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Datastorm 2013 Party Report
by Taper/Triad

Party Report

Time does fly... It's already more than six months since Datastorm 2013 was held, but even if this report is a bit dated by now I think it would be a shame not to include it, especially for those of you who missed out on this awesome event. Most of the article was actually written in the car back home from Gothenburg, so my memory was at least not clouded by months gone by...

The databonanza of the year started already on the 7th of February for me, as Tao turned up at the TRIAD HQ in Bjuv to prepare for the party. We checked our upcoming releases and some other new stuff during the evening, and I completed my packing. The day after we were picked up by the TRIAD mobile headed by Bepp, with Iopop and Itch riding along. The journey to Gothenburg had begun, SID music and Amiga modules blasting from the speakers and morale was high! The ride went really fast this year, a bit more than two hours and we parked outside the party place. For once, we made no stops for burgers or visits to the loo, which cut the travelling time to a minimum.

Entering the Datastorm venue, same place as always and excellent for this kind of arrangement, we were among the first visitors who had arrived. As quite many from TRIAD were scheduled to show up, we booked one of the tables, right in front of the main big screen. This year, the party boasted no less than three big screens at various places in the building!

After greeting the organizers we departed again to grab something to eat at the nearby pizza place. Here we met Riddler and Artlace from Active and sat down at their table for some nice socializing and food. Back at the party place, more sceners had appeared, like the FLT posse, Censor, Booze, HT and so on. Of course Ziphoid was also present, broadcasting radio for Scenesat.

This year it was obvious that many were working on their contributions for the compos until the last minute, which made the atmosphere a bit different than during the previous year. I think the tension before the compos was even higher this time around, and for good reasons it would turn out.

However, it was still Friday and the compos a day away. More TRIAD members showed up, and together with G*P boasted the most number of a members present from the same group. In the end thirteen (!) TRIAD'eers attended this years Datastorm; Itch, Icon, Houbba, Ruk, Tao, Iopop, Sailor, Cash, Twoflower, Bepp, Ne7, myself and then Malmix who joined TRIAD (together with Pezac who was not present at DS2013) during the compos! Indeed some kind of a record for us, and I don't think there has been as many TRIAD members at the same venue simultaneously since the late 80s.

While sitting in the TRIAD corner, suddenly my fiance showed up as well. She had taken the train from Helsingborg to watch the compos and hang out. After all, she knows at least half the Swedish scene. That meant that sleeping on the floor was cancelled this year, and we joined the rest of the TRIAD members at a nearby hotel for some late-night sleep.

After a good breakfast at the hotel (although the breakfast offered at DS is great as well!), some of the TRIAD coders gathered in one room to do some last minute checks while myself and Bepp were assigned the task to cut and glue together a bunch of disk covers to be spread together with our demo, scheduled to compete in the demo compo. Then we walked back to the party place and by the time we arrived most of the visitors were awake again, sitting at their setups.

After a while dinner was served, so we grabbed some and relaxed for a bit. Motion who sat just behind us, had brought an Ethernet to serial interface that we played around with for a bit. I will sooner or later test that one out on Antidote and see if it's possible to replace the gateway with it.

We also took the opportunity to take a group-photo with all the present TRIAD members, except for Icon who was out grabbing a bite to eat or something. It was hard making sure that everyone was present at the very same time since there were so many of us, so we had to seize the opportunity as best as we could.

Rumors had surfaced that a lot of entries for the different compos had been handed in this year. However, nothing could have prepared us for what was coming. No less than 99 contributions had been registered! We in TRIAD handed in one graphics contribution from Twoflower, one tune from Ne7, one Amiga bootblock intro from Itch and then of course our C64 demo, Revolved. Around 21:00 the compos started, and first out was various other platform compos and Amiga music compo. Quite some fine entries here, like the two graphic entries for Sega Master System by Bob and Illm of G*P (there are far to few console entries on parties these days, so I was glad to see the SMS ones!) and some truly great tunes. As for the C64 music compo 25 tunes were presented, ranging from great to crap - but taste is subjective. The ten entries in the C64 graphics compo were of good to decent quality, except for the two ignorable fake entries which ended up at bottom positions anyway.

Due to the large number of entries, which in itself is a great and encouraging sign, the compo dragged on a bit too long. People were really tired when the main event, the C64 demo competition, was to finally start. The sand was soon brushed from the eyes though as the compo started out. 15 demos competed (but the one from Onslaught was later disqualified due to no member involved in the production being present), most of them serious productions, but of varying quality. As the demos were running on the big screen, the crowd was sometimes cheering, sometimes being quiet out of pure amazement, sometimes yawning and at times yelling "Aaamigaaah".

Afterwards the voting process was commenced. This year the voting was changed a bit for the better, with voting terminals set up instead of letting people connect to a web server that never worked in previous years. However, there were too few terminals and people had to rush to be able to vote. I'm still favouring either paper votesheets, Magervalp's or Frantic's C64 based voting programs, to be honest.

Finally, like 05:30 in the morning, the results were announced by the organizers. Of course we were very happy that TRIAD took home the first spot with our demo Revolved, followed by Too Old To ROL And ROR by FairLight+Offence+Prosonix, What Is The Matrix by Censor Design and Time Machine by Booze Design. The onefiler from Camelot was really great too, and so was the original PETSCII demo from HT. Also Deuce from Fatzone and Safe VSP from LFT must be mentioned here. All in all, a lot of good contributions, just as we have got used to from the Datastorm compos!

As the price giving ceremony was over, the only TRIAD members left standing, myself and Bepp, walked back to the hotel together with my fiance and promptly woke up most of the other TRIAD'eers to present the good news. After some cheering we just had to get some sleep and turned in.

After breakfast we checked out from the hotel and went back to the party place to thank the organizers for yet another well-organized party and to collect our belongings, before getting in the car and heading back home again. To conclude, this year's edition of Datastorm was as great as we have come to expect of this party. Sixx, Magervalp, Spot, Ziphoid and the other organizers once again provided the best quality we ever could expect from a scene party! Thumbs up!


Results from the C64 competitions:


1. Monophono by Mahoney/Visa Roster
2. Alpha Bitch by Dane/Booze Design
3. Multiverse by Wiklund/FairLight
4. Grandness of The Canaries 2 by OMP/Prosonix
5. Air on a Rasterline by LFT/Kryo
6. ekkelt8580 by Groms/Offence/Prosonix
7. Datastorm 2013 by Maktone/FairLight
7. Random Waltz by Mr Death/Genesis Project
9. Trainwreck by Stinsen/Genesis Project
10. I Was Born in 1969 by SIDwave/Ancients
11. Storm Is Coming by Fegolhuzz/Panda Design
12. Stinsen aker motorbat by Qdor
13. Jag Kommer (DS remix) by Magnar/Censor
14. Metrograd Station (part 2) by Radiantx/Panda
15. My Personal Storm by Sonic Wanderer/G*P
16. Manifold 28A by ne7/TRIAD
17. Dr.Ghetto by Goto80/Hack n'Trade
18. C-Rash by Zyron/Genesis*Project
18. bzt by Balrog/TPOLM
20. STORM by Zabutom/FairLight
20. Keine Begrenzung by Corpsicle/ZiD
21. dbwud by Linde
23. Truckstop Tanzen by X-Jammer/G*P
24. 2000 KR! by Devia/Ancients/Arsenic
25. Vrooom by CHR$(142)/Dinasours


1. Fagel by acidT*rroreast


2. St Joaquin by Twoflower/TRIAD
3. Future Sphere by Prowler/Up Rough
4. Tjarn by ekg/Desire
5. Composition With Red by Frost/Panda Design
5. Crossing Chinese Border by Malmix/FZ
7. HypnoSnail by Grip/Senex
8. I Wish I Could by Magnar/Censor Design
9. Releif by Skyffel/Dinasours
10. Floppies>Cassettes by Def. Not Pope


2. Too Old To Rol And Ror by FLT+Offence+Prosonix
3. What Is the Matrix by Censor Design
4. Time Machine by Booze Design
5. Dum Ikea 92% by Camelot
6. Dansa in by Hack n'Trade
7. Safe VSP by LFT/Kryo
8. Deuce by Fatzone
9. Algae by Hack n'Trade
10. Dead Zone by Zone45 with help of Triad
11. No Shit! by Dinasours
12. Fumisugium by Senex
13. Veggiestorm by Active
14. From Votze with love by Metalvotze
--. Demolicious by Onslaught *disqualified*

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