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Merry Christmas and warmly welcome to Attitude #16!

Santa Claus only visits us once every year, and that's currently a little more regular than we publish this magazine... However, we did manage to complete this issue in time for the annual present bonanza, so while the rest of your family open their analogue gifts you can retreat to your data dungeon and relax a bit in front of your shining blue screen. Hopefully you will have a good read this time around too!

Christmas inevitably brings back a lot of memories for all of us. For me, past Christmases are intimately connected with the Commodore 64 and the scene. Not only was C64 stuff always on the top of my wishing list, at times I also had to escape my relatives for a few hours on Christmas eve, hiding away to prepare and upload some special release to the boards. Some of those Christmases have truly been the best in my life.

Another great thing was the December issues of the commercial computer magazines. We had some good mags in Sweden such as Datormagazin and Svenska Hemdator Nytt, but I usually also picked up Zzap64!, YC or Commodore Format from one of the kiosks stocking international zines, at least when I could afford it and especially at Christmas time.

As for the gifts, I vividly remember when my parents gave me the disk edition of Terminator II, a big box with a black T2 T-shirt. I actually already got the game in my disk box, cracked by The Dominators if I remember correctly. However, I had (and still have) a soft spot for originals in neat boxes, and especially with extras like that bundled shirt, so I was thrilled none the less. That game still stands on my shelf, but the shirt is sadly lost - not that it would fit me now, close to 25 years later.

I'm sure some of you have similar memories to look back on. That said, Christmas is of course not just about the C64 scene. For many of us it's about family, good food and (in best case) a chance to relax a bit before the squirrel wheel starts spinning again. Perhaps you, like me, also have your share of bad Christmas memories haunting you from the past. Today however, it's the good memories that occupy my mind.

At last, I'd like to extend a warm thank you to our friends outside TRIAD who support us with graphics, tunes and in this issue even the intro. Find full
info in the Credits chapter!

Enjoy this issue and stay frosty!


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