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by Taper/Triad

Fellow scener,

Again we welcome you to a new issue of Attitude magazine, and the fifteenth editorial.

This issue has without doubt been the toughest to complete for me so far. I'm in a bad place in my personal life right now and the last eight months have been really rough. Of course this has affected my activity scene wise, and I haven't been able to conduct my chores in the usual manner.

Luckily, Bepp stepped in and commanded the bridge in TRIAD during the first months of 2014 when I was unable to do much good. Slowly I regained some energy and increased my activity again. Work on this issue of Attitude suffered though, and when I had the strength to resume writing it was in the pace of a snail.

It's in times like these you feel very lucky you're not a one-man show, but surrounded by a collective to help out, offer support and complete what needs to be completed.

Talking about the collective, I also want to welcome Motion to the Attitude staff. After joining TRIAD he has put well needed energy into this issue and contributed with several articles.

The new magazine engine introduced in the last issue has been tweaked a bit by DJ Gruby due to popular demand, so now it's even better than before and also featuring faster page-rendering!

Full credits for this issue follows after this editorial, but as usual I want to express our humble thanks to our friends in the scene who support us with tunes, graphics and feedback! For once I'm a man of few words, so I urge you to load up another chapter and start reading away! Hopefully you will enjoy the content we delivered this time around as well.


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