tomorrow, most recently Block'n'Tropic, Girlguard preview and Yloa preview. They have also been NTSC fixing a couple of releases for Onslaught, with the latters approval we assume, considering the earlier fixing debacle between Laxity and G*P.

Apparently also Laxity was aiming to first release Sprint 1 by Norbert Kehrer, but found some bugs in the original and reported them to the author. A different approach was taken by TRIAD, who instead started to fix the bugs in the original, and were almost done when Norbert published the bugfixed version on his site. Even though Laxity supposedly got the new version of the original directly from Norbert, because of some real-life troubles affecting Didi, TRIAD beat them to the punch and released the bugfixed version first.

Their BBS Colosseum, run by Warlock, was down for several months due to hardware troubles. However, it seems like the problems were resolved and the BBS picked up calls again. But then on the 23:rd of December the BBS went down again. Hopefully just a temporary crash this time, though. Colosseum is generally regarded as one of the top boards on the BBS scene, so we hope it returns online soon again!

Other than that, their cracking-focused diskmag Game Corner has been published in a regular fashion, and is generally regarded as a very valuable contribution to the cracking scene.

Members: Animalo, DanDee, Didi, Goat, O'Dog, Secret Man, Warlock

Headquarters: Colosseum - (BBS)

Mayday have had a reasonably active year, releasing a bunch of cracks, tunes and other stuff. In the end of the summer, they released Spider Jerusalem's music collection Spiders-Raushau-Disk 001, which was met with mixed feelings from the listeners.

Mayday! had some bad luck and did a complete fuck-up while cracking the game MAH, so the author of the game pointed out that it was impossible to clear even the first level in their version. In addition to that, the music was going hyper-bonkers as well.

TheRyk and Csixx quickly admitted their mistake and presented a working version some weeks later. This time around the release was also NTSC fixed.

In October they released an intro entitled Bunker by Achim, Spider Jerusalem and The USER. TheRyk also contributed with a picture for the C64 graphics compo at Zoo 2015, and a bit later he also released the tool pack PlayEm64 V1.2 with bundled music.

In September they recruited hardware guru Thunder.Bird and then in late November a new coder named Henning also joined up.

Members: Achim, CSixx, Henning, Spider Jerusalem, The USER, TheRyk, Thunder.Bird

N0stalgia released an EasyFlash pack with their updated versions of Ghost'n Goblins and Commando, as well as Bruce Lee II from

Then in late October, they offered us a smashing IFFL version of Midnight Resistance with 8 trainers, bugfix and documentation. A new intro entitled Red Sector Intro Tribute was coupled with the release.

Considering the quality of N0stalgia productions, we wish they would release more often - but considering the insane amount of time they put into their releases, we totally understand why they don't.

Members: 6R6, Erhan, Hellboy, Hurminator, Tom-Cat, Lemming, S!R, SLC, Sorex, The Ignorance, The Keyboarder


After cooping with FairLight and Noice on GoatLight at Revision before the summer, Offence released the smaller demo Swingers together with Artline Designs. A new issue of Vandalism News was also released, together with Onslaught.

More recently the small onefile demo Haavamaal was released at their internal meeting Mega Mountain Meltdown 6 (sounds like one hell of a meeting).

Members: Alfatech, Bj0rn R0st0en, Freqvibez, Groms, Killsquad, Lemming, Macx, Olav M0rkrid, OMP, Pal, Pantaloon, Perplex, Scarzix, Stein Pedersen, Zaphod, Waffel


In the beginning of the summer, Onslaught released Vandalism News issue 64, as mentioned before, in coop with Offence. Time will tell if this will turn into a long standing magazine-cooperation, such as the one Onslaught once had with Wrath Designs.

The guys down under have also released some very interesting cracks this year. A must to mention is of course the lost gem Daffy Duck, a game many thought was gone forever. Jazzcat managed to locate the game and Pugsy did the cracking, which was then released to the public in early September. Actually Jazzcat and Pugsy have been responsible for a whole streak of releases the last couple of months, including Shutdown, Quadrofender, Quadrant and more recently Soul Gem of Martek preview and Zamzara preview pack.

Also the GTW's Nuker preview V2 from Thalamus and a rare Flimbo's Quest preview made it out during the last couple of days.

They gained graphician N3xu5 in the first quarter of the year, and then italian coder Freshness during the summer.

Members: Jazzcat, Macx, Adam Morton, Algorithm, Almighty God, Bieno64, Conjuror, Cons, Deev, Elder0010, Freshness, grip, N3xu5, Enthusi, Pugsy, Slator, Sonic, SounDemoN, ZZAP69

Headquarters: (BBS),,,

Oxyron recruited a couple of new members during the last months. Cruzer joined while still staying in a handful of other groups, just like Widdy. Also LMan and Tommes signed up for duty.

Veto left both Oxyron and Arsenic a while ago, but then changed his mind at Nordlicht 2015 and re-joined Oxyron again. Death has stopped most of his C64 activities and left Arsenic, but asked to stay in Oxyron so he can release some art from time to time.

Since we already mentioned both the fabulous Fantasmolytic and (equally fabulous) Comaland 100% under the Censor Design portion of this chapter, there is not much more for us to add regarding Oxyron.

They did however put out two tools, GFX Transformer 1.1 by Graham and the loading system Bitfire v0.4 by Bitbreaker.

Members: Bitbreaker, Cruzer, DeeKay, Devilock, Elko, Fanta, Linus, LMan, Tommes, The Human Code Machine, Widdy, Yazoo


Before the summer, Frost competed at Revision 2015 with a wonderful piece of graphics entitled This world is so fucked, let's end it tonight - which ended up on sixth place. It should clearly have been been ranked higher! A bit later they also released the intro Retro at Birdie 25.

As usual the Pandas have offered us a whole range of new tunes during the year, perhaps not surprisingly since over 70 percent of the members are partly musicians. They scored both first and second place at King Internal music competition with Neon Chrome Interstate by Radiant and Colonel Panic by Klegg, out of seven competing tunes.

They also won the mixed demo compo there, with an entry named Ascetic and fully coded by Radiant (who by the way dropped the X from his name earlier this year).

Most recently, at Compusphere GAG 2015 in the end of November, Fegolhuzz scored silver in the mixed music compo with Insert Song Title Here.

Members: Fegolhuzz, Frost, Klegg, Lusius, Qdor, Radiant, Zonk


It's been a very good year for Singular with a lot of releases seeing light of day, especially art-wise. Of course it's super-productive Leon who is behind the top class graphics.

A bunch of tools from Soci also made it out, like new versions of FunkPaint and a seriously cool disk formatter that under certain conditions lets you format and use damaged floppy disks. Use of real floppies might be rare today, but the effort is commendable!

Even if quite some time has passed since March, also their demo Rainy Days which won the c64 demo compo at Forever 2015 must be mentioned. Involved where Soci, Leon, Poison and Cargo from Singular, while Gregfeel of Lepsi handled the music.

Members: Cargo, Charlie, Hermit, Leon, Pocak, Poison, Scorpy, Vincenzo


With more than 20 releases of different types during 2015, TRIAD is keeping a steady course, putting out dealer quality software as they go along. During the summer they first released one of the very best titles this year, Gravitrix from Robot Riot/Psytronik, which was supplied by Nith and cracked by Sailor. Then came another excellent title, the long lost Hangman's Hazard, dug up by Moloch and taken care of by Lynx and Sailor.

A game with a special background story was Sankara Stone, supplied by Yodelking and again worked on by Sailor, released in honour of Yodelking's brother Conan who is no longer with us. The game was originally obtained by Conan in a Swedish computer store.

Then it was time for two releases in coop with G*P, the 101% version of Labyrinth of Crete, complete with documentation and map. Next up was Heroes and Cowards, also with documentation. A whole bunch of TRIAD and G*P members were involved in these projects, and a new coop crack intro by Sailor was used on the latter title.

More recently Nuclear Nick preview, Sprint 1 and Scorched Earth preview were released as well. Today, on Christmas Eve, Squirm 2 preview hit the boards.

As for legal productions, the year started out with Upshift!, a stylish onefiler which ended up on third place at BCC Party #9. At Gubbdata just before the summer the critically acclaimed music collection Sounds of the 80's was released - a fact which was favorited even by Sabrina Salerno of Boys (Summetime love!) on twitter! The collection was put together by Icon, Ne7 and Ilesj with some help from Tao, Sailor and iopop.

More recently Ilesj won the graphics compo at Zoo 2015 with his Orbital Impaler, using PAL blending and old VIC-II, while Abaddon scored fourth place in the music compo with Join the Cosmic Caravan.

Memberwise there has not been much changes lately. They gained coder, cracker and allround multi-talent Moloch about a year ago, but then sadly lost Itch a few weeks back as he decided to focus more on game programming and thus left for Software of Sweden. Motion has been transfered to the inactive list.

Members: Abaddon, Bepp, Cash, Dalezy, DJ Gruby, Houbba, Icon, Ilesj, Iopop, King Fisher, Lynx, Moloch, Ne7, Romppainen, Tao, Taper, Twoflower, Vent

Headquarters: Antidote - (BBS),

In the previous issue of Attitude, we aired our worries about the state of affairs in Wrath Designs. It seems our worries were well-founded, as there is still no sign of life in this old Swedish legend. Not a single release made it out for almost two years now, last production out was Vandalism News #61 in early 2014 and their magazine coop with Onslaught ended then and there. We can only assume WD is put on ice (or worse; dead), and thus they will no longer have a steady spot in this news chapter.

Members: Clone, Crimson, Djinn, Ed, Joe, Zealot, Stash, Savage


Single news

north and SIDWAVE are new members of Protovision. Protovision are also currently reorganizing the production and try to switch over to traditional card box telescoping boxes for new game releases.

The televised annual Swedish Christmas Calendar featured a Commodore 64 in its intro on the 22:nd of December. In the show itself, they for some reason choose to feature an ABC 800, a computer very few swedes had in their homes back in the 80's.

The Overkiller of Hokuto Force reveals that they are currently developing a game, and aiming to release a preview sometime this x-mas. The preview is intended to trigger suggestion/criticism for them to polish the final version.

Cosine have been releasing one small onefile demo each month the last quarter, and they are currently looking for new members.

After the death of Ramos, founder and for many year leader of Samar, Isildur was unanimously elected as new leader.

Vulture Design is working on the second graphics collection from Odyn, called Ancient Astronauts Supercollider, which will include his latest multicolor pictures combined into a 'one-theme' graphic show.

Scene World ( can now be viewed online, using vice.js, which works best in Firefox. Alterus joined as editor for NTSC news and hardware video reviews, while Jon re-joined to write about NTSC scene history. V12 and Nebulous left. They have also started a youtube channel

Since Booker joined MultiStyle Labs, he has come inactive due to family life. His fellow group members have been trying to get him back into the action, without much success so far.

SHAPE released SIDPlay V1.0 for the C64 in mid December.

Jer/Panic has been inactive for more than 15 years now, and is currently battling his alcoholism at a rehab in Finland. We hope for the best, if all works out who knows if a comeback is possible!

A new version of the game Newcomer is being worked on, but there has been little to none progress lately, as Hoild is occupied with other things at the moment.

The Finnish preservation team have uncovered the long lost game Arthur by Pasi Hytonen. Several cracking groups have been trying to secure the original, but it's currently safeguarded by Grendel. Reliable information indicate that the game will be cracked by Byterapers during 2016. That would be the first crack from (B) since 1989!

Slicemaster is currently working on a tap-cleaning tool, with Fungus helping out analyzing loaders.


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